What Is The Happy Co? First Off, It’s A Rebranded Company

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Hey, it’s Leo thanks for dropping by to check out my review of The Happy Co. So, what is The Happy Co?

The Happy Co is a multilevel marketing company that’s in the health and wellness niche.

And like all multilevel marketing companies, they have a home-based business opportunity available to anyone that’s interested.

Which brings us here today. I’m going to look at this home-based business opportunity and let you know what I think of it.

And hopefully with the information that I provide you. It will put you in a better position to decide if this business opportunity is going to be a good fit for you.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of The Happy Co. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

A Little About The Happy Co

The Happy Co is actually the rebranded company Elepreneurs which was originally launched by Robert Oblon in 2017.

It did this re-brand after having a fallout with Robert Oblon which was the result of gross financial misconduct.

Now a lot has gone on between 2017 and the rebranding and relaunch of The Happy Co in early 2021. There is no executive information on their website regarding who is now leading The Happy Co.

But after doing some research online I discovered that Sharing Services Global Corporation announced Bo Short was appointed the CEO of Elevacity International Holdings LLC and Elevacity Holdings LLC.

Now, Sharing Services Global Corporation is a publicly traded company. And one of the divisions of sharing services global is The Happy Co.

The Happy Co Products

the happy co products

Happy Co has a diverse product line which is listed under the following categories.

Nootropic Beverages

Their Nootropic Beverages are designed to enhance your mood, amplify your energy, and help with weight loss. Just mix and drink.

  • Happy Chocolate – $55.00
  • Happy Lemonade – $65.00
  • Chill Drink – $65.00
  • Daybreak Coffee – $55.00
  • ElevaciTea Georgia Peach – $55.00
  • ElevaciTea Vanilla Chai – $55.00
  • Happy Coffee – $55.00

Happy Coffees

Depending which coffee you choose you’re going to pay either $55.00 or $65.00.

  • Daybreak Coffee
  • Happy Coffee
  • Smart Coffee

Weight Loss

Here you’ll find their Weight Loss System. Each system comes with their protein shake that’s designed to help fill you up and block your cravings.

You also receive Energy Caps to give you the energy you need for the day. And you also get their Night Time Chill drink that’s designed to reset your brain and your body. In other words, calm you down.

It comes in mocha and vanilla which are priced at $219.95 US. You can also choose a birthday cake flavored one which sells for $249.00 US.

Heads up, when it comes to the Birthday Cake flavored weight loss system this product is not available in Idaho, Nebraska & South Dakota. Not sure why.

They also have just the protein shakes available for purchase. The vanilla and mocha flavored protein shake sell for $89.95. While the birthday cake flavoured protein shake sells for $119.00.


Here you’ll find their probiotic supplements along with their weight loss systems and individual protein shakes.

You’ll also find the product called Defense Drops. This is a preventative supplement to help you avoid getting sick. And it sells for $28.95.

Happy Caps. Happy caps contains the ingredient xanthohumol. This ingredient comes from hops. Yep, the same ingredient beer is made from.

They say their happy caps will help maintain blood sugar, insulin levels, regulate your metabolism, support healthy cell growth, and protect you against free radicals. $55.00. It is also available in a blister pack for the same price.

Keto Coffee Booster 

This is coffee creamer – $65.00

Cup and Cap

the happy co cup and cap

These are combo packs. Each one contains their energy caps and happy coffee. And are designed to help you with your energy and your focus. $115.00.

And the other one contains their energy caps and their chill drink. And is designed to help you slim and chill. $125.00.

D.O.S.E Duos

Each one of these D.O.S.E Duos products is designed to help support your immune system, blood sugar management, hormone support and provide you with super antioxidants.

Each one of these combinations has happy caps included along with your choice of lemonade, chocolate, Georgia peach, and vanilla Chai.

You can also pair you’re happy caps with their different coffees. (smart coffee, bold coffee, nitro coffee, happy coffee) Each one of these Duos sells for $105.00.

Wellness Vitamin Patches

Currently there is only one of these patches to choose from. And it’s an extreme energy patch that’s designed to give you energy without the jitters for up to 12 hours. And it sells for $55.00.

Skin Care

Ultimate Skincare Set – here you’ll get one box each of the Age Defying Intensive Repair Serum and Ultimate Revitalizing Cream. This sells for $179.00.

Or you can buy them individually:

  • Age Defying Intensive Repair Serum – this system is designed to help make your skin smoother, softer, and firmer. $122.50
  • Ultimate Revitalizing Cream – this product is designed to help prepare, rehydrate, and revive your skin. $85.00.

All the prices that I’ve listed above are for one time purchases. You can receive a discount for all their products if you go on their Autoship program which means you will automatically get shipped and billed the products that you’ve chosen each month.

The Cost Of Becoming A Brand Partner

To become a brand partner you will need either the name, phone number or website code of the person that referred you to The Happy Co.

Once you enter that info you have 3 enrollment kits to choose from.

the happy co Enrollment Kits

Happy Starter – $49.00

This is the basic enrolment kit. And with that you’ll get business and product training material as well as your own replicated website and phone app.

Happier Pack – $299.00

Just like the happy starter pack you’ll receive business and training materials your own replicated website and the phone app.

But you will also receive 10 DIY sample mailers as well as shareable single serve products. When it comes to the products you can choose a mix option of products or the max option.

Happiest Pack – $549.00

This would be considered the business builder’s pack. Again, you get the business and product training materials as well as 3 max trial pack mailer credits. And a larger selection from the mix option or the max option when it comes to product choices.

They do have this information on their website but it was a little tricky to find. So here’s a direct link to that page on their website and you can see what’s included with each one of these enrolment kits.

The Making Money Part

Like every multilevel marketing company, they have their own compensation plan. Now many of these compensation plans can be very complicated when it comes to understanding how you earn commissions, the different levels, and the bonuses.

Here’s a screenshot of their quick reference guide of their compensation plan. You can review the entire compensation plan here.

the happy co compensation plan

This compensation plan is a unilevel compensation plan. Which means everyone that you personally enroll is going to be enrolled directly below you on the 1st level in the sponsorship tree of this compensation plan.

And anyone that you’ve sponsored, enrolls somebody they will be put on their 1st level of this sponsorship tree. And so on and so on. So, with this type of compensation plan you can build your team unlimited in width and depth.

unilevel comp plan

I’m just going to give you the quick overview of this compensation plan. But if you’re already in talks with somebody who is wanting you to get involved with this business that’s the person you need to talk to so you can truly understand what you have to do in order to earn money through this plan.

Retail Bonus

This retail bonus is paid weekly. This retail bonus comes from personally enrolled customers that purchase merchandise from you.

When a customer purchases product from you your retail bonus is equal to 20% of the suggested retail price. And if a customer purchases on a recurring monthly order your retail bonus is equal to 10% of the suggested retail price.

Customer Acquisition Bonus

Each new customer that you enrolled within a month and purchases product counts towards your CAB bonus. And this bonus is paid every month.

Enrolling New Brand Partners

Here’s the money that you can earn when you enrolled new brand partners.

  • Tier 4: Ambassador / Crown Ambassador / Royal Crown Ambassador / Triple Crown Ambassador
  • Tier 3: Diamond / Black Diamond / Royal Black Diamond
  • Tier 2: Gold / Platinum
  • Tier 1: Any Active Brand Partner

happier pack

happiest pack

Paid As Rank

Below is a screenshot of their chart of the minimum requirements to reach the different ranks within their compensation plan.

the happy co paid as rank

Unilevel Bonus

As you build your team and as you rise in rank within their compensation plan you can earn unilevel bonuses up to 10 levels deep. And this bonus is paid monthly.

the happy co unilevel bonus

Leadership Bonus

As your building your team you will be rewarded for maintaining qualified ranks. This bonuses is paid to Platinum, Diamond, Black Diamond and Royal Black Diamond ranks. This bonus is paid monthly.

the happy co leadership bonus

Diamond Pool

Once you reach Diamond, Black Diamond, or Royal Black Diamond your eligible to share in the Diamond Pool. The company pays 0.5% of the Global CV (commissionable volume) to Diamond leaders. This bonus is paid monthly.

the happy co diamond Pool

Ambassador Pool

The Ambassador Pool is reserved for qualifying brand partners that achieve a rank of Ambassador, Crown Ambassador, Royal Crown Ambassador, or Triple Crown Ambassador.

As an ambassador you’ll share in 1.5% of the total global commissionable volume of the company each month.

0.5% of the company’s global commissionable volume is dispersed equally amongst the ambassadors.the happy co Ambassador bonus

1% of the company’s global commission of volume is based on a weighted percentage of each ambassadors qualifying volume. The chart below gives you an example of how that pays out.

the happy co weighted Ambassador Pool

Can You Expect To Make Money With The Happy Co?

As with any multilevel marketing business you have the opportunity to make money. But how much you make is going to be entirely up to you.

To be successful with multilevel marketing you need extraordinary sales and network marketing skills. And even then the majority of people will not make any significant money. In fact, most people, and I’m talking 99% of people are going to lose money.

Now I have to take my hat off to the happy co because they provide you an income disclosure statement. Most MLM companies do not do that.

And the reason why they don’t, is because these income disclosure statements end up showing that the majority of people aren’t making any money.

And the happy co income disclosure statement is no different. Now this particular income disclosure statement is from August 1, 2019, to February 29, 2020. So, this is a six-month picture of the average earnings of people involved with this business.

If you look at the very top of the income disclosure statement for the rank of Brand Partner. You’re going to see numbers for the percentage for all brand partners and then numbers for active brand partners.

Let’s just look at the percentage number of active brand partners. I’ve circled those in red. These are the people that are actually trying to build this business. You’ll notice that 88.809% of these people on average are earning $21.69 per month.

If things are hard to read here’s a link to their income disclosure statement.

the happy co income disclosure statement

So, 88% of the people that are involved in this business are not making any real money. In fact, there are losing money. Because this income disclosure statement is not showing you the money that’s incurred by people to build this type of business.

And as you go through this income disclosure statement you’ll notice that the average incomes do increase but the percentages of people making that money gets smaller and smaller.

When I talk to people they always tell me that $2500.00 is a reasonable income to shoot for when starting out building your own business.

Well, if you look at this income disclosure statement and if you manage to get to the level of Platinum on average you should be earning $2473.54. I’ve circled that in red. But if you notice only 0.524% of people in this business are at that level.

This income disclosure statement again proves from all the research and studies done on multilevel marketing that less than 1% of people that get involved in this type of business model will make money. The rest make nothing.

Here’s My Thoughts About This Opportunity

When it comes to the products themselves of course I’ve never tried any, so I can’t speak to them.

But what I would recommend before you make any decision when it comes to getting involved with this business is buy some products that you’re interested in and see if you get the results they claim the product can do.

You certainly don’t want to be marketing products where you’ve not had results with, that’s not ethical.

And on the flipside if you do see results will then you have to look at this from a skills point of view.

And what do I mean by that? In order to be successful in multilevel marketing you’re going to need extraordinary sales and network marketing skills.

And if you do not possess these skills or you’re not willing to learn them than this is not the business opportunity for you.

Selling The Dream

The one thing about ALL multilevel marketing business opportunities, is they’re selling you the dream life – nothing more. It has nothing to do with the products. In fact, it’s easier to sell the dream then the over priced products.

That’s why so many people get involved with multilevel marketing. Because people are told about the dream lifestyle they could have if they get involved with this business.

And I was one of those people. I got sucked into an MLM myself many years ago. And after busting my ass for over a year and losing more money than I made. I quit.

And out of that whole year of being in multilevel marketing my best day was when I quit.

Now, you may have the skill set to make this business work. And if you like what The Happy Co has to offer. Then by all means jump on this opportunity. But like I said, before you do, try the products first.

So, you may be asking, how do I make a full-time living online if I’m not involved in multilevel marketing?

I’m an Affiliate Marketer. And I’ve been make a full-time living online as an affiliate marketer since 2005.

And as an affiliate marketer I’ve never have to sell anything to anybody. Nor recruit anybody to build my business.

If not having to become a salesperson or getting on that hamster wheel of constantly recruiting people to build the business is what you’re looking for.

Then you should check out Affiliate Marketing.

And the best resource for learning how to build a thriving online affiliate marketing business would be Wealthy Affiliate.

I did a very in-depth review of wealthy affiliate and my personal experience with wealthy affiliate. And you can check out that review here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review. I hope you found it helpful. And if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

I believe in you!

wealthy affiliate

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