You Only Have 10 Seconds To Succeed

When your about to make your website it’s very easy to jump right in and think of what kind of logo you’re going to have, figuring out all the different colors that will make up your site, what fancy graphics you’re going to have and so on.

However, you must resist that temptation. You have to make sure you have included some very critical elements on your site first.

You must plan your headline, the navigation of your web site, an opt-in offer and the content that will fill your web site before you do any of those other things.

And you MUST do all of this within the first fold of your site. If you’re not sure what the first fold is. It’s the part of your site that appears when it loads, with out scrolling.

Why is this so important?

You have only 10 seconds to grab your visitors’ attention before they decide to stay or leave your site forever. Unlike the real world where people have to get in their car and drive to your competition, you have to remember your competition is only one mouse click away.

So the most important element of your website is your headline. Your headline is like the billboard you see on the road. It’s there to grab your attention.

Your headline is the first thing that’s going to grab your visitors attention when they land at your site. Your headline should be at the top of your page in a larger then standard font size and has to clearly state the biggest benefit your site has to offer.

Forget graphics, logos, banners, links and all that other fluff, a strong powerful headline is what you need.

Your headline must solve a problem. We all have problems and we are all looking for solutions.

You’re site could:

– Save them time – “Guaranteed To Save You Time”

– Save them money – “Get Ready To Pay A Whole Lot Less For ____”

– Make them money – “Earn $$$ A Month in Your Spare Time”

– Make their lives easier – “So Advanced, its Actually Simple”

– Make them feel better -“Take the First Step toward a Happier, More Productive Life”

– Help them look better – “In Weeks You Can Be Well On Your Way to Losing _____”

– And so on

Make sure your headline is visually appealing and your visitor can absorb your message at a quick glance.

Next, you must have an opt-in offer.

This is the place where you can capture people’s contact information. Not everyone is going to buy your product on their first visit, so it is very important you try to get their contact information so you can stay in touch with them, and keep them up to date with any specials or changes to your site.

You don’t want your opt-in offer buried on another page or below the fold. And make sure your opt-in offer has great value and is for free.

Next is the navigation of your site.

According market research, more then 50% of all web site sales are lost because the visitor cannot find what they are looking for. Therefore, it only makes sense to make sure your site’s navigation is easy and user friendly.

You certainly don’t want to spend all the time, energy, money and effort building your website just to have if fail because people cannot find what they are looking for.

As soon as your page loads people should be able to see your main navigation with out scrolling or spending any time looking for it. Plus, it should be in the same place on every page of your site.

Most websites place their navigation buttons on the left hand side of the page.


Because when we scan a site we do it from left to right. You can also put your navigation buttons just below your header, never above. Most people do not look above a header.

Then it’s your content.

How many website have you gone to just be frustrated and confused by to many fancy graphics, the site points you in 10 different directions at once, there is flashing banner ads every where and the lack of any real information?

Your content is your salesperson.

I could go into all the details of good content but that would be a book into itself. But I don’t have to do that because I can give you the bible on writing content.

The book is called Make Your Words Sell it’s a free downloadable book and you can find it here (not an affiliate link)

Now the four elements I just mentioned sounds easy enough, but most web site owners do just the opposite. They drive their visitors (potential customers) away from their site.

Don’t be like 95% of all the other websites online, become one of the top 5% of sites that are actually making money.

Make sure to build your site so it is crisp, clean and on target. You want to build a site that at a glance you know what it is trying to communicate.

And don’t be afraid to tell your visitor what to do, this called a “Call To Action”. Do not let your navigation try to direct your visitor. People will only click a link if it what they are searching for.

So use call to actions like these:

“Click here and find out how to loss weight forever”


“Click here now and remove all your stress”

To design a good web site means designing a site that works. So never lose site of why you are building your site. And remember the first fold of you web site is the most important piece of real estate you own, use it wisely.

You’ve have probably heard this form a real estate agent; “Curb Appeal”. That’s what your first fold is, the curb appeal of your site. This will determine if people stay or go.

Just like the curb appeal of a house, if the front of a house looked like a junk yard would you want to look inside?

Doubtful, and the same applies to your site.

The junk on your web site in the first fold is banners, wordy useless mission statements, fancy flashing or spinning graphics and other junk.

Save that space for your headline, shouting your biggest benefit your site has to offer.

In addition, people expect certain things when they visit a web site, such as contact information, FAQ’s, privacy policy statements and about us information, so make sure to include these in your site design.

And one of my pet peeves is a site that takes forever to load, so make sure your site loads quickly, and make sure your site works for both Mac and PC computers and in the different browsers.

Finally, here is one tip I would like to share with you. If you have links that go off site, meaning outside pages make sure those links open up into a new browser window, like a pop-up. This way people are not led away from your site and it still stays open in the original browser.

This makes it easier for people to go back to where they left off at your site. You can do this with a simple target=”_blank” command.

I believe in you

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