So, What Is Enersource International?



Ok, So What Is Enersource International?

Enersource International is a multi-level marketing company that markets health and wellness products. And Linden Wood is its CEO and Founder. And is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Now Enersource International was founded in 2016 but the products were first produced by his earlier company EnerGreens Inc back in 2001. And then transitioned into his current company Enersource International.

Now Linden is no stranger to MLM. Prior to starting EnerGreens Inc and now Enersource International he was one of the shining stars of another MLM company called Excel. He then grew his network to over 100,000 people in only 3 years. And by 1997 he was earning over $500,000 per month.

So, there is no doubt that Linden has the experience to run this company.

Disclaimer: I am not a member or an affiliate of Enersource International. All the information researched for this review is available online within the public domain. This review is my personal opinion and any recommendations/conclusions are my own which you may or may not agree with. What you decide to do after reading my review is up to you. You can see the full disclaimer here for more info.

The Products

At the time of this writing they currently have the following products. And then they have bundled these individual products into packs.

All prices are in retail prices in US funds. You can save money if you decide to go on their monthly auto shipment program.

EnerGreens Plus

Retail $44.95 – no auto ship option at the time of this writing.

This is their gluten free, 100% organic and plant based raw superfood that contains over 50 organic grasses, sprouted grains, green vegetables and herbs.

They also have a product called just EnerGreens. It’s the same as the EnerGreens Plus for – $29.99. I don’t see any difference between the two other than price. No auto ship option at the time of this writing.


Retail $89.95 (US) Two Pack – $179.95 – auto ship $79.99 and $169.99.

This product is aspartame, gluten and soy free and is designed to increase the effectiveness of a ketogenic diet.

Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shake

Retail $69.99 – auto ship – $59.99.

This is their meal replacement shake. It’s aspartame, gluten and soy free. And contains 26 vitamins, and minerals at 238 calories per serving.

SuperNutrient Vitamin & Mineral

Retail $39.99 – auto ship – $34.99.

This is a daily supplement that they say contains the vitamins and minerals that help you with your daily nutritional needs.

EnerGFX Energy Booster Energy Drink

Retail $49.95 – auto ship – $44.99.

This is their energy drink designed to give you that mental and physical boost.


Retail $34.99 – auto ship – $29.99.

They say this product is supposed to help improve your body’s alkalinity. By neutralizing molds, yeast, bacteria, exotoxins and mycotoxins. It’s also supposed to help with acid reflux and heartburn.

ENERGfx B-12

Retail $34.99 – auto ship – $29.99.

This is supposed to help increase your bodies energy.

EnerLight Vitamin D3 (and K2) Supplement

Retail $34.99 – auto ship – $29.99.

This is designed to help you increase your daily vitamin D intake.


Retail $59.99 – auto ship – $49.99

This is their CBD oil and to be of the upmost purity.

Then they have 8 different bundle packs to choose from. Ranging in price from $109.00 to $69.99. Y

Now they do make a lot of claims of how wonderful their products are. And do include testimonials from people. That’s all well and good but there is zero scientific evidence or studies that I could find that back up any of the claims they make when it comes to their products.

Also, I noticed that nowhere on their site is a disclaimer of any kind from the FDA, which they should have. We are after all talking about supplements. And when it comes to supplements the FDA does not approve them.

And because of that, Enersource International does not have to prove that their products actually work or are even safe for you.

Just something you need to keep in mind when deciding about joining Enersource International.

The Cost Of Getting Started & The Compensation Plans

You will see there are 2 different compensation plans available. Each will cost you a different amount to join the company. However, there is no information on their website when it comes to the cost of joining.

comp plan


So, I had to do some digging and I found out to join under the first compensation plan (Forced Matrix) that will cost you $49.00.

With Forced Matrix compensation plan, you as a representative can only sponsor a certain number of frontline distributors.

Meaning you can only have so many people on your first level. All the other representatives you have must be placed further down in your organization. Such as your second level, and so on.

Now you’re not told what matrix plan this is. And what I mean by that is all matrix plans are described by 2 numbers. The width and the depth. So, if a plan is a 3 x 8, that means you can place 3 people on your front line and it pay 8 levels deep.

As for the second compensation plan (Up Front Sales Commissions) . To join that comp plan, that will cost you $249.00.

Here’s the benefits with the second compensation plan as listed on their website:

  • Customer sales commissions of up to 100% on every new representative
  • Up front commissions paid when US$150 in products bought or sold
  • Customer sales commissions paid to infinite levels
  • Residual income paid to infinite levels

Ok so what’s the difference between the two?

Simply put, if you want access to the full compensation plan where you have the ability to maximize your commission. Then you need to pay for the second compensation plan at $249.00. Pay the $49.00 and your potential for earnings are limited.

Also, as a representatives you need to buy or sell $99.00 of business volume per month.

And even though it’s not mentioned anywhere. I’m sure this required minimum monthly business volume is so you are considered an active representative and stay eligible for the bonuses that come with either compensation plan.

So, Can You Expect To Make Money With Enersource International?

Both compensation plans are used by other MLM companies. But this is the first time I have seen a company offer the choice between the 2 plans.

But I see what’s going on here. They are steering you towards the cost of the second compensation plan. They are basically saying if you want to have the opportunity to make the most amount of money you need to step up and spend the $249.00 to get started.

Ok, that’s their marketing strategy. But will you or can you make money?

as with any MLM company the opportunity is there for you to make money. However, the reality is that most people will not make any real money with an MLM company.

In fact, the majority of people end up losing money.

Also, there is no income disclosure statement that you can look at. This statement is a critical piece of information when deciding on joining any MLM. This information gives you the statistical yearly data of the average earnings of the income representatives make.

Now, this is a privately held company and they do not have to provide this information. But if they really wanted to help you make an informed decision it would be nice if they did.

Heck, if the really wanted to help you they would have the cost of joining the company and a clearer overview of the compensation plans on their website. But they don’t.

What I Like About Enersource International

#1) Pricing

The pricing of their products are not crazy overpriced.

#2) Legitimate Business

For the right person there is a legitimate business opportunity available.

#3) On Trend

The products they have are on trend with people looking for soy free, gluten-free and their KetoSource product that aligns with a ketogenic diet.

#4) Solid Leadership

The founder, Linden Wood definitely has the experience when it comes to growing and building not only a successful business when he was with Excel. But with his own MLM company.

What I Didn’t Like About Enersource International

#1) Lack Of Transparency

There is no detailed information as to the compensation plans nor the cost of joining the company through either plan on their website.

#2) No Income Disclosure Statement

Without an income disclosure statement, it’s very hard to be able to make an informed decision as to the likelihood of actually making any decent money.

#3) Unfounded Product Claims

There is zero scientific evidence or findings that show their products actually work.

#4) Recruitment

As with most MLM companies the only way you’re going to have the opportunity to make the “big” money is by having to constantly recruit people into your business.

#5) Low Success Rate

The MLM business model is one of the least successful business models when it comes to building a profitable homebased business. In fact, the majority of people that get involved in MLM will quit within the first year.

And most will be in more debt than when they started. It’s just a losing opportunity.

6) Saturated Market

When it comes to retailing products like the ones they have. There is no lack of competition. Heck, people can just head to Amazon or their local health food store and buy the same products claiming the same results.

And in most cases, they can buy them for a lot less. So, from what I can see from a retail point of view you’re going to have challenges selling the products.

My Final Opinion Of Enersource International

At the time of this writing Enersource International is somewhat of a new kid on the block when it comes to MLM companies.

The company is on trend with being 100% vegan, organic and gluten-free. Plus they ahve a product that aligns with a ketogenic diet (KetoSource).

You have a founder that is no stranger to MLM and has proven he can build and grow a success MLM business and head a successful MLM company.

But does that mean Enersource International is the right business opportunity for you? Well of course only you can decide that. And if you think it is, then go for it and I wish you nothing but success.

But MLM is not for me. Well, not anymore. Yep, I was once involved with MLM many, many years ago called Melaleuca. And like a lot of people I was drawn in by the sales pitch and how it was going to be so easy to make a ton of money.

Well that could not have been further from the truth. I busted my ass for a little over a year and all that I ended up doing was pissing off my friends and family and constantly getting rejected when I presented the business opportunity to people. And the ones that did join, eventually ended up quitting.

So, after that abuse I called it quits too. And it’s the best thing I ever did. Well the best thing I could have ever done was not get involved in the first place.

Anyway. By quitting it allowed me to discover one of the most proven and successful business models for making money online.

At that’s Affiliate Marketing.

With affiliate marketing you never have recruit anyone to build your business. And you’ll never have to sell anything to anyone to make money. The perfect gig as far as I’m concerned.

Plus, the best part, well one of the best parts is you can build your business around your hobby or passion.

And it makes no difference what hobby or passion that is. Are you into woodworking? Kites, dogs, cats, socks, health and wellness, birds, aquariums – hell I could go on and on

Like I said, it makes no difference what your hobby or passion is. You can turn that into a thriving full time online income.

Now if this sounds more exciting then joining some MLM where you have to meet certain qualifications to earn money. Then maybe you should take the time and see what affiliate marketing has to offer you.

Will it be the path you follow? I have no idea. But I think it would be wise to check things out before you make any final decisions when it comes to Enersource International – don’t you think?

And the best resource to find out all about affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate.

And what’s cool is you can see everything wealthy affiliate has to offer you absolutely free.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about Enersource International and its business opportunity.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you did find this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience. And as always anytime you need a hand don’t hesitate Emailing Me anytime.

I believe in you!!

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