Why Most People Never Make Money Online

The reason many people never make a dime online is because they jump from one thing to the next and never focus on one thing. They get distracted by what I call the Guru Launch Parade.

These people are working to build a business, and then an email arrives that tells them what they are doing is old news and does not work anymore and they should try this new never before revealed “Secret” way.

They start that new “Secret” way and guess what another email with another latest greatest secret and off they go to try that. And it happens again and again.

Most (many) people that are trying to make money online are 10% good at ten different things when they should concentrate on being 90% good at one thing.

There are no secrets to making money online, there is no one program that’s going to magically pour money into your bank account. Making money overnight online is an illusion being pitched each and everyday, and unfortunately people buy into this illusion each and everyday.

Here’s how to provide yourself the opportunity to succeed at making money online. These are in no real order.

1) First understand you’re building a real business, something you could sell or pass onto your kids.

2) Decide on your marketing plan, if you’re going to article market, then that’s all you do, learn everything you can about article marketing, become the student and then the master.

3) Be a seller not a buyer. (Mentioned above) So many people buy product after product.

Everyone selling these programs, their primary goal is to get you to buy it, whether you use it or not or are successful or not is the secondary goal.

First and foremost they want you to buy it, and why is that? It’s how they make money; they are sellers, not buyers. Become a seller!!!

4) Find your market. Meaning find something that gets you excited and you’re passionate about, trust me there are buyers for your passion. Plus your chances of succeeding increase ten fold if you’re marketing something you’re passionate about.

5) Your goal is to sell your own product. Many people start out as affiliate marketers, which is great and you can make a lot of money being an affiliate. But just remember you are still not in complete control of your income.

If the affiliate manager decides to terminate or change the rules your income can and will suffer. I have seen this happen many times. Overnight I saw my friends income get cut by 75% and there was nothing he could do about it. He now has his own product and is making even more money.

6) Build your mailing list. No mater what you market get people onto your mailing list first, that includes you affiliate marketers. Do not send your traffic directly to your affiliate link send them to an optin page and get them on your list.

It takes on average 7 to 10 contacts before the average person will even consider buying from you. You’re going have to generate a boat load of traffic to make any money if you’re sending people directly to a sales page, and remember most sales pages convert at less the 3%.

Your list is golden and you need to treat it as such. This is how you are going to earn your long term income. Once people know, like and trust you they will do almost anything for you, and that includes buying from you over and over again.

Selling online is like dating. You don’t start out in bed. You grow and nurture a relationship – taking one baby step at a time. You don’t ask to meet his/her parents on the first date… right?

Well the same concepts hold true when selling online. You have a much greater chance of making money from your list if you nurture and truly care about your list.

On my mailing lists (I have several) my first and foremost goal is to provide resources and content and to do it for free. And when I do send an email that is promoting something I feel has real value and I recommend people purchase it my conversion rate is through the roof. Why because I don’t view my mailing list like a personal ATM. Helping people first, money second.

7) Outsource when you can. If you are not a designer and you need a graphic or maybe a webpage hire someone who does that, this way you can concentrate on building your business.

I know not everyone can afford to outsource, but when you can do it. There are also a lot of places where you can exchange services. If you’re a writer, offer your writing services for a web page design.

8) Unsubscribe from all those useless newsletters you have. That’s what’s getting most people in trouble, is those emails coming into your in box. Think about it how many emails do you get a day pitching you something.

I am not contradicting myself here, yes these people got onto your mailing list and that’s the right way to market, but if every email you get from these people is just trying to sell you something, how much value is the mailing list you’re on providing you? NONE!!

So really look through your inbox and get rid of all the junk, I use to be on 17 lists. I’m on only 2 lists now.

Without question there are additional skills you will need to learn to grow your business that comes with the territory.

But if you keep jumping from one thing to another and not focusing on just one thing, you’ll never make any real money online. And this gets proven day after day.

Leo Emery

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