What Is Zyia Active? Is It A Real Opportunity Or Not?


Welcome to my Zyia Active review.

If you’re here that means you’ve been introduced to Zyia Active and their business opportunity or you’ve came across them on your own.

And now you have a lot of question. Such as What is Zyia Active? Is it a legit homebased business opportunity? Can you make money?

Well, I’m going to answer those questions and plenty more for you.

And by the time you’re done here you’ll definitely be in a stronger position to make an informed decision about Zyia Active and the opportunity they are offering you.

Now with that said let me just say, good on you for taking the time to do your own research before getting involved with any business opportunity. That alone tells me your serious about finding a legitimate way to make money online.

Alright, let’s see what Zyia Active is all about.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Zyia Active. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

So, What Is Zyia Active?

You won’t find much information about Zyia Active on their website when it comes to things like corporate headquarters and such. I had to do some digging to find that information.

I never understood why multi-level marketing companies hide corporate information.

Anyway, as I just mentioned Zyia Active is a multi-level marketing company that is headquartered Sandy, Utah.

And was found in 2017 by Erin Bradley who is the CEO of the company. And by co-founder Brenda Bradley who is the designer. I’m guessing they are sisters.

The company markets active wear for women, men, and kids. And as of this writing they ship to addresses in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

The Products

Zyia’s products are broken up into the following categories:


Here you’ll find:

  • Capris & Crops
  • 7/8 Leggings
  • Leggings
  • Pants & Joggers
  • Shorts
  • Skirts & Dresses
  • Sports Bras
  • Tanks
  • Shirts & Tops
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Jackets & Sweaters

Women’s By Activity

Here you’ll find:

  • Women’s Golf
  • Women’s Gym
  • Women’s Yoga
  • Women’s Running
  • Women’s Swimwear
  • Women’s Casual
  • Women’s Office

Women’s By Size

  • Here you can choose the size that best suits you


Here you’ll find:

  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Tees & Tanks
  • Long Sleeve
  • Jackets
  • Briefs

Men’s By Activity

Here you’ll find:

  • Men’s Golf
  • Men’s Gym
  • Men’s Yoga
  • Men’s Running
  • Men’s Swimwear
  • Men’s Casual
  • Men’s Office

Men’s By Size

  • Here you can choose the size that best suits you

Kids & Juniors

Here you’ll find:

  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Juniors

Kids & Juniors By Size

  • Here you can shop by size

They also have eco friendly, accessories, gift certificates, on sale items and new & favorites.

You can view their catalogue and find out more about each product by clicking here.

And as for pricing, I found depending on the product compared to other name brand products their prices can be higher.

So, How Much Is It To Get Started With Zyia Active?

There is ZERO information that I could find on their website when it comes to the costs of joining Zyia Active. And if you click the Join Now button, you’re simply brought to their contact us page.

So, I did some digging and I found an article buried on their site that covers what it costs to get started.

To get started with Zyia you have to purchase a starter kit.

As of June 19th, 2020, the kit costs $295.00 (USD) and includes 5 items which can be things like a bra, a tank, or a pair of leggings for the women’s kit.

A men’s kit would usually include extra shorts or shirts instead of leggings and a bra. You also get a $100 gift card.

If you’re in Canada the starter kit will cost you $395.00 (CAD). It also includes 5 items for either the women’s or a men’s kit. And you get a $135.00 gift card.

You also get your own replicated website where you’ll be doing business. You get the first 2 months free than it will cost you $15 per month thereafter.

However, if you reach a sales volume of $600, that monthly fee is waived. You also get resources to help you build and grow your business.

How Do You Make Money With Zyia Active?

All the sales you make go through your replicated website. As for generating those sales as a sales rep you can host in house parties or online parties. Or you may want to use social media to build your business.

Now there are 12 levels of rank within Zyia Active. Starting with Representative moving all the way up to ZYIA Presidential.

Commissions start at 20% and grow to 25% once you reach Executive and higher. You can also earn an additional 8% in commissions if your monthly sales volume is $1000 or more.

zyia rep qualifications

You can increase your potential for earning by recruiting people into your business (team members). By doing this you can receive rank advancement and more commissions.

zyia rep rewards

This is a pretty straight forward compensation plan compared to other MLM compensation plans I’ve reviewed from other MLM’s.

In my opinion with this compensation plan your simply signing up to be sales person.

However, if you enjoy being a sales person this could be the gig for you.

So, Can You Expect To Make Money With Zyia Active?

Zyia does not have an income disclosure statement showing you what the typical earnings of its representatives are. Or maybe they do and they just don’t want to share them. And that’s their right as they are a privately held company.

But I’m not that surprised because it falls in line with trying to find out information about this opportunity. It’s like pulling hens teeth. Everything that one would need to make a strong and informative decision regarding this opportunity seems to be hidden.

And if you’re talking to a sales rep who is trying to get you to join. You may want to take everything they say with a grain of salt.

In my experience with people recruiting you into a MLM business end up telling you want you want to hear. Not what you need to hear.

Also, in my experience with MLM and reviewing hundreds of companies’ odds are there are few reps making any significant money. Here’s a scary statistic you should take into consideration when deciding about Zyia.

Consumer Awareness Institute
Consumer Awareness Institute

Also, if you’re going the route of doing home parties your income is going to be directly affected by how many other reps are in your area. If your area is saturated that’s going to make things real tough for you.

Plus, you need to take into account the cost of doing home parties which will dig into your profits.

If you’re seriously thinking of joining Zyia in my opinion to have a shot of building a profitable business and making the big money. You’ll constantly need to recruit people into your business (downline). And that’s not as easy as it sounds.

What Are People Saying About Zyia Active Products?

When I started looking for honest reviews about Zyia’s products the vast majority of the “so called reviews” were definitely from Zyia reps, who had nothing but great things to say.

That’s not what I was looking for. I want to hear from consumers. People buying and wearing this stuff. If you’re going to get into this business you need to know what the end user thinks of your product.

Now, I did manage to find a review from a former Zyia rep.

She said overall the products are good, but the reason she stopped being a rep was:

  • She wasn’t confident in quality consistency
  • Irregular sizing
  • High price of the products
  • Her area was saturated
  • Plus, other concerns

Here’s the link to her post if you want to read it.

If this is the case, I can see building your business with Zyia is not going to be an easy road to follow.

What I Like About Zyia Active

#1) Verity

Zyia has a wide range of clothing with new items being introduced each week.

#2) Easy Comp Plan

The compensation plan is very easy to understand.

What I Didn’t Like About Zyia Active

#1) Expensive Start Up

Getting the starter kit is not cheap. Even with the gift card included.

#2) Expensive Products

Compared to other types of similar clothing their stuff is definitely more expensive and seems to be lower in quality.

#3) Must Love Sales

No matter how they frame things the bottom line is your simply a salesperson. And if you’re not into network marketing though social media, holding parties online and offline. You’re going to have a really hard time making a go of this business.

#4) Low Success

The success rate in MLM is dismal at best. Only 1% of people that get involved with MLM will see any sort of profit. You don’t have to be a math genius to understand those odds suck.

#5) Recruiting

If you want a shot at any level of success with this or any other MLM. Recruiting is the name of the game. So that means constantly trying to sell people on the idea of Zyia as a business opportunity.

My Final Opinion Of Zyia

Personally, I don’t see much if any real opportunity here. If I wanted to be a salesperson (which I don’t) I would just go get a job as a salesperson and remove all the headaches associated with this business opportunity.

The company makes it really hard to find information about the opportunity itself. The commission rate is not that great. The startup costs are high. And the opportunity to make any real money is slim to none.

Considering that, like I said. I don’t see much of an opportunity here. But that’s just me.

Maybe you see something I don’t. But to be clear you are signing up to become a salesperson. And if you love sales than this could be the opportunity for you.

Now if becoming a sales person is not high up on your list of things to do. But you’re into activewear. You can still promote products like Zyia’s or any other product for that matter. And do it without ever having to sell to anyone or recruit anyone to build your business.

Now you’re probably asking – How?

You do it as an Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most proven and most successful business model anyone can follow.

You see with affiliate marketing there is no selling or recruiting needed to build your business. You’re not going to have purchase any products or some starter kit, hold online or inhouse parties or recruit anyone in order to build your business.

In fact, you can build a very successful online affiliate marketing business around any hobby or passion you have. Including activewear.

Now it that sound a lot more appealing then joining some MLM. Then you owe it to yourself to learn more about affiliate marketing.

And the #1 resource that can give you all the training, tools, resources, and one-on-one support when it comes to building a thriving affiliate marketing business is Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I have no clue if affiliate marketing is right for you. Only you can decide that.

But the great things is you can see everything wealthy affiliate has to offer absolutely free.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about Zyia Active and its business opportunity.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand don’t hesitate Emailing Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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