Is Credit Star Funding A Scam? YES!! It’s A Ponzie Scheme

credit star funding

Ok, I’m going to get right to this because the answer to the question: Is Credit Star Funding A Scam – the answer is Yes, it is!!

This is NOT a great opportunity for getting a loan and making money at the same time. The guy behind this program has a long history of promoting Ponzi schemes and scams. And this MLM opportunity is as kinky as it gets and it’s one you need to avoid.

Keep reading and I’ll show you why.

Quick Overview

Product Name: Credit Star Funding

Price: $199 + loan generation fee

Owner: Riccardo Ferrari

Type Of Product: Loan and Investment MLM

Recommended: No! It’s A Scam!

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So, What Is Credit Star Funding?

Credit start funding is an MLM investment company started in 2018 by Riccardo Ferrari and is based out of California. Now unlike a traditional MLM that sells health and wellness products.

Credit Star Funding provides unsecured loans and fixes credit scores using their “patented application and processing system”.

And on top of that they are also giving you the opportunity to make money promoting their “service”.

Sounds pretty good, right? Yeah, let’s look behind the curtain, and let me show you what’s really going on.

Ok, How Does It Work?

The business model is pretty straightforward. They claim that they can get you a personal unsecured loan of up to $250,000.

Once you’re a member and you have your loan (funded) you’re “encouraged” to invest it into other various crypto schemes. Which you’re told will give you returns between 20% to 60%.

I’ll get to those other schemes later, what you need to know is this is all smoke and mirrors.

The revenue of this company is coming from new members coming into the program. Not from the so-called AI bot technology making smart crypto trades.

I want you to read what they have on their website about how they can get you a loan. It’s pure bullshit. They make it sound like they are using some sort of stealth technology to bypass bank protocols to get your application seen by more banks. Lies, all lies that’s all that is.

credit star funding

They even claim that even though a bank may only approve you for a $10,000 loan they can get you a $50,000 loan because of their system. Yep, more lies.

So, Who Is This Riccardo Ferrari?

The founder Riccardo Ferrari has a very shady past and prior to starting credit star funding, Riccardo was heavily promoting a Ponzi scheme called the BitClub Network. And he sucked people into this scam by claiming he was making $150,000 per week with bitcoin investing.

And then in 2019 BitClub Network started failing and this is how credit star funding came to be. Just Google this guy’s name and you’ll find all kinds of information about how shady this guy is.

How Do You Get Started? 

To get started you will need to pay a $199.00 commitment fee before credit star funding will go to work and get you a loan.

Then there is the 22% personal loan origination fee on the loan amount. This is the fee that you’re charged for borrowing money through credit star funding.

According to Credit Karma the average personal loan origination fee from the major lenders is between 1% to 8%.

So, if you borrowed $10,000 from a reputable lender your personal loan origination fee would range between $100 to $800.

Getting a loan from credit star funding for the same $10,000 is going to cost you $2,200 for your personal loan origination fee. That’s nuts.

Oh, and let’s not forget the interest rate on your loan, which is going to be between 9-18% depending on your credit score. And knowing the reputation of Riccardo I can see people paying at the high end of this interest range.

How Do You Make Money? 

You have 2 ways of making money. First by recruiting people into the system and having them apply for a loan. Or you can invest your loan money into one of the various shady investment options they have.

Now, this is not your typical MLM compensation plan structure with various ways of making money and ranking levels and bonuses.

The only similarity to a traditional MLM is it is based on a unilevel structure for recruiting, that’s it.

credit start funding pay plan

You’ll get 2.5% of every loan that’s generated by your recruits as well as 1% from the people your recruit recruits.

Here are those investment platforms you’re encouraged to get involved with.

  • Customer Acquisition Joint Venture – with this investment they promise you as much as $6000 per month
  • Bitcoin Accumulation Platform – with this investment platform you’ll get Bitcoins based on how much money you put into the business and or how many servers you get
  • Artificial Intelligence Crypto-currency Trader – here you’re promised returns ranging from 25-40% by putting your money into their AI (artificial intelligence) cryptocurrency trading system
  • A.I. Crypto/ Stock/ Forex Trader – they claim you can make 30-60% returns per month with their AI system trading in Crypto/Forex/Stock

What I Like About Credit Star Funding

There’s nothing I like about this program. It’s clearly a pyramid scheme and totally illegal. And you could get yourself in all kinds of legal trouble by getting other people involved.

Simply put. Stay away from this program!!

The Red Flags Regarding Credit Star Funding

#1) It’s A Pyramid Scheme

If you’re not sure what a pyramid scheme is let me lay it out for you. A company that is deemed a pyramid scheme is a company that relies solely on recruiting people in order to make money. And this is exactly how credit start funding operates.

There is no product or service that you’re selling if you got involved (please don’t). All you’re doing is recruiting more people into the system.

Here’s a graphical representation of what to look for so you don’t get caught up in a Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme.

Pyramid Scheme Infographic

#2) Unrealistic Returns

One of the biggest red flags of any scam is the promise of HUGE returns that go well beyond what a legitimate company such as a bank or investment firm can offer on your investment.

And cash star funding is doing just that.

They are promising crazy returns on your investments. They are telling you, that they can get you as much as a $250,000 loan and then you can make as much as 60% return on your investment simply by having new people sign up for the program.

Remember what your mom told you?

“If it sounds to be good to be true – then it probably is”

There is no way on god’s green earth you can get returns as high as 60%. But this is how people get sucked in.

The scammers use technical jargon and talk about how they have the inside scoop or technology that no one else does and that’s how they can promise such high returns.

Don’t believe a word they say because it’s all BS!!

#3) Shady Owner

In the past, Riccardo Ferrari has been involved in other Ponzi schemes and shady activities and has been called out many times by reputable network marketers and other marketers warning people to stay clear of this guy.

#4) This Will Collapse

Because this is a Ponzi scheme. As with all Ponzi schemes, they do eventually collapse. And the reason they always collapse is because to support the scheme you always need to bring in new people to bring in more money to keep things going.

But as more and more people learn that it’s a scam. Less and less people will sign up and when that starts to happen the whole thing caves in on itself. And then everyone that got sucked into this scam loses all their money.

#5) Unregistered Investments

The loans themselves are sourced under a cloak of deception and because of that Riccardo Ferrari and Credit Star Funding is not and cannot be registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

If you’re not sure what the SEC is. They are an independent federal government agency responsible for protecting investors.

And with Riccardo Ferrari and Credit Star Funding, you have ZERO protection. Just the word of a guy making an unrealistic promise that has been known to be involved with other Ponzi schemes in the past.

My Final Opinion Of Credit Start Funding

What can I say other than this is a company “opportunity” you want to stay away from.

Nothing but bad things are going to happen if you get involved with them. This is a flat-out scam from start to finish. Just stay away!!

Here’s How I Make Money Online

I hope I have shown you what credit star funding is and you’re not going to get involved with them.

And if you’ve come this far in my review it tells me that you are looking for a legitimate method for making money online.

The way I make money online is as an affiliate marketer. And I’ve been doing this since 2005.

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And another great thing about wealthy affiliate is you can see everything they have to offer absolutely free.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about Credit Start Funding.

So, do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about credit start funding? If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others avoid getting caught up in this scam.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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