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YouTube How To Video Marketing – My Personal Case Study

you tube case studyToday I want to share with you one of my niches and show you exactly how I generated over $50,000 of extra income with this site in 2015 using free traffic from YouTube.

I’m also going to share with you where I got additional guidance and support on some of the elements I had limited knowledge in.

Plus I’ll share with you what I feel is the true secret to the success of this site and all the others I have. And I have an additional update at the end of this post for you.

Quick Question

Now when you think of content or when I say the word “content”. What comes to mind?

More often than not you probably think “text” and that’s only natural.

But there is other content that you can use for marketing and the version of content I’m talking about is video’s. And I’m not talking about grumpy cat or fail videos where some poor smuck lands on his face.

I’m talking about using video ​as a primary marketing and traffic resource. For many people video is an untapped marketing strategy. But it’s a strategy I feel any serious online market needs to add to their arsenal.

The Big Boys Know The Power Of Video

Look at Twitter they’ve added video auto play to our feeds and facebook now provides advertisers the option of using video ads. Which by the way I’m going to start using this year.​ And of course you can have a video ad on YouTube.

More and more the “play” button is becoming a very powerful call to action.​ It’s a very powerful tool for enhancing brand awareness, lead generation, online engagement and traffic generation.

The power of videos is really showing its influence. Check out some of the statistics when it comes to the power of video:

The inforgraghic pictured above is from

So as you can see the power of video is pretty clear. So let’s get into my niche and let me show you how I used video as my primary marketing and traffic source to earn over $50,000.

So What’s My Niche?​

A friend of mine owns a company that helps people get out of payday loan debt and I’m one of his exclusive affiliates for his service. He does not have a public affiliate program. Payday loans are nasty and they are designed to keep people in a perpetual cycle of payday loan debt.

I have to say after being involved in this niche, I can tell you I have no love loss for payday loan companies​. They charge outrageous interest on their loans. You may be surprised that the average annual interest rate is over 300%.

And in my opinion they don’t give a shit about their customers. All the see is another person that can add to their bottom line.

I have to say this before I get into things, putting the money I earned aside there is no better feeling knowing that I’m playing a small role in helping people end their payday loan debt.

Let’s Get To It

Now this is a very tough and competitive niche so I knew I had to use other methods than just text. So my marketing strategy from the start was to use video. And I specifically used YouTube as my marketing and traffic generation platform.

Here’s the quick overview of what I did. I’ll break down everything in detail in a moment.

  • I built out my website – the site has 7 pages
  • I created a YouTube channel
  • I created a Facebook page
  • I created a Twitter page
  • I created a Google+ Plus page
  • I have a total of 45 posts
  • I have to date created a total of 109 videos (and growing all the time)

My Website

Now the theme I picked for my site is the Thesis theme. I did so because it’s a very easy theme to built out and can be done quickly.

I also did my keyword research for a domain name that would reflect the purpose of the site. I really was not that concerned with the domain name being a factor with the sites rank. If it helped great, but it was the videos that I concentrated on ranking, not the site itself.

I know this may sound counterintuitive but exact match domain names don’t have the ranking power they once had.​ But if a domain name can be your keyword phrase, well no harm no foul. And if it helps a little why not? right?

So the name of my website is

end payday loan debt

Now you probably noticed that it’s not a .com. Well I did search for a .com and I didn’t find anything I liked so I picked the .net.

Despite what many people say a .net is a very strong top level domain extension and it can rank just as well as a .com. But my focus was not on ranking the site itself. The focus is to rank the videos that would get the traffic to my site. You’ll see how this plays out as you keep going through this case study.

With this marketing you have to shift your focus and it’s not getting the domain to rank. Yes it will happen naturally. But the primary focus is to rank the videos, which in turn drives the traffic, which in turn translates into revenue.

My Pages

You’ll notice that the site has only 7 pages and then a link to the blog. The home page is a static page. The reason being the people that come to the site want information on what we can do for them. So having the blogroll on the home page does not work for this scenario.

All the other pages provide more information and a method of contacting us. Poeple can either get a free quote if they feel they have all the information they need to take the next step. Or they can email us or call us.

And I bet you noticed a video page? On this page you’ll find a link to every video I created and have on YouTube. The reason I only have the link is because unlike creating a post and embedding the video I’m using the video to drive traffic from YouTube to my site.

Remember I’m using video SEO to get those videos ranked and in front of more eyeballs which in turn is getting more people to my website. And this equals:

  • Ranking, Traffic and Conversions

Don’t worry I’ll go into detail of the video SEO.

The Blog Part

Like any website it needs content. So I have a total of 45 posts on my site. The last post I did was on May 16th 2014.

The posts of course are keyword researched and they either have to do with the laws of payday loan debt. and/or general news from the payday loan world.

For content I simply set up a Google alert so I could get notified of anything to do with the payday loan industry. I then used this information to create original blog posts.

My YouTube Channel

In order for me to have my videos on YouTube I needed to create a YouTube channel. Now I’m not going to go into the details of creating a YouTube channel.

But there is one important feature you must activate within your YouTube account. And this is called Annotations.

Annotations allow you to have clickable links within your video, “calls to action”. These clickable links are important because these links can go to what is called an “Associated Website”. My associated website of course is my end payday loan debt website.

When I go over the creation of my videos I’ll show you how the annotation feature works and where I have them within my videos.​

Here’s the link to my YouTube channel if you want to take a peek.​

social mediaMy Social Media Accounts

Now I have to admit I’m not much of a social media monkey. So you won’t find me hanging out on FaceBook, Twitter or any other social media sites. It’s just not for me.

But I do know the value of what they can do for SEO. Now at the start of all this I did create a Facebook Page, a Twitter account and a G+ page.​

But I do know the value of what they can do for SEO. Now at the start of all this I did create a Facebook Page, a Twitter account and a G+ page. I was not going to use them all at this time but I wanted to grab the name “end payday loan debt” before anyone else did.

The thing I know about FB and Twitter is in order for it to be really effective you need to be active and the usually means daily. Well since I’m using video and I’m only posting one video per week and it’s the same message.

I personally felt that focusing on posting on my G+ page each week would be the best route because with G+ you don’t have to be as active as you should be on FB and Twitter. Plus G+ give you lots of SEO love.

Like I said I have the other social accounts, I’m still not sure if I’m going to use them or not.

But I will be using the FB account this year. Not so much for posting but to do some video advertising and you need a FB page for that. So we’ll see how that plays out. I’ll turn that into another case study later on in the year.

On another note I have proven to myself that the use of social media is not a must have requirement to succeed with a website, as so many people keep yelling in my ear. I’m not saying not to use social media, but for social media in the traditional sense it’s not for me.

Things Are Now Ready To Go

So now I have everything in place.

Now while I was building out the site with content I was creating videos. And once I had a video created any of the content I had on my site that was keyword related I would go back and add the video to the post.

This can help the content itself with SEO. But, again my focus was getting the video’s themselves ranked not my blog content. Like I mentioned I have not created a new post since 2014.

So now that I have what I feel is enough text content on the site. I shifted my focus from creating text content. To creating 1 video per week. And to this day I still create 1 new video per week.​

Using YouTube’s Search Engine

You may or may not be aware but YouTube is the second largest search engine. And it’s also owned by Google.​ And what you may or may not know is that videos can get ranked higher and faster than content.

The reason being is a video are deemed to be more valuable. In other words it takes more to make a video then it does to create written content.

And with the statistics I shared with you earlier it’s becoming more apparent this is the way the online world wants to receive information – by video.​

Now I know from experience that videos do get ranked faster and higher. I have created some videos and I’ve had them on the first page of Google in less than 3 days. Of course this is not the norm​ but it does still happen from time to time, which is a cool thing.

So what I’m doing is using the power of video and YouTube’s search engine to get ranked in Google search engine.​ And that’s where people are searching in Google for the solution to get out of payday loan debt.

First and foremost I wanted to get ranked in Google .​ So that takes the proper SEO of my videos. But I also want to be ranked in YouTube because things work hand in hand.

By getting ranked at the top of YouTube’s search engine this give me more SEO power and translates to high ranking in Google. And in many cases this means first page and first spot rankings.

As in this screenshot below this video is ranked #1 and it just so happens another video of mine is ranked #2. And notice that the first video? I did it in 2014 and it’s still #1, but look at the video in spot #2. I did that video in 2013. That’s the power of video.​

The screenshot below is from Jan 19th – 2016.​

Now of course rankings change and the videos that are on the first page can move around a little. Heck sometimes they’ve been punted to page 2 or 3 of the SERPS but they always come back to page one.

And sometimes the video itself is not ranked on the first page for the keyword term. But in many cases when the video itself is not ranked for that keyword term my website is or my YouTube channel is or I have had it where both are ranked.​

The screenshot below is from Jan19th – 2016​

payday loan debt

Video SEO

This is the most important part of video marketing, well in fact it applies to all marketing. And it all starts with keyword research.

And what I always look when doing my keyword research is the low hanging fruit of keywords.

So I look for keywords with low competition and good monthly search volume. I let the everyone else fight for those BIG keywords which in most cases they will never rank for.

And they wonder why they’re not making any money.​

“You can work hard or you can work smart, I prefer smart”​

Now I’m not going to go into the details of keyword research here, but if you need to know more I did a detailed post all about proper keyword research.

But the short version of my keyword research is to find keywords that have less than 150 competing pages for that exact keyword and more than 50 search per month. In fact I try to find the lowest amount of competing pages.

I have some keywords that have less than 50 competing pages, some with over 50 search per month some with less. I don’t focus to hard on the search volume simply because it all adds up.

50 search here, a 100 there, 22 over here – it all adds up. And when you add everything together you’re now getting thousands of searches each month all with the potential of driving traffic to your website.

So now can you see why I let everyone else fight for those big popular keywords. While they’re struggling to get rank for a keyword phrase they’ll probably never get rank for. I’m ranking for hundreds of keywords all day long.

Ok now that I have found my keyword phrase. It’s time to create a script for my video. After testing a tweaking I have found that my videos should be less than 1 minute and 30 seconds. Now of course I have some that are over that but that’s what I shoot for.

I do this because I have found that after a 1:30 people tend to stop watching. And you’ll see that my analytics for the year of 2015 on average 67% of the people that watched a video of mine watched for 1 minute 22 seconds. That’s almost the entire video – I take that all day long.

The screenshot below is my audience retention numbers on YouTube from Jan 2 – 2015 to Dec 31 – 2015​

audience retention

And if I drill down futher I can see my retention time go up as high as 84% and as low as 49%. So I’m constantly tweaking the video length.

But it’s that average that is helping me big time. Not only is it getting people to my site, but YouTube factors the length of time people watch your video into their ranking metrics.

And the more YouTube see’s people are watching your videos and for longer times – they give you more love and in this case that’s rank.

Proper Video SEO

Like all content doing the proper SEO is very important. I got the first step out of the way, I did my keyword research and found a keyword phrase I’m going to make a video around.

For this example the keyword phrase is “​too many payday loans I need help” I did this video back in August 4th 2015. It has bounced up and down from 1st place to 3rd place over time. But it’s usually always in the top 3 spots in Google.

When this screenshot was taken on Jan 21st, 2016 – it was sitting in the 1st spot on the 1st page of the Google SERPS. But on Jan 19th it was in second spot.

too many payday loans

​Ok here’s what I do for the SEO of all my videos. I have included a screenshot below of the creators area in my YouTube account for this video so you can see what I’m talking about.

1) The keyword phrase is the title of the video. You’ll also notice I added a tagline to the end of the keyword phrase. This does not affect the keyword phrase at all. I’ve added it to give the viewer more of an incentive to watch my video.​

2) In the description area I have pasted my entire script. Your descriptions should be long, not short little blurbs.

YouTube uses this information to understand what your video is about so it can index your video properly.

Now I’m pretty sure, and I say pretty sure because I don’t know for a fact but I do know Google uses LSI in their ranking algorithm. So why not use it for YouTube?

Oh LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing. This is where the contents of a webpage are crawled by a search engine and the most common words and phrases are collated and identified as the keywords for the page.

In short your content (video) can get ranked for other keywords you were not even aware of.

Pretty cool huh?​

My scripts are around 275 – 300​ words. So this gives me nice long descriptions. Also at the beginning of the description you’ll notice my website’s URL. I have that there because it’s the first thing that gets crawled.

Plus it’s just another allowed link by YouTube. I also put at the end of my description my keyword phrase and the link to the video.​ Also within the description I have a link to our free quote form page.​ Just more allowed links and more SEO.

So think long descriptions from now on.

3) Now just like creating tags for your posts and pages on your site. YouTube has a tags area. This is used by YouTube for indexing your video so when someone does a search your vidoe will come up in the search results.

So you’ll notice the first tag is my keyword phrase and then the next tag is my domain name which also happens to be a keyword phrase. And then I have a list of keyword phrases I use as additional tags.

4) I always create a custom thumbnail for my videos. YouTube will automatically pick 3 screenshots from your video that you can use. But you want a custom thumbnail.​

The reason being is this thumbnail is what’s shown in the SERPS of both YouTube and Google. If you scroll up and look at the screenshot of my video in Google you’ll see the custom thumbnail.

Plus it’s another way of enticing people to watch your video and boost viewership.​

video seo

Making The Video

I use Camtasia to create my videos. And the videos I created all called powerpoint style videos. I created a video template and then I do a voiceover and then I simply added the elements to the video.

These videos are not complicated to create. And the video is designed to show people how we can help people get out of their payday loan debt and how to get in touch with us. No more no less.

The video is not there to sell them on anything. Once they reach out to us then we can give them more information to make an informed decision. The goal of the video is to get people to contact us.​

Remember I spoke about annotations?​

You want to have this activated in your YouTube account. This feature allows you to have clickable links within your video. So when your viewer clicks that link the video stops and new window opens up and they are sent to your website or any page on your site.

NOTE: Your link has to go to the approved associated website within your YouTube account. Your links cannot go to any other site like an affiliate site. Do that and your channel will get shut down.​

Below is a backoffice screenshot of one of my videos, this is towards the end of the video. The elements outlined in the red squares are clickable links (annotations).

youtube annotations

Any viewer that clicks the “free quote” link goes to that page on my website. And of course if they click the logo they go to the home page on my website.

These are also my calls to action elements.

At this stage of the video which is towards the end of the video I tell people to either call us or to use our free online quote form.​

And prior to the annotation for the free quote from link our phone number is throughout the video as you can see in the screenshot below.

payday loan video

You must have a call to action in your video. You need to tell people what to do. Never assume they know what you want them to do. More often than not they will do nothing, so tell them.

So that could be call, email, go here, subscribe​ – whatever. Just make sure to tell your view what you want them to do.

UPDATE: Annotations have now been replaced with Cards and End Screens – same concept of clickable links just different tools within YouTube.

And here’s the video I’ve been using as an example. Go ahead and watch the video (you can skip ahead) and click the links and see annotations in action.

​Little tip, when I upload my video to my YouTube channel I do so in “Private” mode. This way I can add my custom thumbnail and set my annotations. Once things are done I then which to “public” mode and hit publish.

Just a quick note. I now have Cards activated on my videos​. This is a clickable feature and can be added to any video, even past videos. The reason I am also using cards is because unlike Annotations which can only be clicked on from a desk top computer.

Cards can be click on from mobile devices. And with more and more people using mobile devices this is a feature you want to have in your videos.

And YouTube insiders have mentioned ​that YouTube is considering doing away with annotations all together and just use Cards. Below is a recent video I did and you’ll see the card feature at the end.

In fact if you place your cursor over the video you’ll see the title of the video appear with an arrow pointing to the Card. You can click that at anytime and see the card.

But if you skip ahead to the 1:35 mark of the video you’ll see how I have timed it so opens up and has a clickable prompt.


Once everything was done, I then added the link to my video to my video page on my site. And then I go to my G+ page and Facebook page and share the video. And that’s it.


So all of this of course comes down to traffic and conversions. The site receives on average 500 visitors per day. But because of the niche many people are still skeptical of our service so the conversions are a slower.

So many people tell us they came to the site several times before either calling us or completing a free quote request form.​

And their skeptical because unfortunately there are ​scam companies out there that end up getting people into more trouble and deeper into debt. I won’t go into the details of that. But the people that need our help have the right to be cautious.

Consistency ​

Like all marketing it comes down to consistency. Without fail I will post a video once per week. This consistency contributes to my overall success.

So no matter form of content you use you need to be consistent. Pick a schedule and stick to it.​

Here’s that update I mentioned.

I’m now posting a new video only once every two week. It takes me about 2 hours every other week to do everything and the site is making more and more money each month. That’s 4 hours per month. See what consistency and hard work can do!

I’m really excited to see how much this site makes by the end of 2016. Of course I’ll post an update when the time comes.​

Where I Got Support/Help

When it came to setting up a facebook page and Twitter I was a little lost. Like I said I’m not a big social monkey. So I turned to the experts inside Wealthy Affiliate.

They gave me the information to fast track things instead of me stumbling around trying to figure stuff out for myself.​ I think that’s one element some people don’t see with the wealthy affiliate.

Sure it’s there to teach you how to build a thriving affiliate business for yourself.​ But you also have access to thousands of members all of which are experts in all other areas of online and offline marketing.

And the help is there just for the asking.

So if what I shared with you got you excited that’s fantastic. But maybe your just not ready to do this, that’s ok.

If your goal for 2016 is to make money online or take that goal to end up making a fulltime income online. Then do yourself a favor and check out what the wealthy affiliate has to offer you.

You can even check things out for free. And if you don’t like things well then don’t take advantage of the WA, walk away. It’s that simple.

But I would certainly hate to think that at the end of this year you’re still struggling to build your online business​, while all along everything you needed to build your business was just a click away.

Bottom line it’s your call – whether you take advantage of the wealthy affiliate or not I’ll always be here to help you whenever you need it.​

The Secret To This And My Other Sites Success

Yes I worked hard and was and still am very diligent in building the success of this site. But the reason I have success with this site and others is for a very solid reason.

I truly believe in the products and services I market.​ I’m passionate about them. I cannot represent something I don’t believe in. Others may be able too, and some may find success, and hey all the power to them.

But if I cannot stand behind a product or service and be proud of it, then it’s not for me. And I must say this service makes me feel fantastic every single day​. Because I’m playing a small role in helping people get out of payday loan debt.

And believe me, that makes me sleep very well at night.​


So this is what I did for this niche. In a nutshell, I created a web site, added foundational content and created content in the form of a video and published it once a week.

Will this work for other niches, I don’t see why not. If you keep in mind that YouTube is your source for traffic to your site. Your video is not there to sell people on anything. It’s there to give them information and your goal is to get them off your YouTube​ video and to your site.

It’s on your site that you give them more information and let your site do the marketing.​

Now a lot of things have changed in the last year over at YouTube and I’m going to be adjusting my strategy to reflect those changes.​

I hope you found this post helpful. If so, feel free to share it with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can email me anytime

I believe in you!!
Leowealthy affiliate

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