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What Is Your Internal Linking Strategy?

It’s Friday so this is a short post but it can change the power of your site.

So let me ask you –

Do you have an internal linking strategy for your website?

If you don’t you’re missing out on better indexing of your site, better ranking of your site and more credibility with

You see, if every piece of content on your site has only external links you’re telling Google that you believe that your own content is not good enough to link to – so if it’s not good enough why would Google give you rankings?

And if you haven’t been internally linking no worries here’s how you can start doing that today, plus a neat little trick for getting new content ideas from your old content.

When you write new content for your site scan through your old content that is related to your new content and then internally link to that content.

So for example I did a post a while ago on the 4 Things To Remember When Doing SEO – and within in this post touched on black hat and white hat SEO.

I could easily write a new post on black hat and white hat SEO – and then within this new post link back to my older post.

New Content Ideas

Your old content holds a ton of fresh content just waiting to be unleashed.

You may have caught on already how I can create new content from the example above.

Start scanning your old content for ideas – look for phrases or keywords that jump out at you, this can be used for new content.

Another Example

Ok I did a post a while back about the Video Revolution and in this post I linked to a video showing the statistics of video marketing on YouTube.

So I can create a post about video marketing and then I can link back to my old post that has the video about the stats of video marketing on YouTube.

Get in the habit of internal linking on your site – Google will reward you for it.

Have a great weekend!!

I believe in you.

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