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What Is Keyword Research For? It’s Your Path To Unlimited Website Traffic

I get asked this question all the time:

“What is keyword research for?”

Let me first answer “what is keyword research?”

Well as defined by Wikipedia:

Keyword research is used by SEO professionals to find the actual terms people use when conducting a search

Ok, so what is keyword research for?

It’s used to create informative, engaging and helpful content using the keyword terms people are using to search for solutions or items online.

And by using these keyword search terms you can drive an enormous amount of targeted organic (free) traffic to your website.

And the more targeted keyword search terms you use the more traffic you can generate, thus creating a greater opportunity to generate growing revenue from your site.

However when you mention keyword research to most marketers they tend to freak out a little bit.

Mostly because everyone makes keyword research this big complicated step – and it’s not!!

Keyword research is EASY when you know how to do it right.

So Today

I’m going to show you exactly how to do great keyword research so you can find your low hanging fruit keywords and drive as much traffic as you want to your website.

If you’re not sure what the term “low hanging fruit” means don’t worry I’ll explain what it means in a minute and why it’s your best friend when doing keyword research.

Then I’m going to show you how to use these keywords. Plus I’m also going to share a very cool technique for finding a ton of keywords.

So once you’re done reading this article unlike other people you’re not going to be stumbling around taking days or weeks to find your keywords.

You’re going to have more keywords then you could shake a stick at giving you all the traffic heading to your site that you could ever want.

So let’s get to it…

What You’ll Need

  1. A Reliable Keyword Research Tool
  2. A Spread Sheet
  3. A Little Time (a few hours at most)

So What Is A Keyword?

As I mentioned earlier a keyword is a term used when people are searching for
something online. Usually a solution to a problem or to buy an item online.

And it makes no difference in what medium – be it Google – Bing – Yahoo – YouTube or that persons favorite social media platform.

Each and everyday people are searching for things and they’re using keywords to do it.

And your job as a marketer is to find these keyword terms that are related to your market (niche) and use them in your content.

The success of your marketing efforts all boils down to the relevance of your keywords and understanding of your customer (audience).

And that understanding is the terms are they using to search for things or solutions.

goalWhat’s The Goal Of Your Keywords?

You’re goal is to get your keywords ranked on the first page of the search engines, ideally at the top of the search results so they can bee found (seen) by your potential customer (your targeted audience).

And how do you do that? I mean get top rankings?

With your content.

When you’re writing your content you have your keyword(s) in the title of your post or page and then have them in the first paragraph and then simply write naturally from there.

And if you’ve done the proper keyword research your content has a great chance of getting top rankings in the search engines.

And once you’ve been seen – you now need to connect with that person (people) behind that search.

And it’s your content that makes that connection. It provides the information, solution or item they’ve been looking for.

So your content has to be engaging, useful and informative. And most importantly you need to write your content with Intent.

Meaning, what action do you want your reader to take when they read your content?

Do you want then to buy something, fill out a survey, join your mailing list, go through an affiliate link, etc. What is it you want them to do?

And you need to know this before you write one word of content.

Ok let’s get to the process of finding great keywords.

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Starting With A Broad Keyword

The reason you want to start broad is it’s just plain easier to think of broad keyword term to begin with.

Starting this way allows you to drill down and dissect any niche. (and I mean dissect in a good way)

Also by doing this you’ll find other keywords you would probably never have come up with. Giving you the largest possibilities of keywords you can use when creating your content.

Your First Step

green_foot_printYou need to open up your keyword research tool.

I use Jaaxy, but you can use any keyword research tool you want. But for the purpose of this article all my references and screen shots will be from Jaaxy.

If you want to learn more about Jaaxy I did a review about it here.

And if you want to use Jaaxy while following along. You can for free. Simply use the plugin tool below.

Ok, the first thing you want to do is enter a broad keyword search term into your keyword tool that’s relevant to your niche.

My Broad Keyword Term

I’m going to start with a niche I’ve never researched before but something I love to do.

Let’s search the broad term “BBQ” Ok my first inquiry shows me that “BBQ” has crazy high competition, I sort of knew that going in and it’s a term I would never try to rank for.

But the results showed all kinds of related long tail terms, some good, some not so good. And that’s what I was after.

Don’t worry I’ll explain what all this information (results) means in a second. But green is good, yellow is ok and red is forget about it.


Drilling Down

So since BBQ is out of the question my next step is to start digging deeper into this search.

And I do that by researching these other long tail keywords from my first inquiry. The goal is to find more relevant long tail keywords.

A long tail keyword is a search phrase usually more than 3 words long.

And more often than not long tail keyword phrases are used by people when they do a search.

Let Me Wander Off A Bit Before We Go On

Long tail keywords are also used by people that are deeper into the customer purchasing lifecycle.

For example if someone does a search for “Golf Clubs” you know they’re still researching, finding and comparing golf clubs. So they’re not any where near purchasing just yet.

However if someone does a search for “Ping G25 Fairway Wood” a very specific search term. You know this person has done most if not all their research and is deep into the purchasing cycle.

Which is know as the Decision or Action Phase. Meaning they are ready to buy.

So the more targeted your keyword phrase is to the end of the customer purchasing lifecycle the more targeted your audience will be and the greater the opportunity there is for you to make money, and more of it!

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Ok back to our regular programming…. So from that first list of results I’m going to dig into “best bbq ribs recipe”.

So I put that term into Jaaxy. Below are those results.

And in a matter of seconds I have several high traffic low competition keywords.


Let Me Explain The Results

Ok outlined in red is the average monthly searches for each search term. You see the QSR (quoted search result) column outlined in purple?

This tells me exact number of competing pages there are ranked for this search term in Google.

Anything under 200 QSR is what you want to shoot for as these are typically very easy to rank for.

And of course the lower the QSR the better. I typically look for a QSR under 150. And you’ll notice all of these search terms are below 100, so ranking for any of these terms is going to very achievable.

You’ll also see outlined in blue – the “Traffic”. This tells me the estimated number of people that will visit my website with a first page ranking for that term in the search engines. You’ll also see a Green light beside each search term.

This tells me once again this term is a term to use because it’s one I can get ranked for.

There is also a Yellow light which means the term is ok but will take longer to rank for.

And then there is a Red light which tells me don’t bother the term has way too much competition.

So if I had a site dedicated to BBQ I have a really good shot at getting ranked on the first page of Google by writing great content on my site using these search terms.

Remember I used the term Low Hanging Fruit?

This is it.

You’re targeting keywords that have low competition and good search volume.

Remember you’re going to be in your niche for a long time and everything adds up.

And over time low hanging fruit keywords can easily add up to thousands and thousands of visitors going to your site each and every day!!

And that’s a beautiful thing!!

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x markAvoid These Two Big Mistakes

I think many marketers forget when their doing keyword research for their niche they tend to forget that:

  1. There’s a real person doing the searching.
  2. They’re always looking for that perfect keyword that gets ALL the traffic.

Yes, there’s a REAL person behind these searches.

They’re looking for solutions or a item. And you need to give them that solution or item though your content, through your website.

And don’t waste your time looking for that perfect keyword.

Remember the low hanging fruit?

Yes I keep mentioning this but it’s so important to remember.

Everyone is looking for that perfect keyword and that’s why there is so much competition for those keywords.

Let everyone else fight for those keywords that they’ll never or worse yet spend years trying and wasting time to get ranked for.

Why work hard when you can work smart!!

Burn this in your brain:

Search For Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

Doesn’t it make way more sense to get top ranking in the search engines for 50 keyword phrases that are getting 50 searches per month?

Than getting ranked on the 3rd page of Google with 10 keywords that get 20,000
searches per month with a harder chance of ever getting to the first page and no one clicking to your website.

Keep in mind most people don’t go past the first page of the search results.

Some may go to the 2nd page but not many and most people never go to the 3 or 4th page results.

Why would they? So having that 3rd or 4th page ranking for a search term that gets 20,000 searches per month is doing you absolutely no good whatsoever!

Change Your Thinking

You have to start thinking about your competition NOT the traffic numbers.

If you do that you’ll get all the traffic you need or could ever want.

Think about it – 50 keywords ranked on the first page of Google getting 50 searches per month is potentially 2500 clicks to your website each month.

Not bad at all for FREE traffic. And that’s just the beginning!!

I know people that would love to have that much traffic coming to their site each month.

I speak from experience.

One of my other niches is in the financial niche and I have over 75 first page ranking with low hanging fruit keywords.

And these low hanging keywords are driving a ton of targeted visitors to my website everyday.

And I keep creating new content so I can keep increasing the traffic that comes to that site. And by doing this on a regular basis it’s increasing my income every month.

Ok Let’s Do The Alphabet Search Technique

Here’s that cool technique I mentioned at the beginning of this article. I love this technique because it’s so simple.

All you need is your keyword research tool and Google Instant.

Ok let’s start with that broad search term “BBQ” but this time I’m going to type it into Google.

www.netwiseprofits.com As soon as I type the term into Google it gives me related suggestions. Note that these results will change.

Google will usually show the most popular search first – so in this case that would be BBQ Country. Which has no relevance to my searches.

Since my fictional website is about BBQ and everything related to BBQ I see BBQ Ribs in the results so let’s check that and see what the results for that term would be.

So let’s head to Jaaxy and check the competition. BBQ Ribs has way too much competition, you can see by the red light beside the term.

However I did find a bunch of other related keywords that have very low competition and great search volume as indicated by the green light beside the terms.

Jaaxy results

So now I can take these terms and use them for content on my site and by the green light I will have a great chance of getting ranked on the first page of Google.

Ok let’s keep going…

Just Keep Walking Through The Alphabet

What you want to do next is type in the first letter of the alphabet, make sure to put a space between your search term and the letter.

bbq-image I see bbq accessories and bbq appetizers.

My next step would be to check out the competition for these terms and if the competition is low I can add this to my keyword list.

Let’s check bbq accessories. Well bbq accessories itself had way too much competition but look at all the other related green light keyword terms I can use.


So the next letter would be “B” and you simply repeat the process of checking the competition for the term ideas that come up.

google bbq search As I go through the alphabet I’m finding keyword search terms I would have never thought of.

Are You Seeing How Powerful This Is?

Ok now we’re going to turn things around to find even MORE keywords.

Unlike how you put a space between the search term and the letter you’re going to put the letter before the search term with NO space.

what is keyword research for So you can see I’m now getting different variations of my broad search term BBQ.

Now simply drop those new terms into your research tool and get even more variations and then check the competition on all those terms.

If I went through the whole alphabet using both these techniques I could easily gather 1000’s of low competition keywords that could keep me busy for the next year.

Using these Alphabet technique you can build a huge relevant keyword list for any niche and marketing campaign!! So where do you keep all this information?

Creating A Spreadsheet

So now that I have my keywords that I’m going to use for my content I would then create a spreadsheet for those keywords.

The great thing about Jaaxy is I can store my keyword lists as I’m building my list right inside the tool. And then I can export them to Excel and create my spread sheet.

I export things as a CSV file (comma separated values). Here’s a snapshot of part of my spreadsheet after I have it set up. You see I added Page and Rank.

I do this so I can keep track of the rankings of my keywords as they climb the search results on their way to the first page of the search engines.

Personally I only check the rankings of my keywords every couple of weeks. I find that’s more than enough.


Now I would work my way through my list.

I won’t lie to you not all of the keywords will get to the first page of the search engines. That would be cool if they did, but this is the real world.

So don’t get to disappointed when a keyword does not get to the first page.

That’s why you have to be consistent with your keyword research and the creation of fresh content. This is what builds traffic. Always has and always will.

My Focus Is..

  1. QSR (competing pages in Google) below 200 – the lower the better
  2. 50 searches or more per month. If it’s a little lower I’ll use the keyword. Remember it all adds up.

And that’s all that matters to me – it’s that simple. Anything beyond this can just screw things up for you.

Many people over analyze things to death, and never get anywhere.

And honestly I don’t mind. While others are stuck in keyword research paralysis I’m ranking for keywords all day long. And now so can you – don’t drive yourself nuts when you don’t need to!!

Remember People Want Solutions

When people are searching for things they are usually searching for a solution. So look for solution keyword phrases as well.

A solution keyword phrase typically starts with How To. But there are more than just How To. Think of the 5 w’s:

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. Where
  4. When
  5. Why

So using the BBQ example, some solution keyword phrases could be:

  • How to cook a brisket.
  • Why does my sauce always burn?
  • Who is the best meat smoker builder?
  • Where are great BBQ restaurants in (add your city).
  • When is the best time to buy a BBQ?
  • What is a good rub for pork?

A great place to do research for solution keyword phrases are at How To sites such as:


Ok You’re Good To Go

Keyword research is one of the most important steps in a series of steps for the overall success and growth of your online business.

It’s part of the process of building your business. So it’s not a bad idea to have a regular routine when it comes to doing your keyword research. For me it’s like being a detective looking for those great keywords.

I set aside one morning per week to do my keyword research and then I’m done. And I don’t stress about it and nor should you.

And to make sure you maximize the power of all your keywords make sure to read how to write your content with intent. As well as understanding the customers purchasing lifecycle.

And if you want the same keyword research advantage that I have, I highly recommend using Jaaxy.

If you didn’t use Jaaxy to follow along in this overview of how I do keyword research you can try Jaaxy for free for the first 30 searches and see just how powerful it is.

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I hope you found this information helpful. And at anytime you need a hand with anything I’ve talked about here please leave your question or comment below.

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I believe in you!

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