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What Is Article Spinning? Besides A Really Bad Idea

I got an email a few days ago from one of my subscribers and she asked me “what is article spinning and how do I do it?”

My reply was “Noooo that’s the worst thing you could do for SEO today don’t even think about doing it”

I then explained to her what article spinning was, how it was used in the past and how you want to avoid using such an outdated and very harmful technique.

So today I want to share with you want I shared with her so you’ll also understand why you should not even consider doing any article spinning (content spinning).

So What Is Article Spinning?

Article spinning is taking one article and the through the use of spinning software rewriting the original article into other original article or multiply new articles.

And by spinning articles you had a low cost way of creating large amounts of content.

Let’s Go Back A Bunch Of Years

Long before many of the Google updates backlinking was the primary way of showing Google that your site had value and was popular to get your site ranked high in the search results.

The more inbound links you had to your site the better. And the quality of those links was not as important as the amount.

So the SEO strategy back then was not focused on quality content as it is today – it was quantity.

So you wanted to get as much content out there on other sites.

One of the most popular places to submit your content was article directories.


Because each piece of content you submitted to an article directory it created a unique page for that piece of content. Which was a unique URL thus creating a new backlink to your site.

And not only that – site owners would come to directories looking for content – and if they liked yours they could put your content on their site and now you have another new backlink.

And all these backlinks showed Google that your site was popular and must be important so it would increase your sites rank.

Heck there were even services that would submit your content to hundreds of article directories for you.

Back then you could submit one article and then re-submit that same article to hundreds of article directories and sites.

Or you could use an article spinner to create a ton of articles and then submit them to hundreds of different places.

It was crazy back then – I know I was content submitting fanatic.

Actually myself and my business partner could routinely get first place rankings in the hardest niches like beating out EDU (education) sites.

And then Google changed things – and I/we were smart to change with them.

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Back To Today

calendar Ok, let’s jump ahead to 2011 and this is after first major update that Google has done – Panda.

Panda’s update was (is) designed to weed out shallow and low-quality content from its top search results.

So places like article directories (content farms) have been severely devalued.

For example Ezine Articles (directory) got slammed big time because of all the useless garbage content within their site. And by slammed I mean a 90% index loss.

The days of creating tons of low quality content are gone. Gone are the days of creating one article and submitting it to a hundred article directories, content farms or websites.

Don’t Be Fooled

I know, I know you have come across a site that says their article spinner can spin your article to read just like a human wrote it.


Please once you have spun an article it will take you more time to fix it so it does not sound like someone who been drinking and english is a second language was the one that wrote it.

I don’t care what the sales page say’s. No article spinner can re-write any article like a human can.

Let alone fool Google.

And this is the funny thing – who do you think is working for Google? Who do you think is creating the algorithms for Google?

It’s the top PHD’s on the planet in computer science.

And I think people tend to forget that simply because some sales page on some website says – “our article spinner is the best and will rank your content at the top of Google”

Come on!! If you seriously believe that I have some kelp futures I want to sell you.

my opinion#1 Reason Why Article Spinning Is A Really Bad Idea

Forget the ethical aspects and the moral implications of article spinning and the down right laziness of some online marketers.

Google considers article spinning black hat SEO and because of that you will seriously hurt your rankings and more than likely get your site blacklisted from appearing in Google’s search results.

Remember Panda – Google is on the lookout for sites with low quality content. This update was designed to clean out spun content from their search index.

Just Don’t Do It

The bottom line is don’t waste your time or money on ANY article spinner.

Google loves fresh quality content on your site. Do that and you’ll get the rankings you want and all the traffic you want.

And you’ll never have to worry about anything Google does – ever!!

And if you’re struggling to come up with fresh content on a regular basis I did a post showing you techniques and resources for unlimited amount of content ideas.


After reading this you’re still using article spinning and you don’t plan on stopping there is one thing you can be proud of.

You have guaranteed to have your site blacklisted from appearing in Google’s search results.

Good for you!!

Obviously being successful online is not what you’re shooting for.

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I hope you found this post helpful. If so, feel free to share it with your audience, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

And as always anytime you need a hand you can email me or even better you can Chat Live one -on-one with me inside the wealthy affiliate.

I believe in you!!

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