What Is Clickbetter? Well It’s Certainly Not Better

clickbetterSo, what is ClickBetter? ClickBetter is an affiliate network (marketplace) like ClickBank where vendors, and these are product owners can sell their digital products as well as provides a place where affiliates can find product to promote on their own websites using a verity of marketing channels.

Now that you have an idea what ClickBetter is let’s dive in a little deeper and you’ll see what I recommend avoiding this particular market place.


When you’re online your reputation is everything. And that means not only do you always have to worry about your own by you have to mindful of who you’re associate with.

Because you may be a great guy or gal but if you’re associated with less than reputable people or companies then your good reputation can and will get dirty.

And this is no truer as an affiliate marketer, because as an affiliate marketer you’re giving people your recommendation on products and services. So, you always want to be certain what you’re recommending is the best product or service.

And just like there are good and bad products or services, there are bad affiliate networks (market places). Well I can tell you ClickBetter is not better and is a network I would never recommend any affiliate marketer use to find product to promote, and here’s why.

No Real Product Quality Filter

Most of the products are related to the make money online niche and there seems to be no real screening process for the products they accept. So that means they’re not really checking to see which products have true value and ones that are less than reputable.

So, if a person is creating a low quality digital product and even an out right scammy product ClickBetter is probably the easiest marketing place to get approved because they don’t screen products. Good for the vendor, bad for the affiliate.

And I know ClickBetter allows scam products because I have done reviews on products that are part of the ClickBetter catalogue

Surprising Sign Up Process

I belong to some very highly reputable affiliate marketing places such as Commission Junction, Share A Sale and others and not once after I completed the sign-up process with these other affiliate networks was I hit with an upsell like I was when I was going through my sign-up process with ClickBetter.

Right off the bat that left a bad taste in my mouth. Click.org is a paid click tracking software program which ClickBetter receives commission from anyone who uses this software.

click org

Inside The Back Office

Ok, once I blew past the upsell I started looking around the back office. First thing I noticed is under many sub categories there are no products to promote.

For example, under the Arts and Entertainment, there is only 2 products listed under Art and 1 main product under Film and Television the rest of the sub categories have nothing they are empty.

And I found lots of empty sub categories under the main listed categories were empty as well. Who knows when they plan to add products to these sub categories. But you would think if they did not have a product you could promote in that sub category, why have it listed in the first place.

Other affiliate networks I am associated with don’t have empty categories.

I think they have all these sub categories listed just so it gives the illusion they have lots of products, yeah that illusion get’s blow out of the water pretty fast once you start looking around.

Here’s another thing I noticed, they have a list of the top 10 products within their network. Guess what? 6 out or the 10 products listed is the same product.

clickbetter 10


Since ClickBetter accepts everyone into their program as a vendor this is a good thing because now you can add your product to their catalogue of products and you can use their backend which takes care of all your customer service, payment processing and refunds and such. The fee to use their backend is 10% plus $1 per transaction.

As a vendor (product owner) you can also set up things like:

  • Recurring Billing, Trials & Payment Plans
  • 2nd Tier Commissions
  • One Click Upsells
  • JV Profit Sharing
  • Customizable Order Forms
  • Sub Campaigns/Payouts
  • Invite Only / Whitelisting

Payment Processing

A red flag for me when it comes to the payments they accept they say they accept Visa, MasterCard, American express, Discover, JCB and even Bit Coins but they don’t mention that they accept PayPal.

Now PayPal is the most recognized and largest payment platform online and is what many people use to buy online. Now if they don’t accept PayPal that’s usually because PayPal has received to many disputes from a specific group or company. Now I can’t say for sure if ClickBetter cannot use PayPal, but wouldn’t you want to use the most trusted online payment processor?

And to add to this, I went to a bunch of vendor pages and many of these sites show they accept PayPal but when you go to the order form there is no PayPal option. So, to me this is deception on the part of the vendor. And if you were a reputable affiliate network I would think you would be sure to tell your vendors that you cannot say you accept PayPal when you don’t (can’t).

Now I’m not going to call out any one vendor but here’s what’s at the end of a vendors sales page. And you can see they have the image showing they accept PayPal.

clickbetter vendor cart

And when I clicked through here’s the payment page and you can clearly see they have no option allowing you to use PayPal.

click better cart

Customer Service

The only thing that I remotely good about ClickBetter is the customer service options. They do make it easy to get in touch with them. You can email them, you can call them, or you can use the live chat feature.

clickbetter customer

Is Click Better A Scam?

No ClickBetter is not a scam, they are a digital marketplace and payment processor to sell digital products online. They do provide a service for vendors and affiliate marketers.

The problem is they have products that are well, let’s just say less than reputable and some are just plan scammy products. And this does reflect badly on ClickBetter.

And if you’re an affiliate of some of these products that’s going to reflect badly on you. Remember what I said about always protecting your online relationship by being diligent of whom you associate with?

Do I recommend ClickBetter as an affiliate marketers resource? Absolutely not. Even if there is a good product inside ClickBetter and you decide to promote it.

You’re still associated with a service that represents sub standard and scammy products. And that’s what you’ll be know for, not the good product you’re marketing.

So simply avoid all the bad Karama that wold come with ClickBetter.

Affiliate Resources You Can Trust

I belong to many affiliate networks and here’s the one’s I work with on a regular basis.

ClickBank – This is the #1 digital vendor and affiliate network online. I’ve been both a vendor and an affiliate of ClickBank. Over the years they have gotten more and more strict with whom they allow inside their network. Not only do they have make money online products you’ll find product ranging from As Seen On Tv to Travel.

Commission Junction – They now go by just CJ. I’ve been an affiliate of CJ’s for years. CJ represents 1000’s of real world and online companies in every niche you can think of.

Share A Sale – This is another affiliate network that represents online and real-world companies. You’ll find companies like WayFair for home and garden and online companies such as CopyBlogger (Studiopress).

Link Share – Just like CJ you’ll find everything from Auto to Travel products inside link share.

Make Money Online Affiliate Program

One of the best resources if you want to get into the make money online niche and represent a company that provides people with a real opportunity to build a successful online business around their hobby or passion is Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m a wealthy affiliate member and affiliate marketer for their product. And it’s just not a product it’s so much more than that. It’s also a community. I’ve been a proud member of wealthy affiliate since 2012 and will be part of this community for ever. It’s helped me in so many ways and has also allowed me to help so many people.

WA proof

As an affiliate marketer you want to first represent products and services that you can be proud of and that enhance your online reputation. You have lots of products and services to choose from unfortunately there a plenty of lousy ones.

For me I focus on promoting only the best and my #1 recommendation to anyone who wants to build a business as an affiliate marketer and be associated with a top tier service I always recommend wealthy affiliate.

I hope you found this information useful. If so feel free to share this post with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can Email Me.

I believe in you!!

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