What Is WP Affiliate Machine? I’d Never Use It

wp affiliate machine

Welcome to my WP Affiliate Machine review. So, what is WP Affiliate Machine?

Is this the answer to launching an affiliate website and have you start earning affiliate commissions without having to write any content?

Well, that’s what Ankur Shukla the creator of WP Affiliate Machine says it can do.

Now that’s a pretty bold claim. And I can see how the thought of being able to launch an affiliate marketing business without doing any manual work could be very tempting.

But the real question is, can WP Affiliate Machine deliver on that promise? Well, let’s jump into this program and see if it can deliver on that promise.

Quick Overview

Product Name: WP Affiliate Machine

Price: Advertised at $14.95 for a single license. The actual checkout price is $27.00 or $37.00 for an unlimited site license.

Owner: Ankur Shukla

Type Of Product: Product review WordPress plugin

Overall Rating: 1/5

Recommended: NO

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So, What Is WP Affiliate Machine?

I’m an affiliate marketer, and one of the most important aspects of my business is writing content. And like all affiliate marketers it’s the thing that takes up most of my time.

Now you can ease this process by outsourcing your work and pay someone to write your content for you. But this can get expensive and not everyone can afford to do that.

So, when a tool like WP Affiliate Machine comes along and says it can create a website for you and load that website with reviews it’s definitely going to get a lot of people’s attention.

Now WP Affiliate Machine is a WordPress plug-in that you can install on a current website that you have or use it on a completely new website. And once activated it will automatically publish one prewritten review per day for 30 days. Or you can set a different schedule if you like, such as once per week.

The plug-in settings also allow you to include relevant videos, banners, call to action buttons and so on. And you can automatically activate the settings to share these reviews (posts) on social media.

Now these reviews are on various digital products currently available through 3 different affiliate networks and they are: Jvzoo, Warrior Plus and ClickBank.

Now this sounds all fine and dandy and it certainly sounds like it does solve any content creation challenges you may have. But please don’t let Ankur fool you into thinking that this plugin is going to solve your content creation challenges. Because it’s not going to.

And if you’re new to affiliate marketing and using content creation such as reviews to generate free search engine traffic to your website you’re certainly not aware how this plug-in can destroy your affiliate marketing business before you even get off the ground.

In fact, I did a review of a similar product of Ankur’s called WP Auto Content which made the bold claim of automatically creating content for you. And just like WP Affiliate Machine that’s another plug-in of his you need to avoid.

Okay, let me share with you why you need to avoid using this plug-in.

But first….

Who Is Ankur Shukla?

Ankur Shukla is what I like to call a serial product creator. In fact, in JVzoo’s affiliate network alone Ankur has 48 different products.

And according to his website he became the top JVzoo seller by launching 19 products in one year.

So, what this tells me, and by all means correct me if I’m wrong, but this is how I see it. Ankur is making his money by constantly creating products and marketing those products. Not by using the products themselves to make money.

And truth be told many of his products are very questionable in regards to the quality and what they promise they can deliver. And that includes WP Affiliate Machine.

The Price

The price for WP Affiliate Machine is a little deceptive. Now I don’t know if this is intentional or that Ankur has not updated his sales page but regardless the advertised price on the website is not what you’re going to end up paying.

On the website you’re told that you can get a single site license of WP Affiliate Machine for $14.95. And then when you click the button to purchase a small pop-up window will appear and ask if you want to spend an additional $9 for an unlimited site license.

wp affiliate machine

When I clicked on no I don’t want the additional unlimited site license I was taken to the checkout page and the checkout price was not $14.95 it was $27.

So that got me curious so I went back and refresh the page but this time I said yes, I wanted to spend the extra $9 for an unlimited site license.

So, using his math I should be paying $14.95 plus $9 for a total of $23.95. But when I click through and got to that checkout page, checkout price was not $23.95, instead it was $37.

The Upsells

Now with all products of this nature there’s always going to be upsells. And the reason being is because like many product creators, Ankur is not making the majority of his money just selling this plug-in.

He’s making the bulk of his money by convincing you to buy these additional products – the upsells.

And they are:

Pro Upgrade – $47.00

With this upgrade it allow you to build an email list and you have the ability to convert articles into PDF’s and videos.

Monthly Content – $27.00 (recurring)

Each month you can have 10 prewritten posts delivered to you.

Lifetime Website Hosting  – $47.00, $67.00, and $72.00 (one time charge)

For $47 you can host up to 5 websites, for $67 you can host up to 50 websites and for $72 you can host up to 100 websites. The hosting company is never mentioned so I can’t imagine the hosting being that great.

And keep in mind hosting can make or break your business. So, this is something I would avoid. Especially if you’re never told who the hosting company is.

Developers License – $37.00 and $42.00

For $37 you have a license that allows you to create 10 websites using the plug-in and then selling the website for any amount that you like. For $42 this allows you to do this with unlimited websites.

Resellers License – $67.00 and $74.00

This license allows you to sell the plug-in and keep 100% of the profits. For $67 you can sell up to 50. And for $74 the license allows you to sell an unlimited number.

What I Like About WP Affiliate Machine

#1) It Does What It Says It Will Do

The plug-in does what it says it would do. It quickly creates a website for you and supplies you with 30 reviews to display on your website.

What I Didn’t Like About WP Affiliate Machine

#1) Duplicate Content

This is the biggest issue with this plug-in and that’s duplicate content. If you watched the sales video Ankur tells you that he has personally written 30 product reviews for you that are included within the plug-in.

So, everybody that’s buying this plug-in is getting the exact same content. And as more and more people by this plug-in that exact same content is being put on hundreds of different websites.

So, what does that mean?

Well Ankur is trying to convince you that his content is so fantastic that it’s going to rank on the 1st page of Google and then drive all this free traffic to your website so you can make all kinds of money.

Well that’s not going to happen.

Over the years Google has made specific algorithm changes and made it very clear only ORIGINAL high quality engaging content will rank.

And since this plug-in is not providing you any original content. That means this content is never going to see the 1st page of Google or any other search engine.

And that’s if it even get indexed at all. (Indexing is the step the search engines do to add your content to the search results).

The buttom line is. In order for any of your content to have any chance of ranking on the first page of Google. It has to be orginal content that you’ve created.

#2) Refunds Are Only For Technical Issues

The guarantee is not a 100% no questions asked guarantee. The only way you’re going to get your money back is if there’s a technical issue with the plug-in and they can’t fix that issue.

So, if the plug-in is working but you don’t like it, too bad you’re not going to get your money back.

wp affiliate machine guarantee

#3) Ridiculous Income Claims

In the sales video Ankur claims he only added one article per week and did zero marketing, no SEO, no social media or paid traffic. Just free traffic.

And with a website he only created a few months ago, and with just free traffic, he had made $556.83.

wp affiliate machine income claim

That’s completely ridiculous. No let me rephrase that – that’s absolute BS.

There is no way that you’re going to earn this kind of money within the first few month with a brand-new website that is only relying on free organic search engine traffic. And it’s never going to happen if you’re using duplicate content.

First off, before your content can get indexed your website has to be indexed by Google. And that simply means being added to Google’s database.

Now there is no specific timeline when this can happen. Your site could get indexed in a matter of days or can take weeks or even months.

And no one can tell you when it’s going to get indexed because Google doesn’t tell anyone when a sites get indexed. Websites get indexed when they get indexed.

Okay, let’s say your site has been indexed. The next thing that needs to get indexed is the content on your site. And again, that could take days, weeks or sometimes not at all.

Oh yes, not all content gets indexed. Google states there is no guarantee that all the content that gets submitted to be indexed is going to be indexed.

Okay let’s go on the premise your content has been indexed. Now what I’m talking about is content that you’ve created not this duplicate crap that you’re being given by this plug-in.

So that means you created a carefully research keyword piece of content giving it the best chance to rank on the first page of Google.

And if you’ve done everything in your power to create the right content it can take weeks or even months before you even see your content rising in the search results, let alone getting to the first page of Google.

So Ankur telling you that he did no marketing, no social media, no paid advertising, no nothing and just relied on free organic traffic and he earned over $500 with a site that’s only a couple months old, don’t believe it for a second.

#4) Only 30 Reviews

This is never mentioned to you within the sales video but when you do purchase the plug-in, you’re only given 30 reviews.

If you want more reviews you’ll have to step up and pay for more duplicate content from Ankur for $27 per month. (bad idea)

Or you’re going to have to do what you should have be doing from the very beginning and that’s writing your very own original content.

#5 Each Product Needs An Affiliate Link

You’re going to have to add your affiliate link to each one of these 30 reviews. So that means you’re going to have to first apply for each products affiliate program individually in order to be able to earn commissions for any sales.

And then once you’ve received your affiliate ID number, you’re going to have to manually add your ID number to each review.

#6 You’re Becoming An Affiliate For Ankur’s Other Products

Now when it comes to these product reviews you get with the plug-in. These are not just random products. These product reviews just so happened to be the other products that Ankur Shukla has created.

So, by buying this plug-in you’ve actually paid to become an affiliate of Ankur’s other products.

My Final Opinion Of WP Affiliate Machine

I know the thought of having content automatically created for you sound like a fantastic idea. But it’s the absolute worst thing you can do. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out as an affiliate or you’ve been online for some time.

The duplicated content that you’re receiving through this plug-in is going to do more harm to your business than good.

And for that reason, there is no way I would recommend you use this plug-in.

There’s A Much Better Option

If you want any hope of generating free organic search engine traffic through content creation, you have to create that content yourself. Or have the knowledge of how the content should be created and outsource your content creation.

Most affiliate marketers that are just starting out cannot afford to have their content created for them. And honestly, I think that’s a good thing.

Learning how to create rich engaging content that has the opportunity to get ranked on the first page of Google is a skill you need to be a successful affiliate marketer.

So, if you would like to learn how to create your own affiliate marketing website and learn how to create keyword rich content that gets ranked in the top spots on Google.

Then you owe to yourself to check out my #1 resource that can teach you that, and that place is Wealthy Affiliate.

They have the most up-to-date state-of-the-art affiliate marketing training platform that includes all the tools, resources, training and support you need to build a thriving affiliate marketing business that will stand the test of time and allow you to continue earning revenue for years and years to come.

In fact, I’ve been a member of wealthy affiliate since 2012 and because of the resources and training within the members area I have grown my online affiliate marketing business to a multiple six-figure year income.

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I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about WP Affiliate Machine.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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