What Is Lifebrook? Life Changing Or A Waste Of Time?


What is Lifebrook?

That’s what we’re going to dive into. I’m going to share with you everything I found out about this company. I’m going to get into the business opportunity, the method for making money. And of course, the products.

By the time you’re done you’ll be in a stronger position to make an informed decision as to whether or not Lifebrook is the best homebased business opportunity for you.

Alright, let’s see what Lifebrook is all about.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Lifebrook. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

So, What Is Lifebrook?

Now the story behind the founding of this company as told on the website is that after a successful career in the furniture industry both Tony Heisterkamp and his wife Jennifer were looking forward to a quiet retirement and were thinking of creating a nature preserve but ended up planting an apple orchard.

After a while Tony started experiencing pain in his hands and joints and looking for relief a friend of his told him about a so-called super fruit called the Aronia berry that it’s bursting with antioxidants.

So, impressed with the results thus began the journey of now what is called Lifebrook. A multi-level marketing company launched in 2017 by Tony Heisterkamp and his wife Jennifer. And headquartered in South Dakota, USA.

That’s a great story. And every MLM company has one. But putting that story aside let’s look at the products themselves and then the opportunity.

The Products

Now you will find a link on their website to scientific studies that relate to the benefits of Aronia and the power of antioxidants. But not one of these studies mentions any of Lifebrooks products. So, these are just general studies of the Aronia berry itself.

So, don’t get confused thinking these studies directly relate to Lifebrook and its products.

In fact, you’ll find a disclaimer that states:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

And because they have not been evaluated by the FDA. Lifebrook does not have to prove their products even work or if they are safe for you to take. So, be sure to do your homework when it comes products of this nature.

Ok, let’s look at the products themselves.

They only have 4 products.


This is their Aronia Berry juice. They claim it’s pure Aronia berry juice. And is supposed to help boost your immune system, clearer thinking, healthy joints, better sleep and improve digestion.

They recommend you drink 1.75 ounces twice per day. You can buy either 2, 4, 8 or 12 bottles at a time. They say that 4 bottles typically last a month for 1 person.

  • 2 bottles – $40.00 (one time purchase)
  • 4 bottles – $80.00 (one time purchase)
  • 8 bottles – $160.00 (one time purchase)
  • 12 bottles – $240.00 (one time purchase)

You can get a 20% discount if you go on their monthly auto shipment program.

There is also a Puronia On The Go package which consists of 24 – 2 ounce bottles for $80.00. They have pricing for up to 5 packages.

Vitronia Daily

This is their multivitamin. They say it’s different because their’s has the essential minerals and vitamins that food often lacks and they have them locked into a base of pure Aronia powder.

There are 60 tablets in a bottle to be taken twice per day. A bottle will cost you $40.00.

HydraZorb™ Aronia Muscle & Joint Rub

This product is designed to help with the relief of muscles and joints. A 1 ounce jar will cost you $50.00.

Aronia Berry Soap

This is an all-natural soap that’s infused with Aronia berry. It comes 6 bars to a package and will cost you $40.00

To me there is nothing outstanding about any of these products. To me it’s just the same old products just based around the Aronia berry. Reminds me of another MLM company that marketed the Acai berry and made all these claims of the power of what their products can do.

That company was called MonaVie which is now out of business because of all the idiot claims they made about their products.

Now I’m not saying Lifebrook is doing this. But you really have to step back and take into account the stories that are built around products to convince people that not getting these types of products would be a dis-service to your health. And this absolutely NOT true.

Eat a whole food diet and you’ll be in better health than the majority of people on the planet including people that take products like these.

Sorry I’m just not buying it. You want the benefits of antioxidants? Here’s a list of the top 20 foods that are high in antioxidants. You don’t need to buy some overpriced bottle of juice.

So, How Much Is It To Get Started With Lifebrook?

There are 4 ways of becoming an Independent Lifebrook Advocate.

You can get started for $49.95. This is a yearly fee and this will get a business kit that includes a replicated website, marketing tools, online back office, and support from Lifebrook. This kit comes with no products.

If you want products you have 3 fast start packs to choose from. Pack 1 – for $120.00. Pack 2 for $220.00 and pack 3 for $320.00.

fast start packages

How Do You Make Money With Lifebrook?

As with all MLM companies you have 2 ways of making money. First, you can simply retail the products. Doing so you will earn a 20% retail commission.

However, if you want any shot of making the big money every MLM company promotes you’re going to constantly be recruiting people into your business (downline).

By doing that you can work your way up the ranks of the compensation plan and become eligible for the bonuses available at each level. Of course, you must meet certain requirements to be eligible for those bonuses.

With Lifebrooks compensation plan you can earn in 6 different way. Now I’m just going to give you the big picture here.

You can read the complete compensation plan in detail by clicking here. And if you’re thinking of doing this business you need to read the compensation plan so you know what you’re getting involved with.

Ok, here’s the 6 ways you can earn money with this compensation plan.

The Marketing Phase

Here you earn money through your personal product sales.

1. 20% Retail Commission
2. 20% Bonus Value (BV) on personally enrolled Preferred Customers (PC)
3. 25% Bonus on Fast Start Packs (FSP)

The Leadership Phase

Here you earn bonuses from the sales from your team.

4. Up to 5 levels of 10% Bonus Value (BV) Advocate Team Bonuses.
5. Up to 5 Levels of 5% Bonus Value (BV) Preferred Customers (PC) Level Bonuses

The Executive Phase

6. Up to 3% Executive Bonuses.

  • As a Ruby Executive (RE): You’ll earn 1% of all sales of your total down-line or until your next Ruby Executive
  • As an Emerald Executive (EE): You’ll earn 2% of all sales of your total down-line until your next Executive
  • As a Diamond Executive (DE): You’ll earn 3% of all sales of your total down-line until your next Executive

executive bonus

These are the rank titles and what is needed to achive them.

  • Business Builder – you need to be Active and have 2 active advocates
  • Team Builder – you need to be active and have 3 active advocates
  • Team Leader – you need to be active and have 4 active advocates
  • Director – you need to be active and have 5 active advocates

To be considered an active advocate you must have $32 Personal Bonus Value (PBV) in the qualifying month.

So, Can You Expect To Make Money With Lifebrook?

Now at the time of this writing Lifebrook does not have an income disclosure statement. And that’s frustrating because this can give you a clear picture of what Lifebrook advocates are making with this business.

Now with companies that do provide income disclosure statements these statements never paint a good picture. You’ll find that only a very, very small percentage of people are actually making money.

And this aligns with the studies about MLM business opportunities. A study done by the Consumer Awareness Institute reveals that 99% of people that get involved with MLM lose money.

Consumer Awareness Institute
Consumer Awareness Institute

And even without an income disclosure statement I can’t see the odds being any better with this opportunity.

Yes, the opportunity is there. But where the majority of people struggle with building an MLM business is by having to constantly try and recruit people into the business.

And if you want any shot at making any money. You’re going to have to do what most people hate doing. And that’s selling. You’re either, selling the product. Or you’re selling people on the idea of the business.

And you’ll find when you mention that the opportunity is with an MLM. The majority of people will want nothing to do with an MLM opportunity.

Ok, So Who Is Lifebrook For?

Lifebrook is for someone who loves to network market and loves being a salesperson. And is not deterred by hearing the word “NO” a lot.

If selling and knowing that you’ll constantly have to be recruiting people to build your business is not your thing. Then MLM is NOT for you.

What I Like About Lifebrook

#1) There Is An Opportunity

For the right person. And that’s the key word “right”. Lifebrook does offer a business opportunity.

#2) Low Startup

$49.95 to get started is very reasonable.

#3) Return Policy

If you buy products directly from Lifebrook. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to initiate a return.

#4) It’s Still New

The company is still new so there is the opportunity of growth.

What I Didn’t Like About Lifebrook

#1) No FDA Approval

None of the products they carry are FDA approved.

#2) Low Success

It’s been proven time and time again that the success rate in MLM is extremely low.

#3) Recruit

In order to earn bonuses, you will need to build your business. And to do that you will need to constant have to recruit people.

#4) Generic Studies

They have studies on their site that show that the benefits of Aronia berry in improving health. But not 1 study confirms that Lifebrook products provide any benefit.

#5) Overpriced Products

You can purchase Aronia berry juice for a lot less money in marketplaces such as Amazon.

For example, you can buy a 1 pound package of Aronia Juice Powder on Amazon for $23.99. Giving you 45 servings. Taking the suggested 1 serving per day, that gives you a 45 day supply.

Compare that to Lifebrook you’ll need to spend $80.00 and you’ll only get a 30 day supply.

#6) Limited Product Line

You only have 4 products to market. So you have no product variety.

My Final Opinion Of Lifebrook

After digging deeper into Lifebrook there is an opportunity here for the right person.

And I say right person because building a successful MLM business is really hard.

And it’s hard because the only path to making any type of decent income is by constantly recruiting people into your business. And not everyone is built for constantly having to sell people on the idea of getting into an MLM.

Also, for me, there is absolutely nothing special about their products. Other than they are way overpriced.

The company has a great story of how it got started but that’s not enough to justify charging people twice the amount for their product compared to other Aronia berry products.

This is just another typical MLM company telling you they have a unique product. And they don’t. And that they have a golden business opportunity, and they don’t.

The truth of the matter is. If you’re not ready to be constantly selling and trying to convince people about your business opportunity, then MLM, not just this one is not for you.

Now with that said. If you think you have what it takes and you think you can beat the odds. And Lifebrook seems like the right company to get involved with. Then go for it and I wish you nothing buy success.

But if you’re still not sure can I make a suggestion?

Look, I understand why so many people look to MLM as a business model. Many people think it’s the only real way to start a homebased business without having to invest a ton of money to get things up and running. But that so not true.

You know how I make a full time living online? I’m an affiliate marketer.

And as an affiliate marketer I don’t need to recruit anyone to build my business. Nor do I have to sell anything to anyone to make money. And becoming an affiliate costs absolutely nothing.

Plus, unlike MLM you don’t have to meet any crazy qualifications in order to make money.

And here’s something many people don’t realize when it comes to MLM. You DON’T own your business.

However, being an affiliate marketer you’re in 100% control and ownership of your business. You call the shots.

Now, the best part about being an affiliate marketer is you can build your business around any hobby or passion you have. So, if you’re into health and wellness you can build a thriving online affiliate marketing business round that without joining an MLM.

And the best resource to get all information about affiliate marketing including all the training, tools, resources, and one-on-one support you’ll need while building your business is Wealthy Affiliate.

And you can see everything they have to offer absolutely free.

Now is affiliate marketing for you? I have no idea. I just want you to see that there are alternatives to MLM.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about Lifebrook and its business opportunity.

So, do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about Lifebrook ? If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others make an informed decision about business opportunities such as this one.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand don’t hesitate Emailing Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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