What Is JIFU? It’s Not An Affiliate Program That’s For Sure


Hi, thanks for dropping by to check out my review of Jifu. So, what is Jifu? Well, first let me just say it’s NOT an affiliate program like they say on their website.

This is a multi-level marketing company that’s in the discount travel industry. Multi-level marketing is completely different from affiliate marketing. I’ll explain why it’s so important to understand why this is not an affiliate program later in my review.

Ok, with that said, today we’re going to take a deep dive into the business opportunity that Jifu has to offer. And I’m sure by the time we’re done here you know for sure if this is a business you want to get involved with or not.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of JIFU. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

Jifu The Company

Jifu was started in 2018 by Bradley Boyle and Jeffery Boyle, and is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

And as I mentioned they are a multi-level marketing company offering discounts for airfare, cruises, hotels, condos, golf courses, excursions, etc.

And being a multilevel marketing company, they do offer you a home-based business opportunity. Which we’ll get into.

But first….

One thing I want to clarify is this. On their website they say they have an affiliate program. Well, that’s not quite true. And the reason why I know that’s it’s not true is because I’m an affiliate marketer.

Now what they do say regarding affiliate marketing as a business model on their website is true. As an affiliate marketer you can receive a commission for promoting a company’s products or services. But that’s where things end.

As an affiliate marketer I’m promoting products and I do receive a commission if someone purchases a product that I’m promoting. But as an affiliate marketer I don’t have to recruit people or be a sales person in order to build my business.

With MLM you do.

As an affiliate I don’t have to buy my way into a company to be an affiliate for a company. Becoming a true affiliate for a company cost nothing, it’s absolutely free to join affiliate programs.

And I don’t have to sell a minimum amount of products each month in order to earn commissions. And I don’t have to meet certain qualifications in order to climb the ranks within a compensation plan.

There is no compensation plan, and there is no recruiting. There is none of that stuff that you find with multilevel marketing.

Simply put as an affiliate marketer I can join any company that has a “true” affiliate marketing opportunity such as Amazon. Market products through my own efforts and then receive commissions for any products people by through my affiliate link.

Jifu may call the business opportunity they’re offering you an affiliate program. But don’t be fooled this is a multilevel marketing business. And with that come a lot of challenges for success.

So, How Much Is It To Get Started With Jifu?

I know you’re here to learn more about the business opportunity. But if you’re just interested in the discounts Jifu has to offer you can join as a member and not be involved building a business.

They have a 1 month free trial. And then if you decide to continue as a member it will cost you $25.00 per month or you can pay the annual fee of $324.00.

This will get you savings up to 75%, unlimited bookings, no contracts, and maximum discounts.

As for the business opportunity side you have 4 different membership levels.

jifu enrollment packs

Silver Affiliate Pack – $100.00 enrollment fee and $25.00 per month membership fee.

With this pack your compensation plan benefits are:

  • First Order Bonus on all membership packs sold
  • Team Building Commissions up to Manager 2
  • Retail Bonus on JIFUshop Sales

Gold Affiliate Pack – $250.00 enrollment fee and $50.00 per month membership fee.

With this pack your compensation plan benefits are:

  • First Order Bonus on All Membership Packs Sold
  • Team Building Commissions up to Manager 4
  • Matching Commissions on Personally Enrolled Affiliates
  • Retail Bonus on JIFUshop Sales

Diamond Affiliate Pack –  $1000.00 enrollment fee and $120.00 per month membership fee.

With this pack your compensation plan benefits are:

  • First Order Bonus on All Membership Packs Sold
  • Team Building Commissions up to Ambassador 2
  • Matching Commissions on Personally Enrolled Affiliates
  • Matching Commissions on Three Additional Levels of Enrolled Affiliates
  • Retail Bonus on JIFUshop Sales

Enterprise Affiliate Pack – $2,500.00 enrollment fee. Sorry no info on what the monthly fee is. This pack is not even mentioned in their 2021 compensation plan. It’s just on the checkout page on their site.

With this pack your compensation plan benefits are:

  • First Order Bonus on All Membership Packs Sold
  • Team Building Commissions up to Ambassador 2
  • Matching Commissions on Personally Enrolled Affiliates
  • Matching Commissions on Three Additional Levels of Enrolled Affiliates
  • Retail Bonus on JIFUshop Sales

So far from what I can see this is a pay to play program. Meaning the more you pay the more access you have to the compensation plan.

So, if you do start with the least expensive package and you want to move up in packages you will need to pay an upgrade fee. Now with that said you can avoid the upgrade fee if you meet the qualifications needed to upgrade to the next pack.

And to upgrade from Silver to Gold you need to achieve the rank of Manager 3 and agree to increase your monthly fee from $25.00 to $50.00.

To upgrade from Gold to Diamond you need to achieve the rank of Director and agree to increase your monthly fee to $120.00

There is no information that I could find when it comes to upgrading from Diamond to Enterprise.

Jifu Compensation Plan

With all the goofy jargon that can be found in MLM compensation plans they can be a little tough to understand. And Jifu is no different so I’m just going to give you a quick overview of how you can make money through their compensation plan.

But like all multilevel marketing compensation plans you can earn money through retail sales and the bonuses they have through building your business.

Now of course I highly recommend that you read this compensation plan yourself. And you can do that here.

Or better yet, if you’re already in conversations with somebody wanting to get you involved with this business opportunity you’ll want to go over this compensation plan with them so you fully understand what’s required of you to build this business.

I went through this compensation plan several times and I’m still confused about some aspects of this plan. PLus they don’t give you all the information that’s required.

For instance, when talking about Retail Sales and Commissions in the compensation plan they don’t tell you what the percentage is. They just tell you that you can buy products through their Jifu Shop at wholesale and then directly resell it to customers.

Well duh, that’s what retail sales are all about. Buying something at wholesale and then reselling it at retail and then are earning the difference. I would really like to know what that difference is. But they don’t tell you that in the compensation plan.

Next is CV On Retail Sales. It basically just says the products that you purchased through their Jifu Shop all have CV. Which is Commissionable Volume. And that this CV is going to count towards your up line team building commissions.

CV from Jifu Shop Sales

Okay, here I started to understand that part of this compensation plan is a binary compensation plan. Meaning you’re going to have a left leg and a right leg when it comes to building your business.

So, this CV from Jifu Shop Sales refers to the commissionable volume produced from the sale of products and services through their Jifu shop. And this CV will be applied to the leg with the lower volume.

So, let’s say for example you have 100 CV on the left leg of your business. And you have 50 CV on the right leg of your business.

If you earn 200 CV from the sale of a product through their Jifu Shop. That 200 CV is going to be applied to your right leg because it’s your weaker leg.

So now your left leg is going have 100 CV and then now you’re right leg’s going have 250 CV.

Next they talk about Vendor Referral Bonus. So as an active member when you refer a product or service vendor to the Jifu Shop you will receive .25% of the CV on the sale of the referred products or services for up to 12 months.

And finally is the retail sales and bonus section of the compensation plan. They talk about Buddy Pass Travel Sales Bonus.

So, this refers to when a buddy pass user travels you as the referring member are going to receive what are called Travel Reward Credits (TRCs). And then you can convert these TRCs into commissions.

Genealogy Trees

So, when someone joins Jifu they’re going to be placed in what they call their Genealogy Trees. They’re going to get placed in a Team Tree and an Enrolment Tree of the up line person who enrolled you.

Your team tree is that binary version of the compensation plan I just mentioned that has a left leg and a right leg. And the enrolment tree is a uni-level version of a compensation plan.

And with the uni-level part of this compensation plan personally enrolled members are going to be placed on the 1st level of your business. And anyone that you’ve enrolled that sponsor someone into the business is going to be placed on their 1st level, and so on and so on.

The enrolment tree is responsible for the first order bonus, matching commissions and help determine members for paid as rank.

Jifu Genealogy Trees

Bonuses and Commissions

First Order Bonus

This first order bonus is a one-time bonus. And is based on the number of membership packs sold. There is no rank requirements to earn this commission and you don’t need to be commission qualified to earn this bonus either. The only thing you need to do is be an active member.

  • Member First Order Pack – $10
  • Silver First Order Pack – $18
  • Gold First Order Pack – $45
  • Diamond First Order Pack – $180

Team Building Commissions

Below are the different charts that describes the requirements and payouts for the different manager, director, executive and ambassadors ranks. These payouts are paid out on the 15th of every month.


Jifu Managers


Jifu Directors

Executives and Ambassadors

Jifu Executives and Ambassadors

Matching Commissions

When you’re qualified you can receive matching commissions up to 20% of your personally enrolled Jifu members TBC (team building commissions).

Jifu matching commissions

What Are The Odds Of Making Money?

There’s always the opportunity to make money with any MLM. But the reality is the odds are against you for making significant money.

And when I say significant I mean making a full time income that satisfies all your financial needs.

Now hats off to Jifu because within their compensation plan they do provide and income disclosure statement. Most MLM companies don’t.

And this statement shows the average monthly earnings of all active members.

I want you to take a look at the manager level and it shows that 51% of members that are at this level are averaging $108.00 per month.

But what this number doesn’t show you is the money that these members are spending each month to maintain and ultimately try to grow their business.

Jifu income disclosure statement

So, if you signed up with a silver pack you have to pay a $25 monthly membership fee. So now that $108 per month turns into $83 per month.

And if you signed up with the gold pack you have to pay $50 per month. So now that $108 is now a monthly income of $58 a month.

And if you signed up with the diamond pack you have to pay $120 per month to stay active. But we don’t have to do the math on this you’re now losing money.

Again, this is not taking into account for any additional expenses members are incurring to build their business.

I think is very safe to say that most members at the management level are losing money each and every month. And that accounts for 87% of their member affiliates.

When it comes to making a decision whether you want to get involved in a MLM business. You have to include this data in your decision-making.

And these numbers tell me this is not a viable business opportunity for the majority of people that get involved.

And even though the monthly income increases as you go down this disclosure statement. You’ll see that the percentages of people earning that income gets lower and lower to the point of minus 1%.

What Are People Saying About Jifu?

When looking at any business it’s best to see what people are saying. So, I looked around and I didn’t find much. On TripAdvisor I found both complaints and praise about the service/business. But those were from 2 years ago.

There is no mention of them that I could find on the Better Business Bureau website. And the talk about them that I found on Reddit was 3 years old.

I really thought I would find more mentions about Jifu. Maybe I didn’t find much because Jifu is not well known in the travel industry.

Psst Here’s A Little Secret Most People Don’t Know

Jifu uses the same travel portal as the top players in this industry such as Priceline and Expedia who typically own these travel portals.

And we the consumer have been told that we’re getting a great deal because these companies have access to unsold inventory. But the truth is there is a markup on this unsold inventory. So, it’s really not the “best” deal.

And now a company like Jifu comes along and has access to the same travel portal. So, they have access to the same resorts, cruises, rentals, etc. But here’s the BIG difference.

Jifu does not mark up the prices to its members. So, as a member you are getting the BEST price.

What I Like 

#1) Great Deals

If you’re just using their travel portal for your travel needs they do offer the great deals.

#2) Reasonable Membership

If you love to travel the monthly membership fee to access their exclusive deals is pretty reasonable. And if you pay yearly you’ll get a Vidanta Mexican 7-Night Vacation. (this vacation was available at the time of this review)

What I Didn’t 

The things I didn’t like are all related to the business opportunity itself.

#1) Expensive To Join

The cost of getting involved with this business may not seem like much to start. But look at things over the course of a year.

Silver costs $100.00 to join plus $25 per month. Over a year that’s $400.00.

Gold cost $250.00 to join and $50.00 per month. Over a year that’s $850.00.

Diamond cost $1000.00 to join and $120.00 per month. Over a year that’s $2440.00.

If you want to get your investment back you’re going to have to sell a LOT of memberships. And don’t forget 87% of their affiliates are making less than $850.00 per year.

And more than likely it’s even less than that after additional expenses building their business.

#2) Very Low Success Rate

This is an MLM business. And with this business model comes little success. Its be proven time and time again that less than 1% of people that get involved with any MLM will see success.

#3) Confusing Compensation Plan

Building your business should be easy to understand. Not so with this compensation plan. It’s confusing and complicated.

#4) Constant Recruiting

In order to make this business work you going need to constantly be recruiting people.

So, you’re going to need exceptional sales and network marketing skills in order to make this business succeed.

#5) Pay To Play

If you want to earn the biggest commissions you’re going to need to buy the most expensive membership. Now you can get started with the least expensive membership and work your way up to the next level of memberships.

But if you look at their compensation plan you’ll see that the qualifications to reach the next membership will be very challenging to accomplish.

My Final Opinion Of Jifu

Looking at what you have to do in order to earn money and the cost that you’re going to incur to stay a member and stay commission qualified. Personally, it’s just not worth it.

Multilevel marketing is hard enough and that’s proven every day with only 1% of people actually making money through multilevel marketing. With this business opportunity I see it being even harder.

There are far better and far easier ways to create your own online business without joining some MLM.

For example, if you’re into travelling you can easily create your own travel blog and monetize your blog and turn that into a full-time income.

And you would monetize that blog through affiliate relationships with companies and services within the travel industry.

And it costs absolutely nothing to become an affiliate for companies that have affiliate programs.

For example, Expedia and TripAdvisor have affiliate programs you can join for free and make great commission. In fact, with TripAdvisor your affiliate commission is a minimum 50%.

This is known as Affiliate Marketing. And this is exactly how I’ve been making a full-time living online since 2005.

As an affiliate marketer you own and control 100% of your business. With an MLM you don’t.

You don’t have to become a salesperson, nor do you ever have to recruit anybody to build your business because that’s not how affiliate marketing works.

If you would like to learn more about how you can build a thriving online affiliate marketing business around any interest, passion, hobby that you have.

My #1 recommendation would be Wealthy Affiliate. Through their state-of-the-art interactive online training platform, you’ll get a simple to follow step-by-step blueprint on how to build your affiliate marketing business from the foundation up.

As well as all the tools, resources, and personal one-on-one support while building your business.

You can read all about Wealthy Affiliate and what they have to offer here as well as get free access to their community.

Thanks for taking the time to be read my review of Jifu. I hope you found it helpful. And if you have any questions or you would just like to leave a comment you can do that below.

I believe in you!

wealthy affiliate


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