What Is Noni By NewAge? It’s Another Rebrand Of Tahitian Noni

So, what is Noni by NewAge? Well, it’s a rebranded MLM company offering you a chance of reaching all your financial dreams.

Does that pitch sound familiar? It should. Because every MLM I have ever come across makes the same promise. And so far I have not found one MLM that lives up to that promise.

But maybe Noni by NewAge will be different. They have been around since 1996. So, the company is making money that’s for sure.

But are people who jump on this business opportunity making any money? That’s the real question. Well, that’s what we’re going to find out.

So, let’s see if this is the opportunity for you shall we?

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Noni By NewAge. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations or conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

So, Who Is Noni By NewAge

Noni by NewAge is a direct selling company (MLM) that’s in the health and wellness market. They offer many beauty and nutritional products including their flagship “Noni” juice.

As for who’s steering this company that would be a fellow by the name of Brent Willis. Who has an extensive background in executive positions including companies like Coke a Cola and Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Brent was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Noni by NewAge in 2016 and still holds that position today. And their corporate office for North America is located in Utah.

And they are a member in good standing with the Direct Selling Association.

Now, Noni started out as Tahitian Noni back in 1996. And since then they have gone through a few rebrands. The first rebrand was in 2012 when the company changed its name to Morinda.

And then, in 2018 they were purchased by New Age Beverages. And following that purchase Morinda was rebranded to Noni by NewAge.

So now you’re up to speed with the company. Let’s look at their product line.

Noni by NewAge’s Products

Noni NewAge’s Products

Noni has a good selection of products that are listed under the following categories:

Health and Wellness

Here you’ll find:

  • Liquid Superfoods
  • Functional Beverages
  • Vitamins + Supplements
  • Mental + Physical Relief
  • CBD (Cannabinoid)
  • Water + Air Filtration
  • Essential Oils
  • Home Care

Nutrition and Weight Control

Here you’ll find:

  • Weight Management
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Sports Performance
  • Energy

Inner and Outer Beauty

Here you’ll find:

  • Facial Skin Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Beauty Supplements
  • Hair Care
  • Bath + Body

You can review the complete product line and pricing of each of their products on their website.

What Are People Saying About Their Products?

I’ve never tried any of their products so I can’t speak about them myself. But after doing some poking around I found that many people are very satisfied with their products. While other have had some very negative results.

And that’s only natural. You’ll always have happy customers and not so happy customers no matter what product a company is selling.

Here’s the sources where I found reviews from people using their products. As well as a paper about Noni on the NCBI website.

I suggest before you jump into business with Noni you should try the products for yourself. If you have positive results, you can share your story with others.

If you have no or negitive results. Then this is probably not the business you want to get involved with.

Let’s Take A Look At The Compensation Plan

Nowhere on their website will you find a link to their compensation plan. I really hate that. How the can you make a completely informed decision about a business opportunity if you can’t find out what’s involved when it comes to making money.

You Can’t!!

So, I started searching for their most recent compensation plan. All I could find was an older compensation plan when noni by newage was called Morinda.

Even though it’s an older version of their plan MLM companies rarely change their compensation plans.

I also gathered information from other websites too. So I’m confident this will give you a pretty good idea of how you make money through their compensation plan.

So, the following information has been gathered from those other websites and this is that PDF so you can look it over yourself.

Now like all MLM compensation plans you can make money in 2 ways. First is through retail sales and the other and more profitable way is by recruiting people into your downline, thus building your business.

And like all MLM compensation plans there are certain hoops you’ll need to jump through in order to climb the ranks of the compensation plan so you can earn the bonuses at each level (rank).

Retail Commissions

So, when it comes to retail sales. Your profit is simply the difference between what you pay for products (wholesale) and what you sell them for (retail). And you can do your selling either in person or online.

The Plan

Ok, with all MLM compensation plans in order to build your business (downline) so you can climb the ranks and enjoy the rewards (bonuses) of each rank this requires you to recruit people into your business.

Their compensation plan is a Unilevel style compensation plan.

With a Unilevel compensation plan anyone you personally recruit will be placed on your first level. And any of your personally recruited members that recruit people will be placed on your second level.

And whenever a 2nd level member recruits someone they will be place on your 3rd level. And so on and so on.

unilevel comp plan

In order to earn commissions, you will need to have a monthly autoship order. And to qualify for the Fast Start Bonus, Personal Rebate, TruPerformance Bonus, Infinity Bonus and Black Pearl Success Bonus.

Your autoship order must be at a minimum of 120 PV. Now I can’t tell you if 1 point equals $1. If you decide to pursue this business opportunity that’s something you’ll want to ask the person recruiting you.

The other way of qualifying for commissions is to have a personal recruit (first level) with at least 60 total QPV accumulated over the current and prior 2 calendar months.

The Ranks

Noni has 10 different ranks within their compensation plan. Each requiring specific qualifications.

IPC – You need 30 QPV per month

Coral – You need 120 QPV per month

Jade – You need 120 PV a month. As well as 3 personally sponsored Corals as well as 4800 QV a month.

Pearl – You need 120 PV a month. As well as 3 personally sponsored Jades. As well as 24,000 QV a month.

Diamond Pearl – You need 120 PV a month. As well as 3 personally sponsored Pearls. As well as 24,000 QV a month.

Diamond Pearl Elite – You need 120 PV a month. As well as 3 personally sponsored Pearls. As well as 72,000 QV a month.

Double Diamond Pearl – You need 120 PV a month. As well as 4 personaly sponsored Pearls. As well as 95,000 QV a month.

Triple Diamond Pearl – You need 120 PV a month. As well as 5 personally sponsored Pearls. As well as 120,000 QV a month.

Platinum Diamond Pearl – You need 120 PV a month. As well as 6 personally sponsored Pearls. As well as 120,000 QV a month.

Black Pearl – You need 120 PV a month. As well as 3 personally sponsored Diamond Pearls. As well as personally sponsored Diamond Pearl or higher ranked distributor every 4 qualifying quarters.

Residual Commissions

You can earn residual commissions on the sales volume 8 levels deep within your downline. Here’s how that works out.

At IPC you’ll earn 1% off your first level. And then 5% on levels 2 and 3

Coral rank will earn 1% on level 1, 5% on levels 2 and 3. And 6% on level 4

Jade rank will earn 1% on level 1, 5% on levels 2 and 3. 6% on levels 4 and 5 and 7% on level 6

Pearl rank will earn 1% on level 1, 5% on levels 2 and 3. 6% on levels 4 and 5 and 7% on levels 6 and 7

Diamond Pearl rank and higher will earn 1% on level 1, 5% on levels 2 and 3. 6% on levels 4 and 5, 7% on levels 6 and 7 and 8% on level 8.

Fast Start Bonus Commissions

This commission bonus is paid to new recruits over the course of their first 60 days. You can earn this bonus 5 levels deep within your downline.

For anyone you personally recruit you’ll earn 20% of the volume they have purchases. On your levels from 2 through 4 you’ll earn 5%. And on from your 5th level you’ll earn 10%.

TruPerformance Bonus Pool Commissions

Noni by NewAge will take 2% of the company’s sales volume and places it in this TruPerfomance bonus pool. And if you qualify for this bonus you’ll get an equal share of this pool spilt between everyone else that qualifies.

There is no fixed limit on the dollar amount of this pool. And it is paid out monthly.

Here’s the qualifications for this bonus:

  • 120 PV monthly autoship order
  • Increasing the ASQV4 (AutoShip Qualifying Volume) over the company benchmark by 35% or more.
  • And maintaining ASQV Gen4 greater than 0.

Personal Rebate

Every distributor that has over 120PV (personal volume) in any given month will receive a 20% rebate on their own purchases

Additional Bonuses

The other additional bonuses include an Infinity Bonus which is made up of 3% of the sales volume gernerated from the 10th level of every affiliates’ unilevel team.

Diamond Pearl Elite and higher ranked distributors share in this bonus and is given out each month.

There is also a Black Pearl bonus pool. Again, Diamond Pearl or higher ranked distributors share in this bonus which is 3% of quarterly company-wide sales volume.

Is There Money To Be Made Here?

Absolutely there is the opportunity to make money. However, it’s all going to come down to your efforts and skill set.

If you have strong sales and network marketing skills (recruiting) and you believe in the company and its products you can make money.

Let’s Look At The Pros And Cons Of This Opportunity

The Pros:

1 – You’re will be working with a well-established company. And a CEO and other board members with years of experience.

2 – If sales and recruiting is part of your skill set you should do well.

3 – Many people swear by their flagship “noni juice”.

5 They are members in good standing with the direct selling association.

The Cons:

1 – You’re forced into a monthly auto ship of products to be eligible for commissions.

The problem with that is if you’re not growing your business fast enough to cover this cost. You’ll have pay this out of pocket until you can.

Unfortunately most people never do. And this is how many people end up more debt and many have a hard time recovering from it.

2 – Most people (99%) don’t make any money with MLM. And many people will lose money. Sources: AARP, Consumer Awareness Institute

3 – If you want to earn those bonuses you will need to constantly recruiting people into your business.

You’ll also find that over 50% of the people you do end up recruiting will quit within the first year. And 95% will have quit within 10 years. Source – AARP, Jobs In Marketing

4 – With no income disclosure statement available there is no documentation showing you the percentages of what active distributors are earning.

5 – High startup costs. You’re going to spend at least $370.00 for their least expensive starter pack to get your business started.

Sure, you can get started for less with a custom order. But if you go that route you need to be sure you accumulate at least 120 points so you’re eligible for commissions. And even with a custom order you’ll still spend over $200.00.

My Thoughts About This Opportunity

I total understand why people get sucked into MLM business opportunities. It’s that promise of how easy it’s going to be to build your business. And how your life is going to change once you do.

Hell, before I started earning a full time income as an affiliate marketer I got sucked into an MLM.

It was Melaleuca. And after busting my ass for over a year and not making any real money. And as the days worn on knowing I had to do recruit and sell every day and be rejected more times than I could count. Like most people I quit.

And I can tell you after I quit, I sure didn’t miss having to try and recruited or sell people on a daily basis.

Hey, you may have what it takes to make this business work and if you do that’s great.

But, would I recommend this opportunity to you if asked me? Nope.

Along with the fact that MLM is just a bad business model to follow. There’s a few things that really stand out about this business that I don’t agree with.

First, if you don’t sign up for auto ship with at least 120 points, you’re locked out of earning commissions.

And even if you don’t sign up for auto ship you still have to buy enough product that equals 120PV each month to be eligible. To me that’s “pay to play” and that’s not right.

And second, there is a big focus on recruiting people more so than selling the products.

So, the way it’s set up is if you as the distributor cannot sell or recruit enough people you’re going to be on the hook for buying products each month so you’re eligible for commissions. Hopefully that does not go on for too long.

Unfortunately for most people it goes on much longer than it should. And that’s how people get into all kinds of debt when doing MLM.

So, as I see it, I would say you’re much better off looking for a different type of business opportunity.

As I mentioned I tried MLM and then quit. And quitting is the best thing that happened to me because that’s when I discovered affiliate marketing and it’s worked out really well for me.

Now I have no clue if affiliate marketing will be the right fit for you. But before you make any final decisions about this or any other MLM. Take at look at how affiliate marketing compares too MLM. Then decide what’s the better option for you.

Thanks for dropping by.

I beleive in you

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