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WordPress Dashboard Tutorial – The Gallery Feature

In the following video tutorial I show you how to create a Gallery of images using the Gallery feature within your wordpress dashboard with clickable image links – so cool!

This a very easy way of displaying images side by side and in nice even rows without having to create a table or do any coding.


The current Gallery Feature has it’s limits.

Yes you can display images in nice rows and columns with a caption below each image but the limitation is that these images will be static.

Meaning each image cannot be clickable. As it stands wordpress has not coded the Gallery to have this feature, don’t ask me why it’s just that way.

But there is a nice little plugin that you can add that will allow you to add a link to each image.

This is fantastic for displaying affiliate products because now you can have the image link to a page on your site or link to the product affiliate page.

I have also added this video to my How To page if you need to reference back to it.


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