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What Is Making Money Online? Well It’s Certainly Not This

I'm going to get into what is making money online in a second as well as what it's not.

I'm also going to share with you 5 full proof strategies or truths if you will so you can make as much money online as you want.

Which includes the MOST successful buisness model you can follow for creating a full time income online. In fact this is the same buisness model that's allowed me to make a full time income online since 2005.

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But before I get into all that, I need to get a few things of my chest first, so stick with me. 

I've been online for a very long time - in fact I started online in 2000 and since then I've seen a lot of things happen when it comes to making money online. Lots of good and yep, lots of bad.

And unfortunatly more often than not a lot of people get sucked into the bad side of the online world of making money online. And after so many years online it's now easier for me to see why so many people get scammed day in and day out when searching for ways to make money online.

Hell it happened to me too. I got scammed over and over again when I first started on line. So I speak from experience​.

There's 2 Core Reasons Why So Many People Are Getting Scammed Online

​Each one of these reasons are linked together, even through they are distinct from one another.

The first reason is....

People are desperate ​financially. It's no secret the economy has taken its fair share of hits in the last decade, and it's going to take more in the future. It's just the way it is.

People losing their jobs either from the politically correct term of "downsizing"​ or companies just can't stay in business so they close. Which must be the most shocking thing to have happen.

With downsizing at least you have notice, you can see it coming, still not great by no means. But it's not like leaving work one day only to come back and find the company is closing it's doors -here's your final paycheck. it's been nice.

Or worst you come to work and the doors are already closed. I saw that happen with a company called Future Shop. One day they were open and boom, overnight the doors were closed and thousands of people were out of a job, no notice, nothing. 

In fact Best Buy picked the bones of Future Shop. Where there was once a Future Shop it was now a Best Buy.

So when things like this happens, a lot of  people are not prepared financially for such a set back. That pay check is needed and if it's not there, people are in trouble.

And that's why so many people get screwed and scammed online - they're looking for a way to make money, and to make it fast.

And that brings me to the second core reason why so people get scammed online everyday.

The Promise Of Fast And Easy Money​

​When you're desperate - you are very vulnerable. And these online scam artists know it. 

You see, the biggest myth of the internet is that things happen fast, or sure social media is fast, chatting is fast, getting information is fast. But making money online is NOT fast. 

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But every so-called or should I say self proclaimed guru has everyone thinking the opposite. That it is fast, that it is easy. And all you have to do is push a button or use this program - set it and forget it and the money will come.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The only people making money, well not the only people. Let me rephrase that.

The only immoral people making money doing this are the people selling this pipe-dream of easy money. And like I said when you're desperate you're vulnerable.

And these scam artists know exactly what to say, the know exactly what buttons to push - so for people who are in no position to spend money on some pipe dream, and know they shouldn't be spending money they don't have - these bugger scam artists get them to open their wallets and spend it anyway.

And if you're like me, because I was not immune to this when I started online, I got screwed and scammed (more than once) too. You soon find out everything your were promised was a lie.

But what really hurts is this is usually not a one time thing. It can happen to people over and over again. And I know what's going through their mind, because it went through mine.

It's something like: "ok, this is the one, everything sounds legit" and boom you drop the cash, and shit, you just got screwed again!!

Like I said "been there done that" So if this has happened to you, I know exactly how you feel. But there is a way of never getting scammed again. I'll share that later on in this post.

So What Is Making Money Online?

Well it's certainly not chasing after what most people call shiny objects (pipe dream). The promise of easy and fast money. Or spending money to discover the latest secret to making money online.

You know the secret, right? It usually something along the lines of "You can make $10,000 in 30 days!!" 

Or, "I've been secretly using this money making formula to make 6 figures very month​ and I'm ready to share it with you"

This is where you have to give your head a shake.

Look, if you knew of a method for making 6 figures a month online. Are you going to share it with the world for only $97? Or whatever this scam artist is selling it for.

No fricken way,​ I guarantee if you knew how to do that - no one would know who you are and how you're doing it. You would just quietly make your 6 figures every month, done.

I know I would never share that secret. Why the hell would I? And, if I would, why would I share it for $97. If there was a real secret for doing that, the price tag would start at $100,000 minimum.

But you have to know by now, well I certainly hope you do. The is no secret to making money online, there is no software program, there is no tool, there is no set and forget program for making money online.​

Never has been and never will be!

Sure there will be things to make the process of making money online and building your business more functional. And I mean things like wordpress for building your website, Aweber for automating your list building​. Programs to quickly build sales funnels. And so on.

But there will never be a secret to making money online.​

Making money online follows a very simple process​. And it makes no difference if you have your own product to sell or if you're like me - an affiliate marketer selling other people's products.

But in a nutshell you need a website, that's your storefront and like any business you need traffic. So to build your business you need to drive targeted traffic to your website. And there are free ways of doing that, and there are paid ways.

Here's My 5 Full Proof Strategies For Anyone Who Wants To Create Full Time Income Online

1) Remember There's No Secret

I've already talked about this​. And this is how you can never get scammed again - and I mean EVER!!

Stop chasing these shiny objects and get rich promises. I know it can be hard, but you have to remind yourself there is NO secret to making money online. Never will be.

Look these con-artists are very skilled at telling you what you want to hear so you'll part with your hard earned money. And they will have all kinds of so-called proof to back up thier lies.​

Everything from fake ClickBank screen shots to fake testimonials. I could go to Fivver right now and get 10 people to make me a testimonial on anything.​ Don't believe me go to Fivver right now and go to the directory or even on the home page and type in Testimonials.

Here's a screenshot of the results I got. Recognize anyone from any scammy program you've come across? 


They'll also use what is called "scarcity" to get you to buy. Now scarcity is a very powerful tool in marketing. If we think we're going to miss out on something we're more likely to put common sense aside and just purchase.​

This tactic is used in all types of marketing and that includes above board marketing. Because somethings do have a legitimate time limit. Such as a clothing sale, a furniture sale​, a car sale and so on.

But time limits on making money programs​ are more often than not a con. The tell tale signs are things like:

  • This page may be taken down at anytime - so act now
  • I'm not sure how long we can do this for

You get the idea, they'll say anything to get you to think you're missing out on something. When in fact you're not missing a thing.

Promise Yourself To Do This​

Even after you read all this and late at night you still find yourself staring at some sales page from some scammer promising you the world financially. I want to pause and take the next few hours to do some research about this so-called great offer. ​

Believe me you'll thank yourself that you did​. You can start by doing a search in Google like:

  • The product name plus Review
  • The product name plus Scam

For example here's one of many reviews of a scam product I've done. My search started with Secret Success Machine Scam and then I expanded things from there.

Also if the site says this site will be taken down. Wait a few days and go back. Trust me it will still be there and if it's not there - it got shut down.​ And that's a good thing.

IMPORTANT: If you still don't get this point then stop reading because everything I mention from this point on is completely meaningless.​ Until you have this point that there is no secret to making money online hard wired into your brain, you'll never succeed online and you be scammed over and over again until you do. 

2) Decide What You're Doing

Now that you know there are no secrets to making money online. You need to decide are you wanting to make a little extra money? You know a few hundred bucks a month.​

Or your goal is to replace your job and create a long term full time online income?

You need to know this before starting because the both are very different. Wanting make a few extra bucks​ is a lot different than building a successful online business. So you need to absolutely know what you want.

I say this because it takes hard work and determination to build a online business. There are going to be ups and downs, good days and bad days. And it going to take time.

And speaking of time. That's the one thing you need to really understand, it's not going to happen overnight​. everyday new members of the wealthy affiliate ask "how long does it take to make money online?"

And I get why people ask, they want reassurance.

But the reality is there is no firm answer. Because everyone is different, and because of that the results are different. But what I can tell you is that it will happen, you just have to follow the proven time tested steps for building your business, stay consistent with your efforts and you'll be fine.

3) Use One Of The Most Successful Online Business Models For Making Money Online 

I've mentioned it a few times already in this post. One of the best business models for newcomers to the online world of marketing is to build their business as an affiliate marketer.

With affiliate marketing the threshold to get started is very low​. In fact you can start for free, and that includes your website, hosting, training and support.

Here's some other advantages of becoming an affiliate marketer...

  • It's free to join affiliate programs
  • You don't need a product or service of your own
  • You don't need a payment processor
  • Don't have to deal with any customers or customer service issues
  • Don't have to deal with refunds
  • No shipping headaches 
  • No inventory headaches 
  • You can run your business from anywhere as long as you have internet access

And as an affiliate you can sell anything, and I mean anything. And this is where building your buisness around a hobby or passion is so much easier then trying to sell something you have little interest in.​

The fastest way to fail online is to try marketing something you have little or no interest in​. You'll lose interest in a matter of weeks, guaranteed. I've seen it happen time and time again.

But when that same person builds their online business with a hobby or passion instead of marketing something because they were told they could make a lot of money selling it - the skies the limit every single time.

You may enjoy checking out the 2015 Affstat Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report.

​More than 2,350 affiliates were surveyed on their methods, preferences, and strategies. Some pretty interesting stats in this years report. The statistics I really enjoyed were on page 13 on what methods affiliates used to drive traffic 

This report is now in it's 13th year and is sponsored by the​ Affiliate Summit. This year the summit is being held in New York from July 31st to August 2nd. 

4) Focus​

There are a ton of distractions online. Not only from these idiot gurus selling thier pipe dream scam programs.

But the other distractions are all the different ways of marketing and growing your business.

​You have Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Goole Plus, Bing PPC, Adwords, YouTube, Linkedin - I could go on and on. 

The core of your marketing is going to be through creating valuable, well researched keyword content. And that's what you're going to publish on your site on a regular basis. Content is king, always will be.

However there are other ways to distribute your content or get it noticed so it drives people back to your website. And that's where these other mediums can add to your reach.

Everyday you're going to be told that Facebook is better, or Twitter is better or YouTube is better​ - and if you're not using the better one according to whomever is talking about it, what you're doing is wrong. Well that's bullshit.

Remember when Periscope came around? Every boy and his dog had an ebook or training course on how to use periscope. And it was the next best thing and you should stop what you're doing and do Periscope. 

These are the distractions I'm talking about. ​They take away your focus of building your foundation and now you're off on some tangent wasting time on the latest marketing strategy. Don't get caught up in that, believe me you're not missing out on anything.

I honestly don't believe one is better than the other, each has its advantages and disadvantages​, just like all marketing.

The trick for a lack of a better word is use the one that you feel the most comfortable with. So if Facebook is your thing​ - then along with the core of creating content become the expert in using Facebook as an added medium for marketing.

Don't try a little Facebook today and some YouTube tomorrow, and some Linkedin the next day and something else another day.​ Don't be 10% good at 10 different things. Become 90% great at just 1 thing.

For me I love making videos, so my thing in addition to written content is making videos and I use YouTube and Vimeo for that.​ I use my videos to drive traffic to my websites. I don't know much about Facebook, I have a facebook page but I rarely use it, same goes for Twitter.

I'm just into those mediums so I don't focus on them. And guess what I'm doing just fine when it comes to driving traffic to my websites.​ In fact in my case study I documented how I made over $47,000 in additional income in one year using video.

However almost every week I'm told by someone, that what I'm doing is not working and I should be doing this or doing that to be successful. Shut up!!

While building your buisness people are going to tell you to do this, don't that, what you're doing is wrong, you should be doing this not that. Ignore all that. This is just all additional noise. Like I said find one that you like and then focus on that additional avenue for extending your reach.​

NOTE: Scale up your income: Once you've master an additional medium of marketing and become the expert in that medium. If you want to scale up your online marketing you can create your own product and sell your expertise about the medium you mastered. And now you can have affiliates selling your product.

5) Find A Mentor And Get The Proper Training ​

You need to invest in yourself. And not just once - this is an ongoing endeavor.

If you're really serious about creating and growing a successful online business you cannot do it alone. Yes, I know being online and doing the things needed to be done to build your business can be lonely and that is one of the downsides.

But overall you cannot do this by yourself. I did not learn and grow my business on my own. I had and still do have mentors that I lean on all the time. In fact I completed a 6 week mentorship and training course early this year.  

I'm always learning and I make sure I'm learning from people I know and respect and have accomplished more then I have​. If you want to know how to make a millions dollars a year you talk to a millionaire you don't talk to your buddy who makes $50,000 a year.

Oh sure if you aren't making $50,000 per year he/she can teach you how to make $50,000 per year, but not how to make a million per year.​

Click here and go where the experts hang out!!​

So, To Sum It Up....

1) Stop chasing all those shiny objects and overnight wealthy pipe dream sales pitches. I know they all sound good, but it's all lies and bullshit.

Burn this into your brain!!!

There Is No Secret For Making Money Online!!

Never has been and never will be, I don't care what anyone says. If they tell you they have a secret - they're lying - and all they want is your money, they don't give a shit about you.

Until you understand this, you'll always be ripe for getting scammed over and over again. And no one can help realise your goal of making money online, not even me.

​2) Build your online business using the most successful proven buisness model and that's becoming an Affiliate Marketer. And do it involving a hobby or passion of yours. Do that and you'll put yourself in the absolute best position to succeed.

3) Find a mentor(s) and get the proper training.

Remember you can't do this alone and if you think you can, you're not being honest with yourself.​ With mentors and the proper training your going to speed up the success timeline big time.

Plus having the right training and mentors will help you avoid many common mistakes and setbacks many new online marketers make and create.

Hell you know what's coming - right? if you've been with me for any length of time, what I'm about to say should not be a surprise.

Everything you need to build a successful and very scalable affiliate marketing business is inside the wealthy affiliate. The training, the tools, the support and the mentors. One of which is me (mentor). I've been doing this a long time so I can definitely speed up your success. - I'm just saying.

And of course as always you can begin with the wealthy affiliate for free.

Look the bottom line is you can work Hard or you can work Smart - the choice is yours. I know which one I always pick.

I really hope you found this post helpful. And as always if you need a hand, have a question or comment simply post it below. And of course you can always email me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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