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WordPress Jetpack Plugin – Why I Would Never Use It

Jetpack Plugin If you’ve been using wordpress for any length of time chances are you’ve heard of the plugin from wordpress called JetPack.

This plugin comes with a ton of features that are not part of the core function of wordpress.

Yes some of the functions you get with jetpack are useful such as site stats, sharing, subscriptions and more. But this plugin is also a huge hot mess.

Here’s why I would never use this BLOATED over rated plugin…

Many Of The Modules Are Already Activated

Within jetpack there are modules – 34 of them to date. You can think of these modules like individual plugins. The problem is most people only use a few of them at any given time.

However 17 of this modules are pre activated. So unless you manually go into the jetpack setting and deactivate the modules you don’t want.

You’re going to be jacking up the load time of your site.

You Have To Register Jetpack To Use It

Automattic are the people that built this plugin, these are the same people that work on wordpress everyday and maintain wordpress.

Prior to activating jetpack you need to create an account at WordPress.com. And the only reason you need to do this is so the good people from Automattic can track your usage and advertise certain products to you.

Other then that it has no value or any real use to you.

Just another account you have to create online. And hey who does not want to have another online account?

Yep that was sarcasm.

It Kills Your Site Performance

jetpackThis is the biggest issue with this bloated plugin. It absolutely kills your sites performance.

Site performance is key, and I’m talking about the load time of your site and every single page on it.

Jetpack adds a huge level of resources to your site and not in a good way. It’s bloated and runs very slow and does not play well with other plugins.

And to prove my point of the load it adds to a site I recorded my sites load times with and without jetpack.

So this is my test site with just 6 plugins and jetpack NOT installed. Most sites have double this amount of plugins, some even more.

Jetpack Plugin

As you can see above that my sites load time is really good at: 43 1/100 of a millisecond for the site to load, and with these 6 plugins activated they have a 25% impact on my sites load time.

This is really good, my site load really fast and there is no real resource load on my sites front end.

Ok now let’s take a look when I activate jetpack.

JetPack WordPress Plugin

There is a huge difference!!

My load time is slowed by a factor of 10. Meaning my plugins (mostly jetpack) has impacted my sites load time by 81%.

As you can see jetpack adds unneeded load time to your site and for not much in return considering what jetpack comes with.

And this is only with a total now of 7 plugins. And I know sites that run 20 or more plugins. I could imagine how slow the load times of those kinds of sites would be with jetpack running plus all the other plugins.

With that said, having a lot of plugins is really bad thing to have because each plugin impacts your sites performance. Not to mention opens your site up to all kinds of plugin conflicts when they update.

Which can (usually) makes a mess of our site.

Jetpack Is Not Evil

I’m not saying jetpack is evil – it’s not.

It’s a well written tool, but the trade off that you have to make for what it has to offer is in my opinion is not worth it.

Most people only use a few of what jetpack has to offer. And most of the people that I have talked to and who have emailed me are really after their site stats.

Yes jetpack offers this module. But if that’s all you’re really after there are far better alternatives for getting accurate site sites without sacrificing your websites performance.

Personally I rely on just two tools for all my sites stats.

StatCounter.com – This is my go to tool.

It is very easy to understand, and you can see everything. Not only can you see your daily sites stats at a glance telling you Page Views, Unique Visits, First Time Visits and Returning Visits.

You also have access to all of the following information:

Stat Counter

And then there is Google Analytics – Yes it can be a pain in the ass to understand, but like anything the more you use it the easier it is to use and understand.

As for other things like Contact Forms, Social Plugins and other specific plugins simply do a search for what you need.

The bottomline is don’t rely on big bloated plugins like jetpack. Search for individual plugins that can do a far better job and have a much lower impact on your sites performance.

I hope you found this post helpful. If so, feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me or even better you can Chat Live one -on-one with me inside the wealthy affiliate.

I believe in you!

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