Very Spooky

It’s the weekend, I don’t work much after 2 o’clock on Fridays but I heard this on the radio and I just had to share it with you because it is so freaky.

This boy went to a garage sale and he bought a camera, he did not know it was a camera at first he just thought it looked cool. He went on you tube and found out it was a camera.

So he went and got the film developed that was inside the camera. Here’s the spooky part. He showed the pictures to his grand mother and his grand mother knew the people in the picture actually one of the people was her son who had died 20 years earlier.

The little boy got to hear the story of his grand mothers son as well as other stories of the people in the picture.

That is so cool and so freaky.

Remember this was NOT a garage sale their family was having this was a totally random garage sale.

Have a great weekend, do some BBQing and I’ll talk to you on Monday.


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