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What’s A Staycation?

Q&AHey, welcome to this weeks Q&A’s, tips, updates and success stories from the members of the wealthy affiliate.

Before we get into what the members of the wealthy affiliate have to share with you this week. I want to expand on a post I did last week about taking breaks.

Now taking regular breaks to re-energize yourself is one of the most productive things you can do and the healthiest thing you can do for yourself as well.

I’m not going get into the importance of breaks here. You can read my earlier post and find out why regular breaks are so important

Taking your regular breaks during the day is important, but what if you need more time to recharge? What to do?

Well the first thing people want to do is go on vacation. But that can be expensive and may just be beyond your current budget.

But you don’t have to go to some tropical island to recharge your batteries, do what I do.

“Do A Staycation”

I do staycations all the time. So what’s a staycation?

Simply put it’s taking a vacation right at home.

Now I live right at the foot of the rocky mountains so I have some great options for staycations. I’ll book a room for a weekend at a nice hotel (has to have a concierge) and spend the time relaxing and enjoying the fact I’m doing nothing.

I’ll take in the local atmosphere, restaurants, entertainment. Because I’m in the mountains I’ll go hiking, rafting, skiing in the winter or just hang by the pool all day. The same things you can do on any vacation, but at home.

I get the best mini vacations doing this. And I come back all fired up to keep building my business. But not only that, these little staycations do wonders for my relationship and it also helps my girlfriend recharge as well.

So don’t stress about not going on some tropical vacation, that will come in time if it’s out of your current budget. For now do a staycation and reap the same benefits, and save a TON of money at the same time!!

Heck while on your staycation, you can plan your tropical vacation. A total win-win.

Ok, let’s see what the members have for you today.

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