Your Sales Funnel Is A Thing Of The Past – Say What!! -

Your Sales Funnel Is A Thing Of The Past – Say What!!

Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel with your sales funnel?

Each month starting from square one to re-fill your funnel.

And no matter what you do, each month you still loose more and more of those leads to leaks in your funnel.

Time To Shift

If you’re running a business it goes without saying that getting more customers is a very important part of your businesses growth.

And to build a stronger long term business you need to get off that funnel filling hamster wheel and you need to start focusing on building an audience rather then focusing on just getting leads for your funnel.

By doing this you’re strengthening the future of your business.

What’s The Difference Between A Lead And An Audience Member?

A Lead:

Is someone that has shown an interest in what you have to offer. The ideal lead is someone who is most likely to become a customer very soon or right away.

And of course a lead who is not in the final stages of the buying cycle (the purchasing stage) and is still doing research about the product they are thinking of buying is a distraction to you.

An Audience Member:

Is someone who is highly engaged with your content, weather it be on your blog, web site or social media channels.

And this same person is highly valuable even if they are not ready to purchase from you yet, as they are sharing what they like about your company to the people they engage with.

The Power Of An Audience

By focusing on creating an audience with your marketing efforts – these efforts become cumulative.

Everything builds on itself.

By creating a bigger audience more people talk about your business and as more people talk about your business more people share your content.

And as more people share your content more people discover your business and as more people discover your business the more leads you create, which leads to more sharing and on and on it grows.

So How Can You Build Your Audience?

1) Ask For Peoples Email Addresses

You can do this in one of two ways.

You can have a simple optin box that simply tells people they can enter their name and email address and stay up to date with what’s going on with your company.

This is a soft approach, you may not get as many opt-ins but the ones that do optin have already developed a certain level of trust with you.

Or you can offer something for free in exchange for their email address. Typically this can be a free ebook, course, program or software.

2) Stop Selling And Start Teaching

The cool thing about adopting the focus of building an audience is you can stop feeling the pressure of constantly pitching to people.

Teaching and helping people engages people in a way that selling can never do. You can focus on sharing what you know and provide assistance and guidance to your audience.

This approach is especially important for the people that are in your audience who are not likely to become customers anytime soon or even ever.

But that’s ok – you’re focus is not to sell them but to stay engaged with them, so the pressure is off you and they are happy campers because they’re not getting pitched too.

Plus they’re more likely to share what they learn from you with the people they know. And some of those people may become customers that otherwise would not have if you hadn’t focused on building an audience.

3) Make Sure To Tell People What Your Company Does Or Offers

The worst thing that can happen is when someone comes to your website and they have no clue what your company/site is about.

Make sure to make it obvious what you do. This also builds trust because you’re being very open with what you do and this also establishes credibility not only with you and your company but also with your content.

When you come to my site, you know that I’m an affiliate marketer here to teach and help you be successful with affiliate marketing.

4) Find Out What Your Audience Is Interested In Learning

You can find this information out in several ways.

Of course your sites analytics is one way. Also see which content is being shared the most.

What content is being discussed a lot, which content has or is provoking conversations. And think about what made your past content successful.

Another way and the more direct approach is ask your audience what they want to learn. You can do this through a post or by sending out an email asking people to post their requests on your site or take a simple survey.

You can also use your social media channels as well.

The goal here is to keep asking what your audience wants and to keep listening to them. A great way is to read their comments and see what is provoking conversations between yourself and other audience members.

5) Offer Different Ways Of Staying Engaged With You

Not everyone wants to give up their email address, and I get this being a victim of endless pitches and useless information from some of the mailing lists I’ve been on.

Provide the option to engage with you through other channels such as; your RSS feed, Tweeter, Google Plus, You Tube or Facebook.

Here on my site you can either take my free intro to affiliate marketing success course which also gets you on my mailing list. You can follow my RSS Feed, follow me on Google plus or subscribe to my You Tube channel.

6) Be Consistent With Your Content

The best way to develop an audience is to be consistent with your content. This will create an audience that keeps coming back as well as staying with you. For me I publish content once per week. It’s either a blog post or a video tutorial.

So my audience knows that during the week they will be notified of my new content.

I do not have a set day but usually I publish my content on Tuesdays or Thursday. However with that said I’m making the transition to publish every Tuesday.

So if you plan on publishing content lets say every Monday then make sure you do. This way people will know when to check your site.

Make The Shift Now!

It only takes a small shift in your thinking to go from lead focused marketing to audience building.

And this small shift will build out a very successful and long term business for yourself which will continuously keep building on itself.

I hope you found this helpful if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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