Leo Emery

Hey, I’m Leo the guy behind this site.

I started my online journey way back in 2000. At that time I was fed up working for someone else and being told how much I was worth. So I started looking for alternative ways I could make money.

But not just that, I wanted to be able to make enough money that I would not have to work for anybody else ever again.

And I saw so many other people talking about how they were making money online that I thought “heck if they can do it why can’t I?”

So I jumped in with both feet, and man did I ever hit the deep end. Because for the next 3 years I struggled to try to figure things out.

And not knowing what I know today I ended up getting scammed more times than I care to admit by so-called online experts and self-proclaimed gurus who supposedly could teach me how to make money online.

I even got sucked into an MLM during this time. But that’s a whole other story.


These so-called “gurus” that said they could show me how to make money online knew exactly what to say to get me to part with my hard-earned cash.

Because the reality is they didn’t care about me. Instead of helping me succeed. All they cared about was how much money they could suck out of me.

And I kept falling for it for 3 years. Thinking that “this one” will be different. But it never was.

It just ended up being the same useless crap training (if you could even call it training) just like all the other programs I wasted my money on.

And now I was back to square one. But now I had less money, was more pissed off, and more frustrated.

Sound familiar?

Maybe this has happened to you too?

So, I got to the point where I said to myself “things have to change”.

Obviously, the way I was going about trying to learn how to make money online was not working. 3 years of throwing away money on crap programs had proved that.

Yeah, I was a slow learner, but I did finally wake up.

So, my first step.

STOP chasing these make-money-online programs from people that said they’ve discovered some “secret loophole” or “weird trick” that no one has heard about for making money online. Or they have this automated push-button system for making money online.

Ok, step one accomplished.

My next goal was to find a REAL mentor. And after some time, I did.

I need to mention during my search for a real mentor I was still working on learning how to make money online. But it was slow and I was still making mistakes.

Then in 2003, I met a man named Corey Rudl and it changed my life forever. Cory was an innovator when it came to internet marketing. In fact, Cory was the first to put many of the things we think of as common practice today online into practice on a large scale.

He was my first true honest mentor when it came to teaching me how to build a thriving online business. He was more interested in my success than what was in my wallet.

And for the next 18 months, I was under his guidance learning all that I could from him.

And within 3 months from the time I met Corey, I made my first commission check (Oct, 4th, 2003). It was $319.11.

I was so excited to get that check, you would have thought I won the lottery. I even took a photocopy of it.

first commisson check

But this check was more than just money. It proved to me that I could make money online. And it also confirmed that I could create a full-time income online.

And 15 months after getting my first commission check (2005) I was earning twice as much money as I was at my full-time job.

And that’s when I made the decision to go full-time as an affiliate marketer. Meaning I quit my job – see ya boss. And I’ve been making a full-time income online ever since.

Unfortunately, Corey’s life was cut short in the same year (2005) at the age of 34 when he passed away unexpectedly in a car accident.

Since then a lot has not changed. But what’s not changed is people still want to build a successful business online. Unfortunately, there are still scams online from so-called self-proclaimed gurus selling garbage programs and selling false dreams of how to make money online.

In fact, there are more scams now than ever before, which makes it even harder for people to get the help they truly need when it comes to understanding how to make money online.

Fate Enters My Life Again

I’ve always done everything I can to help anyone who wants to reach their goal of building a thriving business online. And I always will.

And in June of 2012, I was introduced to a fantastic community of like-minded people dedicated to helping people build their own thriving online businesses.

And this community is called the Wealthy Affiliate. A community free of all the lies and scams plaguing the internet today. A safe place where you can learn how to consistently make money online.

Every day since I became a member of the wealthy affiliate community and through the tools, training, and resources of wealthy affiliate I’ve had the privilege of helping people turn their passion or hobby into a full-time thriving online business.

I was helped by some great people while building my business, in fact, to this day I’m still receiving support and help from people far more successful than I am.

So for me and so many other people, wealthy affiliate is the perfect avenue for me to give back and help as many people as I can on their journey of building a thriving online business.


But That’s Not All

Besides being the perfect place to help people. There is no way I could be part of a community that does not deliver on what it says.

And the wealthy affiliate says it has the training, tools, resources, and support to help you build a thriving business. So I put the wealthy affiliate to the test and I started a brand new site in a niche I knew nothing about back in 2018. And this site is now adding on average $80,000 per year to my overall income.

So that is proof enough for me that what the wealthy affiliate offers does work. And not just for me but for thousands of other people as well. You can read all about the wealthy affiliate here.

This Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

I just need to say this simply because I seem to have this conversation over and over again.

Chances are you’ve probably been told by someone telling you through some website or even a webinar, that you can make “X” amount of dollars in “X” amount of days or weeks with little or no effort.

That’s total B.S.!!

The only people making money in that scenario are the people selling that B.S. pipe dream to you.

Chasing shiny objects promising quick or easy money NEVER works!!

The truth is until you stop the habit of chasing shiny objects and pie-in-the-sky crap offers and programs. You’ll NEVER make any money online and forget about building a real business online.

The truth is things are not going to happen overnight and it’s going to time, hard work, and dedication to build your online business.

And once you understand that and stop chasing the latest shiny object there is no limit to the success you can achieve online.

Once I stopped chasing the latest shiny object and the promise of overnight success and found the right mentor(s) and put in a lot of hard work I now have a life that I’m in total control of.

I don’t live by a clock and I certainly don’t have a boss telling me where to be and how much I am worth. I work from home every day and the purpose of this site is to help you do the same

Why I Built This Site

I built this site to share what I’ve learned on my journey in online marketing. And to help people get started online with affiliate marketing and how to avoid being scammed and ripped off by unethical marketers.

Thanks for stopping by and of course anytime you need a hand don’t hesitate giving me a buzz. ​

I believe in you!
Leo Emery