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Q&AHey, welcome to this weeks Q&A’s, tips, updates and success stories from the members of the wealthy affiliate.

Last week I spoke about the new commenting platform the wealthy affiliate has rolled out. As well as how much weight comments have on your overall rankings in the search engines.

But did you know that the details a commenter leaves, and I’m talking about their name, email address and most importantly their website URL can have a very negative effect on your rankings?

Did you also know that the information you leave when you’re commenting can also affect your sites ranking as well?

If you didn’t? You’re not alone.

To learn more about this you’ll find a link under the tips section of this post. I put Read This beside it.

Ok, let’s see what the members have for you today.

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This Week’s Questions & Answers

Note: You’ll find a link to the complete thread after the answer for that particular question.



This question was asked within our Authoring Writing Content classroom.

The best way to find content for your website?


If you’re in the IM niche everyday people her in the WA are asking questions, sharing ideas and so on. You can use all of this as a jumping off point to create great content for your site. You can also do a search in google like this:

You can read the complete thread by clicking here.


This question was asked within our Everything WordPress classroom.

Sharing other people’s youtube videos?


It’s definitely worth doing but make sure you don’t have the ‘suggested videos’ at the end because people may click on that and leave your site.

You can read the complete thread by clicking here.


This question was asked in our Authoring Writing Content classroom.

Should I my own music?


Are you building a music-related niche website? If not, I think that adding music will do very little good. If the music plays automatically, it will probably drive visitors away. Here’s part of an article from moz.com…

You can read the complete thread by clicking here.

This Weeks Tips And Updates From Our Members

Are Your Comments Leading to Poor Rankings? (Read This)

How To Quickly Use Google Webmaster Page Speed Insight Tool And What It Does

Creating A Category Page

What Are Tags And How To Use Them

Wealthy Affiliate Member Success Stories 

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Page 1 On Google On Less Than A Week!

My First WA Referral

Week Four Of The Summer Postings From The Members Of The WA

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I believe in you!


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