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Video Marketing

Video marketing MUST be part of your overall marketing strategy – it’s just to powerful of a method not to be utilized.

I use video marketing in all my niches and because of it I have multiple first page rankings on Google and the traffic to go along with those rankings.

In fact a study done by Forrester Research found that a video has a 53 times greater chance of getting ranked inside Google than textual content.

So that means creating video content has a greater chance to be seen then your blog post or stagnet company page you spent hours and hours creating.

The Stats

Here are some very compelling stats about video marketing and the use of You Tube.

– You Tube is the second largest search engine in the world, it has over 800 million unique users and receives over 400 billion views per day.

– In 1 minute there are over 2.8 million videos viewed on Youtube and over 3 million views per day on mobile devices.

– Top Rank finds that online video is expected to grow more than 55% and is the top form for content marketing.

– Video has a 41% higher click thru rate than plain text and Cisco Systems Inc predicts that by 2018 videos will may make up 84% of internet traffic.

This means your audience is already on YouTube you just need to show up with the right content.

The Video Revolution

With video marketing YouTube equals Traffic and in most cases it’s easier to get top ranking on Google with a YouTube video then it is doing traditional SEO. And by traditional I mean content creation, website SEO and so on.

You can leverage YouTube with simple little videos and drive MORE traffic to your site, create rabid fans and most importantly build an unstoppable brand!!

And it’s a lot easier to do than you may think. And you don’t even have to be in front of the camera or even own one to get started! And as your business grows people will look to you as the authority in your niche.

How Cool Is That!!

I’m going to share with you the basics of Video Marketing and the techniques you must employ.

Call it your introduction to YouTube Video Mastery. More training and tutorials about video marketing can be found at the Wealth Affiliate

My 3 Rules For Video Marketing And Using YouTube

1) Don’t upload a video that you cannot afford to lose. YouTube has the right to remove or even terminate your YouTube account for any reason they see fit. And this happens more than people think.

2) Get people to see your video.

3) Once people are watching your video – get them to your website.

What Kinds Of Videos Can You Make?

You can make several types of videos:

  1. You can make videos with you in front of the camera or talking head videos as they are known as.
  2. You can do screen cast videos. These are videos where you’re recording your computer screen. Get for how to videos.
  3. You can make scribe videos. These are the ones where the video messages is being drawn by a hand really fast.
  4. You can make explainer videos. These are videos that use animations of people and objects and have text and music ( no voice)

No matter which style you use just make sure your video is well produced, informative, fun and engaging.

Video SEO

It all starts with Keyword Research baby!!

Just like all SEO you need to do your homework before you make your video. This means you’re going to have to do your keyword research.

YouTube is a search engine and people use it all the time to find answers.

So your job is to uncover exactly what your ideal customer is looking for and then create your content around that.

And with that you want to find the low hanging fruit – which is good search volume and low competition for your keywords(s).

Answer the questions that your ideal customer is looking for and your videos will get seen and the traffic will come to your site.

I have uploaded a video to YouTube and have them show up on the first page of Google within 4 days because of doing proper research.

I use Jaaxy for all my keyword research – it just makes things so much easier. A reliable and powerful research tool will make or break your SEO success so make sure you have one.

And if you don’t have a powerful research tool I recommend checking out Jaaxy.

What Kind Of Keywords?

Long-tail keyword search terms are best because that’s what people use to find what they are looking for online.

For example if some one is a golfer chances are they are not going to put in a search term like Golf Clubs. They probably know what golf club they are looking for so the search term could be – Ping Fairway Wood Driver.

That is a long tail keyword search phrase – if this search phrase had good volume and low competition this would be a term you would want to go after.

Let’s say you’re an affiliate selling this golf club – you could easily do a demonstration video of how great this club is and how it can improve someones game.

To learn more about keyword research Click Here

Ok, you’ve done your keyword research and you’ve found your main keyword search term.

What Now?

I’m going to jump ahead and say you’ve made your video – here’s what you want to do for…

Video SEO:

1) Title

When you upload your video to YouTube it uses the file name you created as the title. So what I do is use my keyword phrase as the file name this way the title will automatically be that.

If you’ve used a different file name make sure you change it so your title is your main keyword phrase.

One of my niches is helping people get out of Payday Loan Debt There’s no better feeling then helping people out of this trap.

So the videos I create are videos that provide solutions as well as educate people while using keyword phrases.

So here’s the title of one of my videos:

2) Description

In the description area you want to include your keyword phrase in the first paragraph, as well as having the link to your website at the beginning of your description.

Within the description you want to also add additional keywords – but remember you’re writing for people so add them naturally within your descriptions content.

If you used a script for your video you can place that in the description area as your content.

3) Tags

Make sure your main keyword phrase is used in your tags. NOTE: YouTube allows 127 characters for each tags.

If your keyword phrase is to long to put in the tags make sure you use other relevant keywords in your tags.

4) Custom Thumbnails

A thumbnail is the still slide that is shown before your video is clicked. When you upload your video YouTube will give you 3 choices of thumbnails that it has picked.

In the image below I got lucky and YouTube picked an image from my video I liked so I used it, but many times these are not what you want to use.

So YouTube also gives you the option to upload a custom thumbnail that you have created. You want to take advantage of that.

Think of a custom thumbnail as your billboard to advertise your video. You want to give people a reason to click the play button.

Calls To Action!!

As I mentioned in rule number 3 – you want to get your viewers off YouTube and onto your website.

So how do you do that?

You do it with Calls To Action.

A call to action is telling your viewer to do something. And you DO have to tell people what to do – because if you don’t in most cases they won’t do anything.

Never make the mistake and assume that people know what you what them to do.

If the purpose of your video is to get more YouTube subscribers then you need to tell people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

So along with telling people to subscribe to your channel you can place a graphic within your video pointing to the subscribe button of your channel.

My goal is always rule number 3 – I want people get people to go to my website – NOT stay on YouTube.

So you need to tell people to go to your website – and you need to give them a reason or an incentive to do so.

The reason could be to get a free report, ebook, software or anything of value – and once they are at your site you now have the opportunity to get them on your mailing list. Your goal is always to be building your mailing list.

But instead of leaving it to chance that they may sign up to your mailing list – the best thing to do is direct them to a capture page.

This way people have to provide you with their name and email address to get your free incentive.

External Annotations – Your Best Friend

Like I just mentioned you want to have calls to action in your videos, and you want to make it as easy as possible for people to do that. Well YouTube has made it super easy to do that now.

After you have uploaded your video you have the ability to add External Annotations to your video.

Before YouTube only allowed your annotations to be directed to another YouTube video or your subscribe page – basically you stayed inside YouTube.

But not any more you now can add external annotations to your videos allowing you to have a clickable link right in your video sending people directly to your website.

No more asking people to click the link below the video and hope they do – you can now tell them right in the video to Click Here and it will take them directly to your site.

Watch this short video it has an external annotation at the end – click the link right in the video, the video will pause and then take you to a page on my site. I love this feature!!

UPDATE: YouTube now has what are called cards – Cards are clickable links – but the difference is Cards work not only on desktops but they work on mobile devices, where annotations don’t work on mobile devices. Also YouTube has mentioned that cards ill completely replace Annotations.

More Information About Annotations

I have done a video showing how to setup and use External Annotations – Click Here


Depending on the type of videos you plan on doing there is certain equipment you will need.

1) On Camera

Well obviously you’re going to need a camera, and you don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on one. Lot’s of people use the camera on the cell phone and so can you or if you’re sitting in front of your computer you can use a web cam.

You can also buy a great HD camera for under $300 – it’s a GoPro Silver HD camera. That’s what I use for some of my videos. I started out with a Kodak Zi8 HD camera and it did a fantastic job, I should say does I still use it sometimes.

If you’re filming indoors you will need proper lighting, such as a Light Box(s) and backgrounds such as black and white back grounds.

I’m not going to get into lighting, backgrounds and filming here this topic alone can take pages and pages.

If you’re filming outside you have all the natural lighting you need it’s just a matter of making your video.

TIP: When filming outside and you have no gear other than your camera – film in the morning or early evening. So to set up your facing the sun when looking into the camera – it’s perfect lighting.

Don’t film when the sun is high in the sky it will cause shadows on your face or the face of the person you are filming. Also filming on a slightly cloudy day is great as well – the clouds are the perfect filters.

2) Screen Cast

This is a video you do by recording your computer screen. These are great for demonstration videos (how to).

If you don’t have the software (mentioned below) There is a free program for creating screen cast videos called Screencast-O-Matic

3) Software

Weather you use a PC or a Mac there is all sorts of video production software you can use. Personally I use Camtasia, I can do all the post production I need with it as well as do screen recordings.

Ok What Do You Do Now?

That’s simple!!

Start making videos.

And don’t worry if you have never done then before – you’ll be fine. We all have to start somewhere.

Remember you are not making a movie blockbuster and you’re not trying to out do Spielberg – just be yourself and have fun.

Now start making videos!!

Need Help?

I hope you found this information helpful.

If you need help with anything I have talked about here please leave your question or comment below. Or you can contact me inside the Wealthy Affiliate and we can chat live one-on-one.

I believe in you!

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