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Alan Hocking

”Hi Leo, I just wanted to drop by quickly and let you know how much I enjoyed the video course. I'm a visual person and learn much quicker if I can watch over someones shoulders and actually see them doing it step by step and your videos do just that. Straight to the point, no fluff and exactly what I needed! Kudos.”

“What an excellent course, very professionally done and presented with real value and genuine caring. You lay it all out and make it so simple to follow, anyone can understand and feel the emotion you put in, you really care! You are a real tell it like it is, kind of guy, and I respect that. Thank you for creating this to help others, I believe in you Bro.”

Ken Pringle
Leo Emery

Hey this is Leo and thanks for dropping by.  Affiliate marketing is by far the most successful business model you can use for making money online. And I speak from experience because I’ve been making a full time income online as an affiliate marketer since 2005.

And as of 2012 I've been helping people build their own thriving affiliate marketing businesses and it’s something that I’m very proud of. So if you're ready to build a fun, exciting and profitable online business doing what you love to do. Simply fill in your name & email address below and let's get started.

Terea Gonzalez

I'm still amazed at what you've taught me...

“You have responded to direct questions, you have answered other people and I have profited from your answers to thier questions. You have posted incredible helpful information, just to let others know of your methods. I hope you know how helpful you've been.”

“Leo is one of the BEST mentors I've been lucky enough to meet. He will work with anyone who is willing to succeed. I love him and his never ending patience and of course his never ending knowledge. The rating would be 10 out of 10. Anyone looking for a smart, sweet and patient teacher Leo is your man!! Leo knows everything about this business.”

Patty Wood
Leo Emery

Affiliate marketing is NOT mlm. With affiliate marketing you’re in total control of every aspect of your business. Your income does not depend on how many people you recruit or being forced to buy the mlm company’s products each month to qualify for your commissions.

With affiliate marketing your income is determined by the volume of sales you have. Also with affiliate marketing you get to decide what you want to market. With an mlm company  you have no choice but to sell whatever products the company you’re involved with has.

If you want to learn how to build a thriving affiliate marketing business using the same 4 simple steps I use. Enter your name & email address below and let's get started.


I'm very grateful to have Leo in my corner...

“I can say without hesitation that I would not have the beautiful website that I have now if not for Leo's guidance. He responds quickly to any request I have for help. And has explained the help in easy to understand words. He ends each response in "I believe in you". Believe me those words are so good to hear when I need his help. As long as I need help I will continue to lean on his masterful knowledge.”

“Darn Leo, how do make it look so doggone simple??? Great job!!”


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