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Why You Should Increase Your Video Retention Rate

Simply put…

Better Retention = Higher Rankings = More Traffic = Larger Profits

If you’re doing any video marketing, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you should be.

Part of your marketing strategy needs to focus on increasing your retention or view time.

YouTube monitors the view time of every video and if your view time is low then your video will not be ranked as high as it could be.

And as a video marketer one of your goals is to get your videos ranked at the top of the search engine results.

Even a video with a higher view count that has a low viewer time (engagement) can be ranked lower then a video with a lower viewer count and a higher view time.

And I’m not just talking about your YouTube ranking I’m talking about your Google ranking as well. So I create videos to rank in Google.

So to get these ranking you of course need to do the proper keyword research and SEO for your videos (Google), but you also need to fulfill what YouTube wants in a video as well.

By doing both you are rewarded with high rankings.

A Few Ways You Can Increase Your Retention/Rankings

1) The length Of Your Video

We both know peoples attention span is very short online so you need to keep that in mind when creating your videos. Shorter videos will have longer retention times.

The average length of a YouTube video is 5 minutes long, and in the first 30 seconds 30% of the viewers have clicked onto something else.

By the 1 minute mark 50% of the viewers have clicked to some where else and by the 2 minute mark 75% of the viewers have clicked some where else.

So simply put, if you have 100 people watching your video by the 2 minute mark only 25 people would still be watching.

So you really need to watch the length of your videos, ideally you want to have your videos no longer than a 1:30 long. If you’re video is going to run longer than that consider breaking your video up into a series of videos.

Here is a graphic from one of my YouTube channels.

You can see that I have 66% viewer retention rate with my videos averaging a 1:30 long.

That means 66 out of 100 people are still watching my video at the 1:12 mark. Not bad at all.

This viewer retention rate has translated into a continued increase in traffic to my website, which is increasing my profits each month.

Of course this has also been done with the proper calls to action within my videos and the proper SEO. You can find out the correct SEO for videos here.

Now from this information I can see if I can make my video closer to a minute long I should be able to increase my viewer retention – and that’s what I’m testing right now.

Once I get the data from this change I will share it with you in upcoming posts.

2) Adding Captions

Adding captions will increase your viewer retention as it engages people who are deaf and hard of hearing users to use videos.

Studies have also shown the view times are increased when captions are used for users who watch video in a sound sensitive environments like work or in the library.

Google focuses on their users and they understands the diversity of their users requirements and needs.

So by adding captions and transcripts to your videos you are widening your audience and allowing access to your information in multiple formats. And because of this you get rewarded.


Because your information is available in multiple formats, meaning videos with captions.

You’ll naturally increasing the engagement of your viewers thus increasing your view time with your viewers, which in turn will increase your videos rankings, and this is your reward – higher rankings, and that’s what you’re after.

How To Add Captions To Your Video

The process of adding a caption to your video is pretty easy.

In your video manager find the video you wish to add captions too, click edit then click on the Captions link.

Once there you will see a blue link that says Add Captions – click that link.

When you do a new box will appear, and this is where you add your captions. If you do not have a captions file you can upload a text file (.txt) transcription of your video. (I add transcriptions)

I upload my transcription instead of pasting it. Once you have uploaded your transcript click Sync.

YouTube will then use its auto speech recognition software to time stamp each word and then sync it up with the transcription of your video.

Once your transcript is uploaded you need to go through it to make sure everything is ok. The speech recognition software is not perfect so it can make mistakes and change words it does not understand or miss words all together.

Also you may need to fix punctuation, for example the word Don’t usually appears with a question mark for the apostrophe, so you nee to change that or it shows in your captions.

You can also add a track name if you wish, or if you have more than one person talking you can name each track to correspond with the speaker.

Here is a link to the steps for adding Captions and Transcripts. Adding Captions

Going Beyond Retention

It’s proven videos with higher retention get higher rankings, and higher rankings means more traffic and more traffic means larger profits for you.

So maximizing your viewer retention should be high on your to do list for each video. But don’t get obsessed with the number of views your videos get.

View information from YouTube is not truthful.

What do I mean?

A view can be counted even if a person only watches your video for 2 seconds, and this can give you a false sense of how many people are actually watching your videos.

Instead of focusing in on the number of views you’re getting you should be focusing on your conversion rate.

How many people that watch your videos take the action you want them to take? And that action is to get them off YouTube and get them to your site.

So what conversion rate should you be shooting for?

You want to get a least 25% of the people that watch your videos to go to your site, so for every 100 people that see your videos 25 of those people should end up at your site.

Always be thinking conversions.

I hope you found this helpful if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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