Vemma Nutrition Company – Just Another MLM Scam -

Vemma Nutrition Company – Just Another MLM Scam

vemmaName: Vemma
Price: $499.95 to $999.95
Owners: Brad Wayment, Chief Operating Officer,
Yibang Wang, MD. PhD, Chief Scientific Officer
Overall Ranking: 2 out of 10 stars

Here We Go Again?

And what I mean is here’s another fitness and health company relying on MLM to recruit new members and build up their sales force. And like most MLM companies there’s not much good to say about them.

The statistics show that 98% of people that join an MLM company will quit within their first year and many people will be in more financial trouble after their MLM experience.

What I Liked
  • Wide range of products to choose from. You can use the products for personal use or market them.
  • Lots of advertising material for marketing.
  • Free marketing website including a back office which to work from.
  • Higher than average referral commission plan.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Costs a lot to get started, even at the entry level.
  • You have achieve a minimum amount of sales each month to stay active (get paid)
  • No limit on how many sales reps can be in one area.
  • Much of our income relies on the performance of other people.
  • Like most nutritional products they are no better than what you can buy anywhere else, and for less.
  • Minimum auto delivery of products – $160.00

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Who Is Vemma For?

Vemma is for someone that is familiar with MLM and understands what’s involved when joining an MLM company and frankly is aware of the failure rate.

Like all MLM companies you are required to make a certain level of sales or have the ability to make monthly recurring purchases in order to stay active.

So if you can’t make the sales each month having to make monthly purchases just to keep your account active can get a little expensive. But this is how the company can sustain it’s compensation plan.

Is having it’s members commit to paying over inflated prices every month for products that are no better than what you can buy at any healthy food store.

What Training And Tools Can You Expect?

Actually vemma does provide a lot of tools and training to it’s members including a DVD called Driving Force for $49.95 Narrated by Vemma Founder and CEO, BK Boreyko. You don’t have to purchase this DVD.

In the DVD he talks about how you can change peoples lives with their products and make money. How you can use texting as a marketing strategy and using the vemma business app. Plus some testimonials from brand partners.

Basically it just a pump you up DVD to market vemma, nothing special every MLM company has some version of this.

I did find a site called vemma swag where you can get the DVD for $2.50. Pretty much what it’s truly worth.

Then there is another DVD called Making The Shift which costs $15.00. And this DVD covers the first 7 days of being a vemma partner.

As for the tools there is nothing really special about them. Things that are included are a sales website basically it’s just an affiliate link to their site, you get a free mobile app – same thing as the website.

You’ll also get catalogs, guides, brochures, window decals and even a messenger bag.

Like I said this is pretty much the same promotional material that all MLM’s provide, nothing special.

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supportHow’s The Support?

Vemma has a general community where everyone is part of the support team. But the problem with that is many people have no more or even less knowledge of the program then you do.

So with few people actually achieving any real level of success so it’s the blind leading the blind.

78% of the people that join vemma NEVER make their investment back and less than 1% of those make any money to create a fulltime income.

And don’t take my word for it below is the payout report right for vemma.

vemma chart

What’s The Price?

dollar signThere are two levels of becoming a branded partner with vemma.

Silver member ($499.95)


Gold member ($999.95)

The difference between the silver and gold levels is the level of compensation you can earn

Both levels require you to make minimum sales to stay active. Staying “active” is code for receiving your commissions and bonuses. And if you don’t make your minimum sales – you’ll have to buy products to keep your partner status.

And one way the company makes sure you keep your account active is by having you signed up for auto delivery. And they recommend 2 cases of the original Verve product, which is approximately $160 every month.

Why would you pay a company to stay in business – makes no sense to me.

My Final Verdict

Vemma is no different than any other MLM scheme other than they have a more aggressive compensation plan.

But that really make no difference if less than 1% of the people in vemma are making any real money.

Even on the Q&A page they are selling you this false dream of making big money within the first few months when their own stats show that 78% of the people that get involved in vemma will NOT make their investment back, let alone any money.


The other thing is the huge number of complaints about the company – one of the biggest is people are saying they are “hearing” about results but not “seeing” any.

Also, and I mentioned this before but it’s so ridiculous. Why would you get involved with a company that forces you to buy products each month just to stay in business so you can get paid and get any bonuses you may have earned.

I know why, it’s because the company needs your money to stay in business and so they can sustain their compensation plan.

Plus I’m not a big fan of relying on other people to generate my income, meaning your downline – the people you recruit. Worst business plan ever – relying on others to make your money.

Bottom line this is just another network marketing MLM scheme rife with disappointment.

So unless you enjoy contacting all your friends and hitting up your family for sales or worse get them involved – this is not the opportunity for you.

Ok So Now What?

Yes you can make money online. And you certainly don’t have to spend $500 to do so, plus another $160 a month just to stay in business

If you’re sick and tired of false promises and garbage programs just after your money.

Then take a moment to read about my #1 recommendation where you can start your entire online business with all the tools, resources and support you’ll ever need and you can get started for FREE!!

I hope you found this review helpful.

I Believe In You!

Do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about the vemma? If you do, I would love to hear about it. So please feel free to post your comments below.

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