What Is Evergreen Content About?

So recently I got asked this question "Leo what is evergreen content about and should I have it as part of my content marketing stratagy?

The quick answer is a resounding YES!!​ But I can't leave you hanging with a one word answer so let me answer this in more detail for you.

evergreen content

First Your Content​

What's the purpose of your content?

The ultimate purpose of your content is to drive traffic to your website.​

And you do that by first doing keyword research and then create useful, engaging, informative content for your audience around that keyword(s).

Now you can create all kinds of different content to generate traffic to your website. But there is one style of content creation that can literally drive traffic to your website for year and year to come.

And that's Evergreen Traffic​.

So What Is Evergreen Content?

​Simply put, evergreen content is content that remains usefull to your audience year after year. It has no expiration date. Unlike the other content evergreen content is not created around trends or current news. It's content created around the core issues of your target audience.

So writing a piece about this year’s clothing trends is not evergreen content because it will fade away in six months. And many of the keywords associated with the topic will be less and less search for.

Evergreen content does not fade away.

Sure you may have to come back to this content (post/page) and update it as new information emerges. But great evergreen content will definitely stand the test of time without having to make huge changes to the content itself.

And there are many forms of evergreen content. In fact you've probably have evergreen content on your site right now and may not know it.

Here's some samples of fantastic evergreen content....

  • How to guides
  • FAQ's
  • Tutorials
  • "History of" type articles
  • Glossaries of terms and services
  • Product and service reviews

And evergreen content is not just the written word. Evergreen content can come in the form of videos, images and infographs too.

Evergreen Content Is Very Vaulable​

Do you have a post or a page from a site that you've booked marked and go back to over and over again? That's evergreen content. It was relevant and valuable to you when you discovered this content and it's relevant and valuable to you now and it will be in the future.

In fact evergreen conent is so vaulable to you that you would have no problem paying for it​ if you had to.

Remember This Is Not Just Another Post

In fact it's not unusual for a piece of evergreen content to be over 10,000 words.

The Advantages Of Evergreen Content

1) Better Rankings

It's been talked about over and over again that the length of a piece of content does affect it's search engine rankings. 

In fact Brian Dean did a case study in 2016 on "which factors correlate with first page search engine rankings"


And included in this case study content length was one of the characteristics he took a look at. And it was concluded that "longer content tends to rank higher in Google's search results"

Of course it's not just the lenght of the content that affects the rankings of the conent, it's also the quality of the content​. You can't expect to write a piece of crap and get good rankings even if it's 20,000 words long.

2) Long Term Traffic

Since evergreen traffic tends to rank higher in the search engine results and tends to stay there once it's reached a top ranking​. This means a lot of your traffic can come from your evergreen content.

Tips For Creating Evergreen Content

I Just want to mention this before I get into these tips. Like any content you create you have to do your keyword research first. So make sure to take the time to find the low hanging fruit keyword(s) so you increase you abilty to rank your evergreen content.

Ok on with the tips....

1) Beginners

You'll find evergreen content becomes evergreen content because it's primarily aimed at beginners.

One of the most used search terms is "How To". Almost everyone is looking for tips, steps and advice on things they know little or nothing about. So focus on creating your content for newbies.

2) Be Topic Focused (percise)​

Sure you may think that you need write a more general post on your topic to appeal to a wider audience but that's not the case. It's best you narrow down the topic as much as possible.

When people are looking for information it tends to be very percise. They're looking for something specific.

Think of when you do a search in Google? You typically do a very specific search because you're looking for very specific information.​ 

So for example you wouldn't want to create your evergreen content around a broad topic like "How to make money online".  

But you would want to create your content around a more specific topic such as "How to become an affiliate marketer"

And again this is where your keyword research comes into play because it's your keyword(s) you're going to use as the title ​of your post. So when people do a search for your topic, yours is the content people will find first.

3) Support Your Research and Resources

Remember this is going to be a very in-depth piece of content and chances are you're going to provide statistics or references related to the topic.

When you do make sure to link to these other authority sites. Not only does this support you and the information your providing. Plus linking to an external authority site is always good for your posts and sites overall SEO.

4) Change Things Up

​Remember the attention span online is very short. So you need to keep people engaged. You don't want to just write text in one long boring essay style format.

Switch it up. So the use of images, bullet points even video are all things you can use to keep people engaged.

Here's A Few Other Tips ​

1) Repurpose Your Content

You can repurpose your content into other formats. By repurposing your content it gives you the opportunity to reach other audiences.

Here’s some repurposing ideas...

  • Video tutorial
  • Infographic
  • Social media
  • Podcast

2) Internal Linking

Internal linking helps you in two ways.

First, Internal linking is great for your sites overall SEO. It tells the search engines that your content is so vaulualbe that you link to it.

Second, It provides your reader the opportunity to find even more of your great content. 

You have to remember this visitor may not know who you are.​ So by enticing them to check out more of your content (site) allows them to get to know you better. And by getting to know you better chances are they'll share even more of your information with their audience. 

And that's always a good thing!!​

You should not only be repurposing and internal linking with your evergreen content but you should be doing this with all your content​.

It's Not Just About Evergreen Content

Yes evergreen content is vauluable but so is your topical and timley content. So that's why you want to simply add evergreen content to your overall content marketing stratagy and not focus just on evergreen content.

So keep adding your topical and timely content to your site on a regular basis. And then add an evergreen piece once a month or so.

Do this and you'll have a very poweful content marketing machine.

I hope you found this post helpful. If so, feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can email me or even better you can chat live one -on-one with me inside the wealthy affiliate.

I believe in you!

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