You Tube Changes -

You Tube Changes

YouTube If you use YouTube as part of your marketing strategy they just made a major announcement on Twitter.

And that is they have just made all Tags for videos only visible to the publisher of the video. This may not seem like a big deal but it is, plus it will make YouTube a lot better in the long run.

You see one of the steps people use to do to get their videos more views and increase the chances of getting to the top of the searches was to find a video which was already at the top of the SERP’s within the listing they wanted to be in and then simply copy that videos tags.

Using this little trick helped increase the chances of the crappiest videos (content) on the planet to get into the top of the YouTube SERP’s.

With this change publishers will have to do their own keyword research thus ensuring only the top quality content flourishes on YouTube.

You knew this was going to happen Google made changes to their algorithm to improve search quality and since Google owns You Tube it was inevitable for it to happen there too.

Good on the YouTube Creative Team!!

Have a kickass weekend and I’ll see you on the other side.

I believe in you!

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