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WordPress Tutorial For Beginners – How Image Attachment Pages Can Be Hurting Your Sites Ranking

www.netwiseprofits.com You may not have heard of an image attachment page. Not to worry you’re not alone, many people haven’t.

Today I’m going to share with you what an image attachment page is and how you can fix them so they don’t hurt your site rankings.

So What’s An Image Attachment Page?

Every time you upload an image and attach it to your post or even a page. WordPress automatically create a whole new page called an attachment page with just that image on it.

That in itself is no big deal.

The problem happens when these attachment page start getting indexed by Google.

As we all know Google is not a big fan of poor or thin content. And if your attachment pages are getting indexed and all that’s on it is an image and some title text. It basically see that as a blank page.

Google will see these attachment pages as poor content and assume your site is of low quality and can apply a penalty. Thus hurting your ranking in the SERP’s.

Not only that these indexed attachment pages can be clicked on by people doing searches in Google – only see an image and simply leave you page.

This increases your bounce rate sending another single to Google. Sites with poor content have high bounce rates and Google see that and can apply a penalty.

You Need Images

A picture is worth a thousand words – so we need images as part of your content.

But how do we keep using images in our posts and pages and not be at risk of getting penalized for poor content?

Well there is no way of stopping wordpress from creating these attachment pages but there are ways of having these indexed attachment pages redirected back to the parent post or page.

Two Simple Way To Fix Things

So like I just mentioned what you want to do is redirect the attachment page to the parent post or page.

This way if the attachment page does get indexed and someone does click on that page they will be directed to the parent page or post and not brought to a page with just the image on it.

Fix #1

If you are using the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, which a lot of people are using.

Simply go to your wordpress dashboard and go to SEO -then Permalinks

Now for step 2.

Simply activate the Redirect attachment URL’s to a parent post URL.

Click “save” and you’re all set.

All of your attachment pages for any posts or pages will now be redirected to the parent page. The plugin sets up a 301 redirect from the attachment page to the parent page.

This tells Google that the page has been moved – thus updating the index to point at the parent page which in turn will remove all the unwanted image attachment pages from your index.

Fix #2

If you’re not using yoast then there is a great plugin by Samuel Aguilera called Attachment Pages Redirect.

Just like yoast it creates redirects (301) to post parent if any. If not, redirects (302) to home page.

There are a few ways of getting this plugin.

1) You can download the plugin onto your computer through this link and then upload it to your site.

2) Or go into your wordpress dashboard go to Plugins – then click on Add New and do a search for Attachment Pages Redirect. Once your search returns it’s results you can simply click the Install button.

There is nothing for you to do once you have activated the plugin. Once it’s activated it starts working right away.


No matter which way you use to redirect your image attachment pages you want to always get in the habit when you’re uploading images to any page or post to choose the NONE option.

When you’re uploading your image in the sidebar there are options for the Attachment Display Settings. By default it will point to the attachment page, simply choose None.

Side note: You can also grab the URL of your page or post or even an affiliate link and place it as a “Custom URL”

Ok that’s it.

Now you’re attachment image pages will no longer have any influence on your rankings.

I hope you found this post helpful. If so, feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me or even better you can Chat Live one -on-one with me inside the wealthy affiliate.

I believe in you!

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