Is Trevo A Scam? Or A Legit Opportunity?


Well, I’m back at it again and I’m reviewing another MLM business opportunity. This one is from Trevo. And as with most MLM business opportunities I get asked to review – people want to know Is Trevo a scam? Or is it a legit business opportunity?

Well, that’s what we’re going to find out in this review.

Now like all my reviews I’m simply here to show you the pros and cons of Trevo and give you my personal opinion about Trevo and whether or not I think it’s a good business opportunity. And of course, after you’ve read my review what you decide to do regarding Trevo is totally up to you.

And with that said, let me first say, good on you for taking the time to do your own research before jumping into any business. That alone tells me your serious about finding a legitimate way to make money online.

Alright, let’s see what Trevo is all about.

Quick Overview

Company: Trevo


Price: $150.00 to $960.00 depending on the enrollment kit you buy

Founder: Mark Stevens

Type Of Product: MLM company marketing a nutritional supplement drink

So, What Is Trevo?

Trevo is an MLM company that was founded in 2010 by Mark Stevens and is based out of Oklahoma, USA. And they have a presents in 34 countries.

Currently, they have only 3 products but their main product is a nutritional juice called the same name as the company – Trevo.

And being an MLM company they offer a business opportunity by becoming as they like to say – “Trèvo Life and Health Coach” by selling their products as well as presenting the business opportunity to others.

I’ll be getting into the compensation plan in a moment but let’s first take a look at the 3 products they offer.

The Products

Trevo currently only has 3 products and they are:

Trevo Juice 

This is Trevo’s flagship product and the driving force behind the company. They claim it is a complete health system in one bottle containing 174 of nature’s finest nutraceutical ingredients from around the world.

Trevo juice includes phytonutrients from garden fruits as well as exotic fruits, green superfoods, garden vegetables, sea vegetables, herbs, and coral calcium complex.

They say the benefit of Trevo is a 3 phase formula.

  1. Restore – Restore energy and mental focus
  2. Renew – Renew your body with a proprietary phytonutrient blend
  3. Revive – Revive your body’s anti-aging and immune function


This is their Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.  Which they say may help with Mood Balance, Anxiety, Memory, Pain Perception, Sleep, Joint and Muscle Health. It is only available in the USA


This is for men and they claim it can boost a man’s libido, performance, and energy. They also claim it supports the maintenance of prostate health as well as enhances mental focus and memory. RP3 is only available in the United States, India, and Africa.

Now one thing you must keep in mind because all of their products are considered foods. They have not been approved by the FDA. And because of that they do not have to prove they are safe or effective.

So, before you decide to use any of these products you need to do your own due diligence to be sure they are safe for you to use.

Personally, this is nothing I would use. I’m sorry I’ve heard stories of products that have ingredients from faraway places that are supposed to do miraculous things for your body.

So, it’s not uncommon for an MLM company to have such a story to give the product a mystical quality and a reason to jack up the price.

Another company called MonaVie did the same thing claiming their juice had certain health benefits. But none of it could be backed up by science. And they are now out of business.

Just wanted to put that out there. Don’t get sucked into the stories MLM companies tell you. Most if not all MLM products are no better than the products you can buy in your local health food store.

How Do You Make Money With Trevo?

Like most MLM companies Trevo’s compensation plan is confusing and complicated.

Now you can read their entire compensation plan by clicking here. I also found a YouTube video that covers the plan as well. And you can view that video by clicking here.

However, if you don’t feel like going through a complex MLM compensation plan with MLM jargon. I’ve covered simplified it the best I could and covered the important parts of their compensation plan below

With most MLM compensation plans you have 2 ways of earning. And that’s Retail Sales and Recruitment.

However, with Trevo they have 8 ways you can earn. Awithin all of this there are 20 different levels of rank which makes you eligible to earn through these 8 ways.

Their compensation plan is a single-line matrix. So, your business will go 8 generations deep with unlimited width.

trevo single matrix compensation plan

1) PowerStart System Commissions

These are the enrolment packages a new recruit chooses at the time they join Trevo. The higher the PowerStart Level, the more product and tools you receive to build your business.

2) PowerStart Upgrade Commissions / PowerStart & Upgrade Rollups

As a Life & Health Coach, you can upgrade from one PowerStart Level to another.

If a new Life and Health Coach enrolls with a higher PowerStart System than their enroller, the enroller will receive their qualified PowerStart Commission based off of their current PowerStart level and the remaining portion of the commission will “Rollup” to the next qualified Life and Health Coach with a higher PS Level.

3) Retail and Elite Customer Commissions

A retail customer is someone that buys the product directly from you or through your Trevo shop website. An elite customer is simply a retail customer that chooses to sign up to receive a discount on the products. Shop site retail users will be placed on your 1st Generation.

With elite customers, you will earn commissions from those monthly recurring subscriptions that Elite Customers purchase from all 8 Generations deep within your downline.

4) Qualifying Monthly Order QVP Commissions

These are orders that you place under your personal customer ID. And the amount you order will determine how many accessible generations of commissions you are eligible to receive for the GVP volume that is placed in your organization.

So, the more you order, the more generations deep you can earn from. 

You are paid Group Volume Commissions from all QVP orders placed by your team members. Generations 1 & 2 pay 7%. Generations 3 to 6 pay 5%. And generations 7 & 8 pay 4%.

As a Life and Health Coach. If you go 90 days without earning a commission, you will automatically be re-classified as an Elite Customer.

5) Bulk Pack Commission / QVP And Bulk Pack Commission Compression

For bulk pack commissions your paid commissions for bulk packs purchased by your team members.

For QVP and bulk pack commission compression, You are paid monthly commissions on everyone in your 8 Generations who placed a QVP or Bulk Pack order in that month.

People in your downline without a QVP order simply get removed from the equation and other team members from Generations below your 8th level are temporarily moved up (compressed) until all 8 Generations are filled.

6) Global Leadership Recognition System and Global Team Pool Bonuses

The global leadership recognition system publicly recognize and celebrate Life and Health Coaches when they advance to a new level. And this recognition is done at Trevo’s public events. You’ll also receive a recognition pin that you can wear.

The global team bonus is awarded to top business builders and leaders. So, 15% of the company’s group volume revenues from QVP and bulk pack business globally, to be paid monthly in 15 separate 1% pool bonuses.

7) Leadership Bonuses

The leadership bonus range from luxury car bonuses and executive-class travel to cash and promotional bonuses.

8) Leaving A Lasting Legacy Bonus

“leaders who achieve Black Diamond Elite Status and above will be rewarded with shares of the Trévo Charity Legacy Bonus. These shares will be distributed as donations to charities specified by these leaders, and will be made in the name of the participating leader.”

Ok, I’m not sure about you but even the trimmed-down version of this compensation plan made my brain hurt. Again, you can read the full details of this very complicated compensation plan by clicking here.

What Training And Tools Can You Expect?

Trevo does provide you with business tools and training to help you build your business.

MyTRÉVO Personal Website

Visitors can purchase products as well as listen to professional product and opportunity audios from your website. You can also upload personal photos and share your Trevo story.

Lead Capture Website

Here you can capture prospect contact information which will be delivered to your email address. And your prospect will automatically be directed to your Trevo personal website.

Life and Health Coach Training

Allows you to easily send your team members the latest training tools.

Business Management System

This includes:

  • Reports – Bulk pack report, commission breakdown, earnings graph, organization report, personal enrollment graph, volume reports, group, team and 72 hour checklist
  • Calendar / Reminder System – Stay on track for all of your scheduled appointments and important events
  • Contact Manager – This allows you to organize all your contacts
  • Groups Manager – Allows you to create and organize groups
  • Communications – Allows you to communicate with your downlines from teams around the globe
  • Communicate With Your Team – This allows you to send out emails to your organization
  • Testimonies – You can copy and paste testimonials that are custom-tailored to your prospect

What I Like About Trevo

Now I always try and find something about a company that is positive. But when it comes to MLM companies it can be a little harder. But I do have a few positives to say about Trevo.

#1) Been Around For A While

Many MLM companies go out of business within the first 5 years. But Trevo has been around since 2010. Not easy to do in the MLM marketplace.

#2) Business Tools

Trevo does provide you with training and business tools to help you build your business.

What I Didn’t Like About Trevo

#1) Low Success Rate

Every MLM company will tell you they have the best opportunity going. But the proven truth is that 99% of people that get involved with ANY mlm opportunity lose money.

In other words, they fail.

And not only do they fail, they end up in more debt because of the ongoing commitments of having to constantly buy products each month so they can be eligible for any commission they may earn. Not to mention the ongoing costs of operating their business.

And as with many MLM companies they are not too keen on providing an income disclosure statement. And that’s because those statements show that the majority of people involved are not making any significant money.

So, I was not surprised when I could not find an income disclosure statement for Trevo.

#2) Expensive Product

A single 16-ounce bottle of Trevo cost $30.00. Good luck retailing a bottle of juice for $30 in an already over crowded market. Most people already have their preferred juice and I can tell you they are not spending $30 a bottle for it.

And because of this overpriced bottle of juice, (which by the way they cannot prove it’s going to help you or your customers any better than any other bottle of nutritional juice on the market.)

Because of its price, I can’t see you or anyone having real success with Trevo. Go on Amazon and type in nutritional juice drinks and see what you’re up against.

Oh, by the way, each one of those drinks has a story behind the health benefits too.

#3) You Have To Buy Product Every Month

In order to be eligible for any commission you have to constantly buy products each month. And the way they have their compensation plan set up not only forces them to buy products.

But in order to be eligible for the commission from all 8 generations in your downline you need to buy even more products each month if you want those commissions.

So, the amount you can earn is not only directly tied to how hard you work but to the amount you’re willing or able to spend (afford) each month for product.

Do you see a problem with that? I sure as hell do.

Because even when you are not making any money, Trevo is always making money because you’re forced to buy products each month.

So, you can be going deeper and deeper into debt every month with this idiotic business opportunity. But Trevo is always making money, thanks to how they have their compensation plan set up.

Believe me, this compensation plan is designed to be in their favor, not yours.

#4) Constant Recruiting

In order to really build your business and have a shot of making any real money you have to constantly be recruiting people into your downline. So, you better love being a salesperson.

Because you’re going to have to wake up every day and try and convince people (sell) on your business opportunity.

Now like most MLM’s the first people they will tell you to approach are your friends and family.

And the reason they tell you to do this is that you know these people and it’s going to be less intimidating for you to approach your friends and family.

And typically what happens with most people is your friends and family say no thank you, and some you’ll even pissed off.

And now that you’ve pissed those people off you now have to start trying to recruit people from a cold market. And a cold market if you’re not familiar with the term. Is a market where people have no clue who you are.

You thought approaching your friends and family was a little intimidating and hard to do. Wait until you have to try and convince someone you don’t know you have a business opportunity.

I guarantee you that after a month or so (that’s if you last that long) you’ll be looking for another way of making money from home.

5) Not Your Business

I’ve mentioned this in other MLM reviews. But you need to really understand that this is not your business. Meaning you have zero control of your business. Remember all the assets (business tools) you’re using are owned by Trevo, not you.

The way you make money is controlled by Trevo. So, if they change that in any way it’s going to impact your income. And you have no control over that.

If they decide to close down everything, your business is gone in a blink of an eye and there is nothing you can do about it.

And don’t think that can’t happen. MonaVia got shut down. Another MLM called WildTree shut its doors after being in business for over 20 years.

Distributors had a business when they went to bed and then they woke up and their business was gone, and their income was gone. And there was nothing they could do.

And it all happened because they were not in control of their business. No matter how you make money online. You absolutely have to be in total control of your business from the start.

You NEVER want to put the destiny (control) of your business in the hands of someone else. And that’s exactly what you’re doing when you join not only Trevo but when you join any MLM.

My Final Opinion Of Trevo

No matter what you’re told about Trevo and what it claims it can do. As well as the potential for making money with Trevo. The MLM business model is a business model that sets you up for failure.

And I’m not just saying that. It’s been proven time and time again that 99% of people that get involved with any MLM will lose money. In other words, they fail.

So why would you ever want to get involved with a business opportunity where the failure rate is so high? It makes no sense.

Only 1% of people that get involved with an MLM will make money.

And if you think you can be part of that 1% and also know that every day, you’re going to have to recruit (sell) people on your business opportunity. And you’re good with that.

Then go ahead and give Trevo a shot. I wish you all the best.

But If Not, There Are Other Options

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I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about Trevo.

So, do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about Trevo? If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others make an informed decision before getting involved with Trevo.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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