Is Pruvit A Scam? No But…


Has someone gotten in touch with you about Pruvit and the business opportunity it has. Maybe you’re interested but you have questions like Is Pruvit a scam? Or is it a true business opportunity? How do I get started? How do I make money? What’s the cost to get started?

All great questions and questions that need to be answered. So that’s what we’re going to do today. Get those and many other questions answered. And by the time you’re done here you’ll be in a far better position to make an informed decision as to whether or not Pruvit is the opportunity for you.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Pruvit. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

Quick Overview

Company Name: Pruvit


Price: Promotor packs $234.00 or $937.00

Founder: Brian Underwood

Type Of Product/Company: Health and wellness multi-level marketing company

So, What Is Pruvit?

Pruvit is a multi-level marketing company that markets health and wellness products that are solely focused on Ketones. It was founded by Brian Underwood. There is no real information about the company on the website.

brian underwood

So, I did some digging around and from the information I gathered from BBB (Better Business Bureau) website Pruvit’s business start date is listed as November 25, 2014.

Brian was involved with another multi-level marketing company called Rippln which was started in 2013. However, it had failed by January 2014. You can read all about that on the BehindMLM website.

The Products

As I just mentioned Pruvit’s products are all about Ketones.

So, what are Ketones?

Ketones are the byproduct of your body breaking down fat for energy. And that occurs with a low carbohydrate intake. You’ve heard of the Keto Diet right? This is a low carb high fat diet that is designed to place your body into a state of Ketosis (fat burning) to help you lose weight.

Now Pruvit has several different types of products but their flagship product is called KETO/OS NAT which sells for $130.00 for 20 servings. And they suggest 2 servings per day for optimum performance. So that’s only to last you 10 days. I’ll let you do the math for a months supply.

keto nat

The pricing for some of their other products are:

  • KETO//OS® Black Label – Ruby Rush – $157.00 – 20 servings
  • KETO//OS® PRØ™ Banana Cream – $130.00 – 20 servings
  • KETO//UP® The Big Apple – $93.50 m- 12 cans
  • BETTER//BROTH™ French Onion – $89.00 – 20 servings

As you can see things are pretty expensive. Especially when you compare it to similar products you can find on the open market that cost a hell of a lot less. Places such as Amazon.

So, I went to Amazon and typed in “Ketones Supplement” into the search bar. And yep, I found many products. Here’s just 1 example of a similar Ketone product that Pruvit is selling.

This one is called Keto BHB and it sells for $22.99 for 30 servings. That’s a hell of a lot less than the $130.00 you’ll spend for the similar Pruvit Keto product.

keto bhb

Now of course every independent consultant that is trying to get you into this business is going to tell you that the reason the Pruvit products cost so much is that they better than any other Keto product on the market.

Well that’s complete BS.

The ONLY reason their products are so expensive is they have to have the money to pay their distributors because of the company’s compensation plan.

It has absolutely nothing to do with superior quality. Their products are no better than what you can find at your local health food store or on sites like Amazon. Don’t be fooled.

So, How Much Is It To Get Started With Pruvit?

First thing you need to know is that you cannot join Pruvit without a referrer code. This is a person that has referred you to join Pruvit.

referrer code

But let’s assume you have that referrer code. You have 3 options from what I can see. When you click the Join As A Promoter link. You have 2 promoter packs to choose from.

  1. Starter System for $243.00
  2. MVP System for – $937.00

Now there are 2 small links below these options for joining. You can join with a promoter membership for $1 and then choose from the single product options.


And an even smaller and less obvious link that says you can register as a Promoter without any product purchase. If you choose that option you get this nice little warning.

no product purchase membership

How Do You Make Money With Pruvit?

Ok, this is the part I bet you’re most interested in. The making money part.

Well first off finding a detailed rewards (compensation) plan was not easy. The link on their site gets you to the rewards page but it really does not tell you anything in detail.

So I did some searching and I finally did find a detailed version of their rewards plan.

With that said, chances are they have their rewards plan in the back office area once you’ve joined. Personally, I would rather they have this information publicly available so people (you) can see what you’re in for when it comes to trying to make money with Pruvit.

Ok, like every MLM compensation (rewards) plan I’ve read they are complicated, confusing and give me a headache when I read them. I’m not sure who designs these plans but they definitely have a PHD in mathematical confusion.

So, no I’m not going to get into every detail of this rewards plan. However, I will give you the big picture of the plan.

The main take a ways for earning money through this rewards plan are:

Kick-off Rewards

  • Go Pro Bonus (GPB) – first 14 days – Pruvit Bucks and additional Go Fast Bonuses, based on a Promoter’s Personal Team Volume (PTV) and Team Volume (TV) within the first 14 days
  • Go MVP Bonus (GMB) – first 30 days – Pruvit Bucks and additional Bonus Pool shares, based on the Promoter’s Personal Team Volume (PTV) and Team Volume (TV) within the first 30 days

Gameplay Rewards

  • MVP Mentor Bonus (MMB) – Pays a cash bonus based on developing MVPs
  • Go All-Star Bonus (GAB) – Pays a cash bonus and unlocks additional levels on the MVP Mentor Bonus
  • Retailer Bonus (RB) – Pays a percentage of all BV produced by personally enrolled Customers
  • Endorsement Bonus (EB) – Get your product FREE every month by directly referring 2 Smartship Customers
  • Go Fast Bonus (GFB) – A weekly bonus that pays on all commissionable orders placed during the first 30 days of new, personally enrolled Promoters

Residual Rewards

Residual Commission (RC) – A monthly commission based on the percentage of BV (bonus volume) (1 to 11 levels)

Champion Bonus (RCB) – A percentage of BV that occurs from unlimited levels of Promoters 1 to 5 Generations deep

Residual Match (RM) – A percentage of the RC earned by all those Promoters which contribute towards a Promoter’s Team Volume (TV)

Leadership Rewards

  • Pruvit will pay up to $800 towards a luxury car

Partner Rewards

  • MVP Pool (Monthly) – For Promoters who earned the Go MVP Bonus (GMB), based on 0.5% of all company wide New Volume (NV)
  • Rising Champion Pool (3 month eligibility period) – Promoters can earn from the Rising Champion Pool for up to 3 months, following the month in which they hit MVP
  • Ownership Pools L7 – L10 (Quarterly) – 4 separate pools for all Promoters who reach the levels 7 through 10

So that was easy to understand right? Yep, sarcasm.

If you want to read the rewards plan you can do that by clicking here. I also found a YouTuber that goes over the plan.

Simply click the image below and you’ll be taken to YouTube so you can watch the video.


Now to earn these rewards you have to meet certain qualifications and in doing so you will reach different ranks within the company’s rewards plan.

To stay qualified you need to have 50QV (qualified value) each month. However no more than 40% of PQV (personal qualifying volume) requirement can come from your own orders. And that includes the initial one-time and Smartship orders.  You also have to pay an annual Promoter fee of $37.00.

Here’s a snapshot of the ranks and qualification in their rewards plan:

ranks and qualifications

So, Can You Expect To Make Money With Pruvit?

Well the opportunity is there that’s for sure. But will you make any real significant money? And when I say significant, I’m talking about earning a full time income.

And if that’s your goal then you have a very, very slim chance of that happening.

So, how can I be so confident that you’re not going to make any real money? Well, it’s not me telling you that. It’s Pruvit saying that.

And it’s said through their income disclosure statement. And you can find the link to their income disclosure statement at the bottom of their Promoter Rewards page.

Now I will give credit for Pruvit for making this public. Even though they don’t make it easy to find. Not every MLM company does provide an income disclosure statement.

This income disclosure statement is the earnings of all active promoters from January 2019 through December 2019.

And guess what? It’s far from inspiring to say the least.

The Average Yearly earnings for all active promoters in 2019 was – $1,315.32, and the median annual income for all Promoters in 2019 was $16.00.

So, the average monthly income for all promoters in 2019 was a whopping $109.61. And the median average monthly income for all promoters was $1.33.

Let that sink is.

The median average earning per month for promoters was $1.33. And even if you made $109. 61 per month. Which does not include your expenses.

So, like 99% of all people involved in any MLM. You’re losing money every month!!

You can read the complete statement by clicking the link I posted above.

pruvit income disclosure statement

Pruvit Customer Review/Complaints

Like any company you’ll always find reviews both good and bad. Now for me I always head to the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This gives me (you) a great overall view of any company.

Now as you can see things are not looking that great for Pruvit. First of all, they are not accredited with the BBB. And do have a lot of complaints as well

Better Business Bureau

And further to that you will see that there are alerts about Pruvit. That’s never a good sign.

BBB alert

Like I said you will always find both good and bad reviews about any product/company. And despite what you see on the profile page of the BBB. There are many positive reviews about Pruvit.

For example, reviewers are saying things like:

  • I think this is an amazing product
  • My children love these products. They have changed our lives
  • This is by far a great product! I am a customer for life
  • I have been using Pruvit’s products and they have really helped me so far, along with a Keto lifestyle and tracking my intake

Now let’s hear the not so good things people have to say about Pruvit:

  • This is a pyramid scheme
  • Any company that does not provide a phone number for customer service should be a sign of something sketchy
  • As others have mentioned customer service is an absolute nightmare
  • This is a horrible product what I have left is going in the TRASH

There are also a LOT of complaints regarding the company’s customer service and being charged multiple times and even for products they never ordered.

Here’s a complaint that caught my eye.

Money owed

First off not getting paid what you’re owed is frustrating. But the other issue is it proves that you are NOT an independent business owner. Pruvit controls your business for beginning to end.

And the one sales pitch you’ll always hear for people trying to recruit you into any MLM business opportunity is that you own your business. NO, YOU DON’T!!

Plus, as with all MLM companies Pruvit can terminate your position as a promoter at any time. You can read that within their polices and procedures. Something that you definitely have to read before you get involved with any MLM company.

Now the complaints don’t stop there. If you head to the Truth In Advertising website you’ll see that not only are distributors making false claims as to what Pruvit products can do. They claim their products can help treat everything from ADD, autism, to Parkinson’s, MS, diabetes, and cancer.

So did the Co-Founder of the company Rob DeBoer.


fake claims

Now I know that the company does not have a lot of control over what independent promoters say. Simply because most promoters are desperate to build their business and will say pretty much anything. But when the co-founder is spreading lies that’s another thing.

And speaking of Rob DeBoer he had to pay a $150,000 fine as one of the defendants in the FTC’s case against BurnLounge. This company was determined by the FTC to be running an illegal pyramid scheme.

What I Like About Pruvit

#1) Customer Refund Policy

If you’re not satisfied with the product for any reason within the first 30 days you can return the unused portion of the product for a full refund. Minus shipping and handling charges.

#2) Opportunity

For the right person Pruvit can be an opportunity.

What I Didn’t Like About Pruvit

#1) Very Low Success Rate

By their own income disclosure statement the chances of you making any real money is slim to none. Unless you think busting your butt to build a business and making only $109.00 per month less expenses is considered a win. I sure don’t.

#2) Overpriced Products

Their prices for their products a crazy high. And of course, you’ll be told they are priced this way because the products are superior to other similar products.

Well that’s complete bullshit. Their products are no better than what you can find at your local health food store or at Amazon. They are nothing special.

The reason they are priced so high is so they can have the money to pay out on their compensation plan. There is no other reason.

Also, as I see it, marketing these overpriced products is going to be a challenge especially since people can find similar products that offer the same results for a hell of a lot less money at places like Amazon and local health food stores.

Why pay $130.00 for a product when you can get the same type of product for $30.00. Makes no sense to me.

#3) Better Business Bureau Warning

Because of the pattern of complaints about Pruvit’s marketing practices, product claims, business opportunities, and customer service. At the time of my article, the BBB currently has 5 alerts regarding Pruvit.

This alone should have you thinking twice about getting involved with this company.

#4) Recruiting

In order to build your busines to make the money Pruvit claims you can make (which we know is not true).

You’re going have to recruit people into your business (downline). So that means you have to wake up every day and try and convince (sell) people on the idea of getting into business with Pruvit.

And believe me that’s a lot easier said than done. When people hear that you’re pitching an MLM business you’re going to hear the word NO a lot. So, you better have a thick skin.

And if you do manage to get people involved just know that 50% of people that try MLM will quit in the first year.

So that means you’re going to have to constantly be recruiting people every day.

Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Becoming a serial recruiter.

#5) The MLM Business Model Sucks

Despite what you’re going to be told when it comes to this opportunity. The MLM business model is a model for failure. Not for the company but for you.

The cold hard reality is that 99% of people that get involved with an MLM will lose money.

And they are losing money because like Pruvit you’re required to order/sell a minimum amount of product each month. And if you don’t you will not be eligible for the bonuses available through their compensation plan.

And in order to meet this qualification most people have to spend money each month buying product just to stay qualified.

And being that the median monthly average income for all of their promoters is a blistering $1.33. You’ll definitely be losing money every single month.

And even by some miracle you’re making the total monthly average of $109.61. Chances are you’re still losing money each month.

Bottom line the odds are not stacked in your favor.

My Final Opinion Of Pruvit

So, does Pruvit offer you a business opportunity? Yes, they do. But I think the more important question is are you going to make money with this opportunity?

Well, from the numbers provided in their income disclosure statement, I have to say it’s a hard no.

Those numbers don’t lie. They are showing you that the majority of people to get involved with their business opportunity are not making any significant money.

And when I say significant money I’m talking about creating a full time income. Well, $109.61 a month is far from a full-time income.

So personally, I would never recommend this business opportunity because the odds are just stacked too far against you.

Now I’m not here to burst your bubble. And after reading my review if you still want to join Pruvit. That’s okay.

If you think you can beat the odds and be in that 1% of people, that get involved with an MLM who actually make a living from it.

Then go for it. And I wish you nothing but success.

But if the thought of being under the thumb of an MLM company where you have to meet ridiculous qualifications and quotas in order to be eligible to earn money.

You’re not comfortable with not being in total control and ownership of your business. And the thought of constantly having to recruit people in order to build your business has you far from excited.

Then can I make a suggestion using a far superior online business model for making money?

And that business model is Affiliate Marketing.

With affiliate marketing:

  • You never have to recruit anybody to build your business
  • You don’t have to meet ridiculous quotas or qualifications in order to earn money
  • You’re not forced to buy product every month to stay “qualified”
  • You’re in total control and ownership of your business
  • You don’t have to become a salesperson in order to build your business

And the cool thing about affiliate marketing is you can build your business around your hobby or your passion. No matter what that hobby or passion is.

Even if your hobby or passion is health and wellness you don’t have to join an MLM company to create a full-time online income.

If that sounds a lot better than MLM (and it is) then you should take a moment and check out Wealthy Affiliate.

And the reason why I’m recommending wealthy affiliate is not only because they’ve helped me grow my affiliate marketing business into a 6-figure a year passive income.

They’ve been the #1 resource since 2005 providing people with all the tools, resources, training, and personal one-on-one support for building a thriving online affiliate marketing business.

And the great thing is you can check out everything that wealthy affiliate has to offer you absolutely free.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about Pruvit and its business opportunity.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand don’t hesitate Emailing Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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