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Weapons of Mass Commissions – Very Little Value

wmcProduct Name: Weapons Of Mass Commission
Website: www.weaponsofmasscommission.com
Price: $9.95 Plus Upsells
Owner: Matthew Neer
Ranking: 1 Out Of 10

I’ve seen a lot of sales pages for different marketing products that promise fast results, but Weapons of Mass Commissions has to be one of the worst ones yet.

The video is basically claiming that you could make right around $1,000 in the time it takes to go pick up a burger. Crazy, right?

Does the Weapons of Mass Commissions product really work? What is it? Can it help you?

Well, that’s exactly what I plan to cover in the review below.

So What Is Weapons of Mass Commissions?

Weapons of Mass Commissions is a product that was released by Matthew Neer and he promises to teach you his “secret methods” to making a full time income online.

While the method that is taught in the program (more on that below) is an effective one.

It’s not one that I would recommend to people who are just getting started or want to find a course that is going to teach them how to build an online business from the ground up.

Who Is Weapons of Mass Commissions For?

This product is more geared for intermediate to advanced marketers who already understand the basics of building and operating a website.

There really isn’t a lot of value in here for people who are new to the arena of making money on the internet.

questionHow Does It Work?

Weapons of Mass Commissions teaches you how to setup basic capture pages and then send out email marketing offers to the people who sign up for information from you and your websites.

While it sounds great in theory, and email marketing should be a crucial part of your business as you develop your online presence, it is not, in my opinion, the best way to get started making money on the Internet.

The biggest challenge for people wanting to build an email list is having the right free offer to get those email addresses, and how to drive tons of traffic to the squeeze page.

The second (traffic) being the most challenging for people. And one of the methods Matthew teaches can be very expensive and has a big learning curve.

More about that in a moment.

What’s The Price?

The base product price of $9.95 is more than fair, but as you guessed it, there are quite a few upsells that you’ll have to refuse before you can access your purchase. There was one other thing that really bugged me about the cost of the product.

That thing was the fact that in order to see the price of the product, let alone purchase it, you have to first enter in your email address on the sales page.

I have said in numerous times with other product reviews that I simply can’t stand this marketing tactic, as it simply leads to an inbox full of spam-laden emails every day trying to sell the next big thing.

This is a big personal pet peeve, but one that I feel needed to be mentioned so that anyone who is thinking about entering their email just to see the price, knows what to expect.

Are There Any Upsells?

Oh yes, there are a couple of upsells and you can forget about them being anywhere close to $9.95!

The first upsell is for a step by step, over the shoulder style video series in which Matthew creates a campaign while you watch.

He claims that it leaves absolutely nothing out and can help anyone get their first campaign launched. It has a pretty hefty price tag on it as it will run you $197.

The second upsell for $97 will give you 7 different done for you campaigns that Matthew claims to have already made money with in the past.

Each one has a pdf of information with it as well as videos which show you how to get the most bang for your buck from the campaigns.

wmdWhat Training And Tools Can You Expect?

There are videos and pdfs that are designed to teach you how to setup a landing page, and then drive a little bit of traffic to it.

I honestly wasn’t that impressed with the traffic generation tips that Matthew had to offer though.

Lately, it seems like there are tons of people recommending you to do solo ad purchases.

For those of you wondering, a solo ad is when you pay someone else to email their list with your ad.

And as the name suggests (solo ad) your ad is the only thing that get sent in the email

While some solo ad buys can be incredible opportunities to get your message in front of hungry folks in your niche, these list have been so inundated with ads that most won’t pay any attention to your message.

The problem with using this type of traffic source is that it’s one of the most expensive form of paid traffic out there. And like any paid advertising, there is a testing phase and that’s the phase that can cost a lot of money.

The testing phase is the ad copy itself. And doing solo ads is not just about sending out an ad. You need to be a pretty good copywriter to create ads that will convert. Solo ad copy can be as much as 500 words, a small sales letter really.

And I speak from personal experience. I did solo advertising, and yes it did work out. But I had to test my ads and rework my copy before things started to convert. Your first ad rarely converts very well and in some (many) cases not at all on the first try.

Being experienced can give you a bit of an edge, maybe. But for a beginner this is a really bad idea. The learning curve is pretty big, and as I mentioned it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

supportHow’s The Support?

The only way to get any support for this product is to email Matthew.

While his support page does state that they “pride themselves on a fast response time,”.

But be prepared that response times may be a few minutes, hours, or days.

What I Liked About Weapons of Mass Commissions

There were two things I liked about this product including:

  • Price Point – There’s quite a bit of training in there for under $10.
  • Presentation – The course was organized and presented well. It was entertaining to watch as well.

What I Didn’t Like

There were a few things that really made this one a pass for me including:

  • Forced Email Capture – Before you can buy, you must submit your email address. This results in spam-laden emails filling your inbox well into the future most likely.
  • Low Price Front End With High Priced Upsells – While the front end product is reasonably priced, the upsells are very expensive. This seems like a bait and switch to me.
  • Poor Traffic Generation Strategies – The methods that the course teaches for traffic generation are not the best. The free methods are known to be poor performers, and the paid methods could really cost you a pretty penny.
  • Not Beginner Friendly – Even though this course claims to be beginner friendly, you really need to understand the basics of internet marketing before you start it.

Let’s Compare Weapons Of Mass Commissions With The Program That Beginner Friendly

my opinionMy Final Opinion

Yeah, it has a really cheap front-end price point to gain entry, but honestly, I don’t believe it’s worth the investment of even at $9.

And then there are the upsells. Man I would love to come across a product of true value that gave you everything for one price instead of hitting you up with upsell after upsell..

If you’re not an experienced marketer this is one product I would stay away from. And even with that said, it’s nothing I would recommend to anyone really.

If you want to learn how to create a solid online business from the ground up, there are a lot of better opportunities out there that will provide you with all the training, tools, resources and support and for just one price.

No hidden upsells or goofy sales tactics.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about it.

So do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about weapons of mass commissions.

If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others make a decision whether or not to spend the money on this program.

And if you did find his review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience.

I Believe In You!

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