What Is Jaaxy? It’s My Secret Weapon!!

Since I’ve been online and up until 2012 I have to admit doing keyword research for me was like pulling teeth.

I know it had (has) to be done but I never looked forward to it because I had to do it manually.

And yes I know there were a lot of keyword tools that supposedly could save me time but what I had the biggest issue with was all the useless data these tools gathered.

And if you’ve purchased a keyword tool in the past you know that they do provide you with a lot of data, metrics and numbers. But you still have to sort through all this data to make sense of it.

But here’s my BIGGEST issue…

Most if not all of the information most of these keyword tools give you is COMPLETELY useless!!

You Know You Have A Low Grade Keyword Tool When…
  • You have to install it on your computer
  • When you have to do more than one step to get results for one thing
  • Any tool that provides a guestimate for pay per click
  • Anything that uses Alexa as they key factor when determining competition
  • A tool that does not pull it’s data from ALL the search engines not just Google

If you have any one or all of these things with a keyword tool – you can be sure you have a low grade product.

Well that problem is over.

Let Me Introduce You To Jaaxy

Like I mentioned earlier I was never a fan of any of the keyword tools I used – mainly because they never gave me the information that I was after, and it’s not like I was looking for all kinds of data either.

When I do keyword research there are only 3 things that matter to me, because this is all that’s important.

  1. How much competition does my keyword have? So how easy would it be to get my keywords ranked at the top of the search engine results.
  2. How much traffic does my keyword get? It doesn’t need a ton of traffic to a great keyword just good traffic.
  3. Does my keyword make sense? So when someone types in a search are they using proper grammar.

The first two things are ACCURATELY  gathered by Jaaxy – And as for number 3 – well that’s just common sense.

Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?

It absolutely is if you have this data!!

Jaaxy – Keyword Research Simplified 

Let me show you Jaaxy in action.

Ok I’m going to do a search for low competition keywords in a niche that I know absolutely nothing about.

And what I’m shooting for is keywords that have less than 300 total competing pages in all of the world, that get traffic and the keywords make sense.

Search: Womens Boots

So with one broad search that took less then 10 seconds I got 24 keywords that I could easily rank for in Google. So this search alone gives me enough keywords that I could start a campaign targeting womens boots.

Easy Peezy

Ok let’s do this again.

I don’t know much about golf – played twice that’s about it. I saw a commercial about Ping Fairway Drivers – so I did a search in Jaaxy for that.

And here’s the results I got:


So if I had a golf site or like I mentioned I really know nothing about golf I could jump into this niche and I can create content for each one of these low competition keywords and start generating traffic.

So in less than a few minutes I found enough keywords in 2 different niches that I have no knowledge of and I could create 2 campaigns with the data I now have.

If I had to do this manually or if I used one of the many keyword tools I used in the past this process would be an all day event.

Exact Match Domain Names

Another very cool feature of Jaaxy is with one click it will tell you what exact match domain URL’s are available. As you can see there a many prime domain names available.

So I could if I wanted to, I could buy these domains and put up a simple site and because Google still gives EMD’s high rankings – I could literally buy up the first page rankings in Google.

Choosing A Jaaxy Plan That’s Right For You

I’ve just scratched the surface of what Jaaxy can do, I can create keyword list. I can analysis my competition, I can get my site rankings, so no more wondering “what page am I on?”, I can find affiliate programs and so much more.

You have 3 options to chose from:

  • Starter: Free.
  • Pro: $19 per month or $199.00 for the year.
  • Enterprise: $49 per month or $499 for the year.

I use Jaaxy pro because that’s all I need right now, but if my use of Jaaxy keeps increasing I can see upgrading to Enterprise in the near future.

If your a power user, then the Enterprise level is better suited for you. However if you’re still unsure begin with a starter account. It is limited but you will get a great idea of how great Jaaxy works.

Jaaxy is web based so no matter where you are in the world you can access it, you can even access it on your smart phone.

I’ve been in a book store got an idea and used it on my phone to find keywords. (it also stores your search history)

So What Are You Waiting For!!

I bet you have some keywords you want to search, so do it. Use the search box below and give Jaaxy a try!

Take Your Online Business To The Next Level With Jaaxy


I hope you found this helpful – feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me or even better you can Chat Live one -on-one with me inside the wealthy affiliate.

I believe in you!!

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