My WP Auto Ranker Review – WOW! This Is Bad!!

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Welcome to my WP Auto Ranker Review.

As an online marketer if you’re like me you’re always on the lookout for tools or services that can make some of the tasks you have to do a little easier.

And WP Auto Ranker claims it can create original content for you on complete autopilot. It’s easy to use. It can be used for any niche and the content it creates your visitors will love.

Well that sounds fantastic. Creating original content can be a challenge for many online marketers.

Well there’s one problem with these claims. No program or plugin can replace a person creating original content. I don’t care what you’re told. WP Auto Ranker is just another worthless content spinner.

This plugin reminds me of another crap WordPress called WP Auto Content that claimed it could create fully automated blogs and create fresh content 100% on autopilot.

And just like that plugin. There is NOTHING good about the WP Auto Ranker plugin. Keep reading and I’ll show you why you need to avoid using this or any content-spinning plugin.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Quick Overview

Product Name: WP Auto Ranker

Price: $17 plus upsells

Owner: Dan Green

Type Of Product: Content spinner

Overall Rating: 0/5

Recommended: NO

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So, What Is WP Auto Ranker?

Like I mentioned WP Auto Ranker is a content spinner that claims it will create original content for your blog on complete autopilot. And by using his plugin you’ll never have to create content again.

And anyone can have things set up in 3 simple steps.

  1. Install the plugin on your website
  2.  Select some content sources from 1000’s of sources within the content library
  3. Choose how you want the content displayed on your site

That’s it you’re done.

Ok, that’s the plugin in a nutshell.

Even though it sounds like a fantastic idea to have some type of software or in this case a plug-in that creates content for you on autopilot.

Using spun content is the absolute worst thing you could do for your website. Unless your goal is to kill your website and your business.

Here’s why you NEVER want to use a content spinner.

Using Any Content Spinner Is A Form Of Black Hat SEO

With all the latest updates from Google it’s very clear Google wants original, fresh, informative, engaging, useful content. And you’ll never get that from a content spinner.

Because content spinners are so poor at what they do, Google can determine if it’s spun content or not.

And it does that by determining where the original source of the content came from. Remember in the sales video Dan says they use thousands of resources online and pull the content from those resources and then spin the content and put it on your website.

Well, because your content is not the original and was spun. Your content is going to get ignored and never see the light of day in the search engine rankings.

And as you continue to use spun content your website is eventually going to get penalized for using a black hat technique.

There is NO content spinner that can create content that will fool Google. If you believe that you’re doing so at your websites peril.

Other Reasons Not To Use ANY Content Spinner

Spun Content Is Mostly Unreadable

Even if your spun content did get ranked on page 1 on Google for whatever keyword you’re going after. It never will – but I’m being devil’s advocate here and saying what if it did to make a point?

What use is it going to be to you?

As soon as people click through and come to your website and as soon as they start reading the content that got spun. They’re going to leave your website because your content makes no sense.

And if you’re like most online marketers your online to make money. Well, if everyone’s leaving your site, you’re not making money.

I have not come across any content spinner that can rewrite content so it’s readable right out of the gate. It’s always jumbled and makes no sense.

The truth of the matter is you’re going to spend more time fixing that spun content to make it read properly. Whereas you could’ve created better quality content if you would’ve just wrote the content yourself right from the get-go.

A content spinner cannot replicate the way any human writes. I don’t care what the content spinner owner tells you.

Forget using a content spinner, just write the content yourself.

Your Bounce Rate Would (will) Skyrocket

Futher to what I just mentioned, and keep in mind the whole premise of this spinner is so you NEVER have to create content again, it’s all done for you.

And that means you have not spent any time fixing this spun content so it’s readable. You’re using it as is.

So, that brings us to your websites bounce rate. Now your websites bounce rate is one of Google’s many ranking signals.

Ok, let’s say by some miracle your spun content ended up on the first page of the search engine results and people clicked through to your website?

Because your content is spun and for the most part is pretty much unreadable no one nis going to stay at your website. Which means they’re going to click away or in other words “bounce”.

And if people are only staying on your website for a few seconds this is telling Google you have nothing of value on your website. And because Google is putting such a strong emphasis on high quality, informative, engaging useful content and your website is NOT providing that.

Your content and your website are going to get pushed down in the search engine rankings and be replaced by websites that are delivering quality content. So, any free search engine traffic you were hoping for will be gone.

And most people don’t look past the second page of any search query. And your site won’t even be in the first 10 pages of any search query.

So, in reality your website and your content does not exist because no one will ever find your website or see your content.

Your Content Is Not Unique Nor Original

Like all content spinners they claim that the content it creates will be unique. Well that’s impossible.

The content is being spun from other content so it is not unique. Just by changing language and words here and there cannot make a piece of content unique.

And it can never be called original because you did not create (write) the content yourself. If you want unique, original content you have to write that content yourself from scratch.

More Signs To Stay Away From WP Auto Ranker

The Price

If Dan actually created a plugin that could create top notch, kick ass spun content that gets top rankings in Google.

The price for this miracle plugin would certainly not be $17. The reason it’s only $17 is because the plugin is pure garbage and cannot live up to what it claims.

Plus, his target market for this plugin are people that are new to online marketing and don’t know why content spinning is a bad idea. And he’s also probably targeting lazy people who could care less about creating quality content.

Not Breakthrough Technology

In the pitch video Dan is telling you that this is breakthrough technology that he has created.

That so far from the truth it’s ridiculous. Content spinners have been around for years and they’ve been destroying websites and online marketers’ businesses for just as long.

Any time someone tells you they’ve discovered or created new technology that’s going to make it easier for you to make money online.

That’s when you have to listen to that little voice in your head that telling you this is probably BS.

And this is one of those times.

WP Auto Ranker Can’t Fool Google

One of the funniest statements I heard in Dan sales video is he says that his plug-in is so advanced at spinning content that it will fool Google. Thanks for the laugh Dan I needed that today.

No WordPress plug-in or software that spins content can fool Google. And someone telling you that is just playing on your naivety when it comes to creating content and online marketing.

I think a lot of people tend to forget who is working at Google. It’s not a bunch of kids in a basement that just graduated high school. Google is a collection of the top PhD’s in computer science.

These people that are creating Google’s algorithm are light years ahead of some guy that’s created a $17 WordPress plug-in.

Plus, Google’s algorithm changes hundreds of times per year, not just the one or two major updates that we are aware of. So, that algorithm is getting smarter and smarter each and every day.

I think this is why a lot of people get sucked into useless programs like this because the person selling you the software or the plug-in is so convincing at telling you they’ve cracked the code for something, and in this case spinning content.

Don’t believe a word these people are telling you. They’ve cracked NOTHING!!

My Final Opinion Of WP Auto Ranker

There’s always going to be new programs, software or plug-ins that claim they can create unique spun content for you.

And no matter what they say or how great they say the content will be using their content spinner, it’s going to kill your website. And if you’re just starting online it’s going to kill your business before you even get started.

So, there’s no way I’m going to recommend you use this or any other content spinner.

If you’re serious about wanting to make money online as a content marketer then you have to create the content yourself.

Do Things The Right Way

There is no better long-term sustainable website traffic from the search engines then from the content that you’ve created yourself. All of the content on my site was and is created by me.

But it just can’t be any old content that you create. I’ve mentioned this a few times, Google is looking for informative, engaging, helpful content.

And there’s a specific way of creating that type of content that gets ranked in the top spots of the search engine results. And by creating the right content in the right way you can generate an unlimited amount of free targeted traffic to your website.

So, if you’re truly serious about making money online, and when I say making money online, I mean building a thriving online business using content marketing as your free traffic source.

Then you need to learn from experts that know what’s going on in the world of content marketing. And that doesn’t involve buying a content spinner that’s going to kill your business.

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I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about WP Auto Ranker.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I’ll make sure I get back to you right away.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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