What Is Jaaxy? It’s My Secret Weapon!!

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I get asked all the time “What is Jaaxy?” And I always tell people it’s my secret weapon for generating free traffic to my websites.

Here let me explain.

The success of any online business to generate free organic traffic is done by spending time doing keyword research for the terms people are using in the search engines to find what you’re marketing.

And if you don’t spend time doing your keyword research then you’re really just taking guesses and shooting in the dark when creating your websites content. And if you are doing that, well, you have little chance of generating any traffic to your website.

I have to admit doing keyword research for me was like pulling teeth.

I know it had (has) to be done but I never looked forward to it because the tools available to me at the time for doing keyword research were, well in a word “crap”.

And the reason they’re crap is because…

Most of the information many keyword tools give you is COMPLETELY useless!!

You Know You Have A Low Grade Keyword Tool When…

  • You have to install it on your computer
  • When you have to do more than 1 step to get the results for 1 thing
  • Any tool that provides a guesstimate for pay per click
  • Any tool that uses Alexa as the key factor when determining competition
  • A tool that does not pull its data from ALL the search engines not just Google
  • Lots of bloated useless data

Well that problem is over.

Let Me Introduce You To Jaaxy

Unlike many other keyword research tools and I have used a lot. What I like about Jaaxy is it gives me the information I need at a glance. I don’t have to wade through a bunch of useless information like other tools provide.

And the reason these other keyword tools provide all this other information is because they have to give you something more because the actual tool itself is pretty useless.

When I do keyword research there are only 3 things that are important to me. In fact it’s the 3 most important elements for ANY keyword or keyword phrase.

1) How Much Competition Does My Keyword Have?

So how easy would it be to get that keyword or keyword phrase ranked at the top of the search engine results.

2) How Much Traffic Does My Keyword Get?

​It doesn’t need a ton of traffic to be a great keyword just good traffic. I’ll show you what I mean in a moment.

3) Does My Keyword Make Sense?

​So when someone types a search query into the search engines are they using proper grammar?

The first 2 things are ACCURATELY gathered by Jaaxy – And as for number 3 – well that’s just common sense.

Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?

It absolutely is if you have that information!!

Jaaxy – Keyword Research Simplified

The bread and butter of Jaaxy is its keyword data function.

Which is finding those keywords terms that people are using when using the search engines to find what their looking for and the more of those keywords you find. Means the more traffic you can have coming to your website. And that means more revenue.

Once you have entered the keyword or keyword phrase you wish to search – here is the information you’ll get back about that search.

All this information is valuable but 3, 4 and 5 in the list below is what’s most important.​

jaaxy toolbar

1) Keywords – Your primary keyword search results plus 29 other results.

2) Save To List – ​You can save your keywords to keyword lists that you create.

3) AVG – The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.

4) Traffic – Visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the search engines.

5) QSR – ​Quoted Search Results – the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword. This is your TRUE competition. The lower the number the better. No other keyword tool has this feature.

6) KQI – ​Keyword Quality Indicator – using Great, Normal and Poor as indicators gives you an overview of the ranking probability of your keyword.

So GREAT means you have a high probability of ranking on the first page in the search engines search results, so go for it. NORMAL is an average keyword, still doable but it will be a little harder to rank. And POOR means forget it there is way to much competition and not worth trying to rank for.

7) SEO – A score based on traffic and competition. The higher the score the more likely you will rank on the first page of the search engines for this keyword. It’s on a scale of 1-100. The higher the better.

8) Domain – ​Here you can check and see if your keyword or keyword phrase is available as a domain name.

9) Related – ​These are keywords that are related to your target keyword. Giving you more keyword ideas and allowing you to dig deeper into your keyword research for your main keyword.

10) Brainstorm – This is a list of keywords you can create to help you brainstorm new ideas.

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Here’s The Other Features Of Jaaxy

jaaxy upper toolbar

Site Rank

jaaxy site rank
I love the site rank feature.

​Site rank allows you to see where you’re ranked within the search engines of Google, Bing and Yahoo for the keywords you choose to track.

And by doing this it allows you to see what website activity is leading to rankings in the search engines and which one aren’t.

Now the cool thing is you can automate the tracking. Simply choose the frequency of the tracking and then as your website rankings go up or down you’ll be notified with Jaaxy.

jaaxy site rank settings

This also creates a historical record of your rankings. And you can use this historical information to see all of your websites SEO activity allowing you to understand your websites ranking trends.

You also have the ability to pin your activities to a timeline inside Jaaxy. And by doing this you can see what SEO is working and what’s not. Knowing what’s working and what’s not allows you to focus on the things that can do to scale up your rankings and your traffic.

You Can Also Spy On Your Competition

Knowledge is power, and knowing what your competition is doing gives you the edge for beating your competition.

So you can also use the site ranking feature to keep tabs on your competition. Now you can know exactly how your competition ranks compared to you.

The Alphabet Soup Technique


If you’re not sure what the alphabet soup technique is. It’s using Google instant to find your keywords and then taking those keywords and using Jaaxy to get the information about the keywords you’ve found to see if they are keywords you can use.

Here let me show you. Let’s say I have a barbeque website. So I head to Google and I type in “BBQ” into Google. And as soon as I do that Google instant gives me some related suggestions.

google search result

​Google will give you the most popular search first and a few more related suggestions. BBQ Galore has no relevance to my BBQ website, but BBQ Recipes and BBQ Grill does. So what I do is create a spreadsheet and add these keywords to my spreadsheet.

Now you simply go through the alphabet starting with the letter “A”. Make sure to put a space between your search term and the letter. So from the letter “A” – BBQ At Home works, so I add that to my spreadsheet. And I continue doing this until I’ve gone through the alphabet.

By doing this you can come up with hundreds of possible keywords​

google instant

I use this technique all the time. As I just showed you doing it without Jaxxy is time consuming. Still doable but why work hard when you can work smart.

In Jaaxy I simply enter my keyword and Jaxxy returns a huge list of results. And all I need to do is move the slider to the next letter and boom – the new list of possible keywords. ​

jaaxy alphabet soup search technique

And instead of having to copy my keywords to a spreadsheet to save them. I can simply save things right in Jaaxy.

Click Here And You Can Try Jaaxy For Free


Search Analyze

​So you want to enter a brand new niche and you’re not sure if it’s going to be successful? Well now with Jaaxy you don’t have to spend hours doing complex competition and market research. With one click you can reverse engineer any successful website.

Simply enter your keyword and you can see that sites  meta keywords, meta discription, alexa rank, content insights, and backlink insights.

I love this feature because I can see what keywords high ranking sites are using and add those to my search query and see if they can work for the niche I may want to get into.

Jaaxy Search Analyze

Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate marketer you want to associate yourself with the best and most lucrative affiliate programs that you can. With over 15,000 affiliate programs from 4 of the top affiliate networks (Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River and Click Bank) finding a great affiliate program has never been easier.

Simply type in your keyword, choose the network you want to search and press Find Keywords. And with one click you’ll get a list of affiliate programs. Plus you’ll have the link to the affiliate website, you’ll see the commission details as well as the sites Alexa rank.

Jaaxy Affiliate Programs Search


Looking for that latest hot trend?

Then the brainstorm feature is the tool for you. Each day brainstorm will present what’s trending on Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Alexa giving you new ideas.

You can also add keywords to your brainstorm queue creating a keyword brainstorm list.​

jaaxy brainstorm

And now when you’re within the search feature of Jaaxy you can click on those brainstormed keyword ideas you placed in your brainstorm queue and search those keywords.​

jaaxy brainstorm

​Saved Lists

​Just as the name suggests you can create and save your keyword lists in the back office of Jaaxy. This is such a great function as it allows you to organize and control your different keyword lists.

jaaxy saved lists

And anytime you do more keyword research within a certain theme of keywords you can add them to your list.

For example you’re doing more keyword research for affiliate marketing articles for your website. You can add these new keywords to your affiliate marketing keyword list.

You can also export any keyword list to your computer either in a text format or as a CVS file for use in Excel. You can also delete keywords from your list. I’ll delete keywords from my list as I use them. Or you can rename any list if you need too.


Every search you do for keywords Jaaxy will also show you which .com .org and .net domain extension is available for any given keyword.

Simply click on the extension you’re interested in and as wealthy affiliate is a domain registrar you’ll be able to buy your domain through wealthy affiliate if it’s available.

And if your keyword domain name is not available click the Find More button and Jaaxy will give you a list of alternative domain names using your keyword.

Not only is this convenient it’s very cost effective as well. Domains through wealthy affiliate cost only $13.99 per year. And wealthy affiliate does not charge you for things like email, WHOis privacy protection, Domain security and DNS Automation). Whereas most other domain name registers will.

WA domain purchase


This is a great little time saving feature. Jaaxy stores your search history. Click the history button and Jaaxy will list the last 10 keyword searches you did.

jaaxy search history

And if you want to go back to a previous search, no need to type in again. Simply click History and then click on the search term you want to see again. Jaaxy will load that search term and the search results back into the search function.​

Keyword Research

Ok I’m going to do a search for low competition keywords in a niche that I know absolutely nothing about. Office supplies, specifically Paper Shredder.

And what I’m shooting for are keywords that have less than 200 total competing pages (QSR) and get good traffic and the keywords make sense.

So with one click Jaaxy went to work and in less than 10 seconds I got my results. This is just a snapshot of some of the keywords. Out of the complete list I got 24 keywords that I could easily rank for in Google.

jaaxy keyword search sample

Easy Peezy

Ok let’s do this again.

I don’t know much about golf – played a handful of times, did better in the club house then on the fairway – LOL .

Now in the clubhouse they play the golf channel on all the TV’s. And I remember seeing a commercial about Ping Fairway Drivers – so let’s use Jaaxy and search for Ping Fairway Drivers.

And here are the results I got.

27 keywords I could use with an outstanding chance of ranking on the first page of the search engines for each one of these keywords.

jaaxy keyword search sample

So if I had a golf site or I wanted to jump into the golf niche. I can create content for each one of these low competition keywords and start generating traffic.

So in less than a few minutes I found enough keywords in 2 different niches that I have no knowledge of and I could create 2 campaigns with the data I now have. And hit the ground running.

If I had to do this manually or if I used one of the many keyword tools I used in the past this process would be an all-day event.

So Who Is Jaaxy For?

That’s easy. It’s for anyone building an online buisness using content as the driving force for generating traffic to their website.

And if that’s you, then you know creating quailty, engaging, informative content is very, very important to your business.

And the only way you can create the proper content to generate that traffic to your website is by doing your keyword research and find those search terms people are using to find what they’re looking for.​

What I really like is it’s the perfect keyword research tool for the person who is new to online marketing, due to its easy and simplicity of use.

It really boils down to the result terms inside Jaaxy – Great – go for it, Normal – still doable and Poor – don’t bother.

And for those internet marketers that are doing keyword research on a daily basis, Jaaxy can keep up with your demands and easily cut your research time in half compared to other research tools.

Or maybe you’re a domain flipper; with Jaaxy’s domain availability feature you can easily find those hot property domain names. No more going to your domain register and searching for availability.

With just one click you’ll know if your domain name is available and if it is you can buy it instantly.

I did an indepth keyword research tutorial showing you exactly how I do my keyword research using Jaaxy, and you can follow that tutorial by clicking here.

Ok, Let Me Show You Jaxxy In Action

Choosing A Jaaxy Plan That’s Right For You

If you watched my video I mentioned you can try Jaaxy for free. Jaaxy gives you 30 free searches. If you want to give Jaaxy a try right now you can by using the plugin below. Just enter your keyword and click the search button.

The payment options after your 30 free search are:

  • Pro – it’s $49 per month.
  • Enterprise – it’s $99 per month.

jaaxy price sheet

I use Jaaxy pro because that’s all I need right now, but if my use of Jaaxy keeps increasing I can see upgrading to Enterprise in the near future.

If you’re already a power user, then the Enterprise is the level for you.

Jaaxy is web based so no matter where you are in the world you can access it, you can even access it on your smart phone. In fact, I’ve been in a book store and got an idea for a new niche and used Jaaxy on my iPhone to find keywords.

My Final Thoughts

I’m a path of least resistance kind of a guy, I’ve always prefer to work smart not hard. And Jaaxy allows me to work smart.

Building an online business has enough challenges why add one more? Especially such a key component like keyword research which is the most important step in the growth and success of your business.

Content is KING – and it’s what gets people to your website.

And like I mentioned earlier if you don’t know what terms people are using to find what you have to offer, then you’re just shooting in the dark – honestly you’re just wasting your time online.

The bottom line is you’ll have an unfair advantage over your competition by using Jaaxy allowing you to dominate your niche or any other niche you want to enter.

I hope this post has helped you with your decision on choosing a keyword research tool.

I bet you have some keywords you want to search? So why not give Jaaxy a try? Remember it’s free to use for the first 30 searches.

I hope you found this helpful – feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always if you need a hand with anything you can email me anytime.

I believe in you!!
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6 thoughts on “What Is Jaaxy? It’s My Secret Weapon!!”

  1. Hi Leo,

    Thank you for this review. I’ve heard of Jaaxy keyword tool before and I’m done with my 30 free searches but your review was still very helpful with all the explanations.

    I definitively want to subscribe to Jaaxy, but can’t figure out which subscription to take, Pro or Enterprise.

    Can you tell me more about the difference between them?

    • Hi Mia, first off thanks for stopping by, always nice to see you. As for the differnces between Jaaxy Pro and Enterprise. I’ve listed them below. I got them from the Jaaxy membership options page.

      So with the free version you get:

      30 Keyword Searches
      30 Search Results
      Website Analyzer
      Affiliate Program Finder
      Keyword List Manager
      Brainstorm Idea Feed
      Keyword Competition Data
      1x Speed
      Affiliate Program
      30 SiteRank Analysis Scans

      With the Pro version you get everything from the free version plus these features

      Unlimited Search History
      Search Analysis
      Manual QSR Search
      Manual Domain Search
      Alphabet Soup (15/letter)
      2x Multi-Threaded Search
      2K SiteRank Analysis Scans

      And with Enterprise you get evreything from Pro plus these features:

      30 Search Results
      5x Speed
      Automated QSR
      Automated Domain Search
      Alphabet Soup (50/letter)
      5x Multi-Threaded Search
      Unlimited Keyword Lists
      5K SiteRank Analysis Scans

      I hope I’ve answered you question.

      I believe in you

  2. Hi Leo

    I have to agree with everything you’ve said about Jaaxy.

    In my experience Jaaxy is one of the most complete keyword research tools I’ve ever used!

    I love the way you can spy on the competition and research possible niches on the fly and it’s super quick which is a major factor for me when I’m building a new micro-niche website and time is money.

    I don’t think there is anything missing.

    I’m hooked! 🙂

  3. Leo, Jaaxy is a fantastic keyword research tool. You have left no stone unturned in this post. You covered things I had forgotten about such as the brainstorm feature. This is a very helpful feature.

    I like the layout of the post and the way you show screenshots of the tool. I believe you have convinced me to use this.

    Thank you Leo.

    • Hey Ken, thanks for dropping by.

      If you’re doing content marketing using a keyword research tool such as Jaaxy is a must. Like I always say “why work hard when you can work smart”

      I believe in you


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