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WordPress Tutorial For Beginners – Your Page Layout

Generating traffic to your website by creating useful, quality content is one of the pillars for a successful website.

So it’s very important that once a visitor gets to your site they don’t end up leaving because your page/post layout makes it difficult to read your great content.

What’s In A Page Or Post?

Aside from great content, there a certain elements to having a great page/post layout to showcase your content. Everything from the White Space to the Font.

Everything has a purpose making engagement with your visitor a positive experience.


One of the more common mistakes people make when writing their content is having huge paragraphs, which end up being big blocks or chunks of text.

And the problem with this is it’s very hard to read because it’s too much for you to take in and your eyes end up scanning back and forth trying to absorb everything.

For example try reading what I just wrote as one big block of text, you’ll find it’s very difficult and tiring for your eyes.

When you write your content you want to make sure that your paragraphs are 3 to 4 sentences long. This breaks up your content nicely and makes it very easy to read and comprehend.

White Space

White space is the space between your paragraphs, images and any other elements you have on your page.

And you need plenty of this white space on your page.

White space gives the feeling of elbow room on the page, so the page or post does not feel crowded.

This makes reading your content relaxing and comfortable, and if your visitor is relaxed and comfortable they’ll stay on your site longer.

As you can see on this post or any of my pages, there is plenty of white space around my content.


Sub heading are a great way of transitioning your from one thing to another within your content or starting a new subject with your content.

You can see my use of subheadings in this post. I’ve made them a bit larger, which you can adjust in the editor area when creating your page or post and I’ve change the text color so they stand out a little more.

And not only is this a great tool for transitioning from one thing to another or starting a new subject.

It’s also another great way of breaking up your content. But not only that – it also causing a little trigger to go off in the readers brain.

Basically the trigger says “pay attention there’s something new coming in the content”.


You want to use images, but you don’t want to use images just for the sake of using them.

You want to use images that compliment and support your content.

Not only does it brighten and break up your page. It also gives the brain a quick little distraction and resets itself to keep the reader interested and tuned into your content.

When using images make sure the images you choose supports the content that it’s aligned with.

Meaning if you’re starting a new paragraph and you’re talking about ducks you don’t want a picture of a cat.

Image Alignment

Make sure your image is aligned to one side or the other – not alternating. If you put an image to the right and then to the left of your content and do this over and over again down the page.

Reading your content will be very difficult because you’re making the readers eyes jump back and forth between the images and the content itself.

Typically you’ll find most images are aligned to the right. And the reason for this is we naturally scan from left to right.

When we’re reading and we see a picture to the right it’s not awkward. It does not break the flow we simply go from the image to the next line of text smoothly.

And avoid placing images in the center of your page it just makes for a bad looking page.

Image Size

You don’t want huge images on your page, you want things to be in proportion.

So depending on how big of a content area you have to play with will determine the size of your images. For me I find and this theme I usually size my images between 200 and 250 pixels wide and tall.

And don’t go crazy with your images. Two or three images for most pages or post is more than enough to make your page look great and compliment your content.

Text Color

I’m still amazed at the blogs I come across and the person feels that red text on a black page looks good, let alone is easy to read.

Keep it simple black text on a white background is best for reading.

Text Size And Font

All wordpress themes free or professional come with a set type and size of font.

And in most cases the setting are just fine. But sometimes you may need to change things.

If you do need to change things make sure your font is not so small that it’s hard to read or too large that it looks cartoonish.

In most cases a font size between 12 and 14 works best. However with that said it also depends on the font you’re using. A 14 size font in Tahoma is not the same as a 14 size Calibri font. So it’s something you’ll have to play with.

The most popular fonts used are Tahoma, New Times Roman, Georgia. Calibri. Arial and Verdana.

By following these simple page attributes you’ll have a nice beautiful clean page or post that all your visitors will enjoy.

I hope you found this post helpful. If so, feel free to share it with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can email me or even better we you Chat Live one -on-one with me inside the wealthy affiliate.

I believe in you!!

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