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What Is Long Tail Keyword Research – And Why Do It?

Before I get into what is long tail keyword research and why you should be doing this type of keyword research.

I bet it’s safe to say you’ve probably noticed that the search landscape has changed big time.

No longer is targeting 1 or 2 highly competitive keywords a wise decision with your online marketing SEO efforts.


Simply because targeting highly competitive terms can take months even years to see any real movement in the SERP’s.

And when the goal of every online marketer is to start generating revenue in the least amount of time. No one wants to wait months let alone years to get ranked in the SERP’s.

So it’s no wonder the savvy marketer is focusing on long tail keyword search optimization.

So What Are Long Tail Keywords?

A long tail keyword is a very targeted search phrase of 3 or more words. And within most long tail keywords you have your primary keyword.

The primary keyword is usually a 1 or 2 word term.

For example “Ping” is a very popular golf club brand. So Ping can be my primary keyword. And for a long tail keyword search term I could use “Ping Rapture Fairway Wood”.

So Why Long Tail Keywords?

1) It’s The Most Popular Search

Long tail keyword searches comprises of 70% of the searches done in Google. People know that the more specific they are with their searches the better the search results will be.

2) Long Tail Keywords Are Less Competitive And Easier To Rank

Someone looking for “Golf Clubs” is just doing a general search for golf clubs, nothing specific. However someone doing a search for “Ping Rapture Fairway Wood” they’re being very specific and are only looking for a Ping Rapture Fairway Wood.

The competition for this long tail keyword phrase is very low, therefore it would be easy to rank for. And having hundreds of these types of low competition keyword phrases ranking – you can have a huge amount of targeted traffic coming to your site.

3) Better Targeted Traffic Means Higher Conversion Rates

The more specific the long tail keyword the more qualified the searcher is. Someone doing a long tail targeted search more than likely done their research and more than likely they’re at the buying stage.

And that means that a larger percentage of people that land at your site from the result of a long tail keyword search can be converted to a sale.

4) Long Tail Keywords Help You Rank For Different Terms

When you include your primary keyword term into your long tail keyword phrase you now have the ability to rank for different variations of that term.

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Doing Long Tail Keyword Research

Let me show you the way I do my long tail keyword research. I first start with my keyword research tool. Personally I use Jaaxy.

With jaaxy I can find all sorts of long tail keyword search terms in a matter of minutes. Including how much direct competition the term has and how easy it will be to rank for that term.

Then to find even more long tail keyword search terms I do what is referred to as the Alphabet Soup Technique and combine it with jaaxy.

Ok let’s start by using jaaxy and then I’ll show you the alphabet soup technique.

For this example I am using the primary search term “Ping Woods”.

Below is an image from my Jaaxy account for my search term “Ping Woods”. You can see all the long tail keywords results jaaxy has given me, including the actual page competition (QSR) for each search term.

The QSR rating is the number of competing pages in the SERP’s for that search term.

Anything below 300 QSR I will have little trouble ranking for that term. And of course the lower the QSR the easier it is to rank for that term. And you can see I have many low competition long tail search terms to work with.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. From this preliminary information I can dig down even deeper and get even more long tail keyword search terms.

You can read my complete review of jaaxy here.

The Alphabet Soup Technique

I was taught this great technique by Kyle the founder of the Wealthy Affiliate.

Here’s how I use the alphabet soup technique and combine it with jaaxy. I simply head over to Google.com and enter my primary keyword into the search bar, and that would be Ping Woods.

Then what I do is walk through the alphabet. So I type “A” first then “B” and so on. With Google’s suggestions I can now find even more long tail keyword search terms.

Now I take all these new long tail keyword search terms and bring them into Jaaxy to find out the exact competition (QSR) I have for each search term.

Simply using this technique and combining it with jaaxy I can find tons of low competition long tail keyword search terms no matter what niche I’m researching. And I don’t have to spend all day doing it.

By doing this type of keyword research I’m ranking on the first page and the first position for hundreds of terms in Google in some very competitive niches.

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Getting The Most From Your Keywords

1) Track Everything

Make sure to track how much traffic you’re getting with your long tail keywords as well as which ones are generating the most revenue. And as you keyword list grows these are the terms you want to focus on.

2) Is Your Keyword Any Good?

You need to know how good your long tail keyword is.

Sure you may be at the top of the search results, but if the term is not generating any traffic it’s probably not a good idea to spend to much time with this keyword.

Or on the other hand maybe you’re getting traffic but your conversions are low. This would be the time to maybe split test your landing page, check your sales funnel and your calls to action.

Make sure to just change one thing at a time when doing any testing this way as you track these changes you know what’s working and what’s not.

NOTE: Remember don’t change more than one thing at a time. If you do you won’t know what worked and what didn’t.

4) Target Similar Keyword Search Terms

Once you know what long tail keywords drive traffic and convert start experimenting with different variations and synonyms of that long tail keyword.

So for example, if your long tail search term has the word “kids” in it and it’s successful.

Then you may find success if you replace the word “kids” with the word “children”. You can check the competition using jaaxy before using the new term.

5) Make Sure Your Content Delivers

It’s pretty safe to say if someone comes to your site because of a long tail search term and then they only stay a few seconds on your page or post.

Then the content didn’t deliver.

In other words, your visitors don’t find the content related to that long tail search term useful. This means you have to have better engaging content.

Also keep in mind people coming to your site and leaving in a matter of seconds affects your bounce rate and google takes that into account when determining your sites ranking. Not to mention seriously affecting your websites revenue.

6) Optimize your opportunities. If you notice that people are coming to your site for search terms you have not even considered or thought of. You have the opportunity to optimize your site for these searchers.

Maybe people are coming to your site for the search term Best Fairway Woods. You could take advantage of that even though this term has no mention of your specific product Ping Woods.

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