Using Forums -

Using Forums

Getting traffic to a website is the biggest challenge people have when building their business online.

One of the problems I see is people are looking for that one big magic button that will take care of all their traffic needs – well it really doesn’t work that way.

Yes you can have methods that can be the bulk of your traffic – say PPC for example or organic SEO – but it’s not smart to rely on just one form of traffic. There are lots of traffic methods that you can and should add to your arsenal.

Of of those methods is using forum marketing for getting targeted traffic to your site. Just be aware this marketing takes time it’s not going to happen overnight – like your site your goal is to become an authority within the forum.

Once you have established that you will reap the rewards.

You must have patience young grasshopper – patience!

The first thing you want to do is find forums that are within your niche – finding these forums is pretty easy.

Here Are 3 Methods For Finding Forums

1) Google – the simplest way is just do a search in Google. So if your niche is dogs you would search dogs + forums – or if you wanted to be more specific you would search: dogs + jack russell + forums

2) Starting at the home page, you can click on any of the subjects and usually find a discussion forum, or message board included in the subject hierarchy.

3) BoardTracker: This is a search engine dedicated to finding forums and online message boards.

Once You Found Your Forum(s)

Go there and register and spend some time just looking around reading posts and get a real feel for the forum.

And when you can or you feel it’s right you can respond to a post(s) with helpful and useful information or suggestions.


You can’t go into ANY forum and just start posting “Hi my name is Kendra and I think you should buy my product”.

That’s considered advertising or spamming it simple won’t work, plus the forum moderator won’t even allow you to do that. Not to mention it’s the fastest way to get punted out of the forum. So NEVER do that.

So to do this correctly, you must participate and make suggestions and truly help people within the forum.

Replying To A Post

When I reply to a post I make a very in-depth reply and really try and help the person who posted. Not saying you are or would but don’t be a pinhead like many people and give just a 5 word reply – really what’s the point.


My posts are different – I post articles. Just like the articles (posts) I write on my website or submit to an article directory. I do the same inside my forums, and these are how to articles.

I have found that I get the best replies and comments when I do this, and that’s what you want. You want to get people engaged and commenting and talking.

Each time you post you want engagement – and each time you reply to a post your creating engagement – and that’s what you’re shooting for. That engagement leads to traffic going to your site.

Time Spent

I don’t spend a lot of time in forums outside of the Wealthy Affiliate. And you shouldn’t spend all day in forums either. I will cruise my forums and look for posts that I can reply to – if I can I do – if I can’t I’m gone.

If I’m making a post (new thread) I’ve already written my article – so I post it and move on. I will then come back and check things later in the day.

I also have it set up so I get notified when someone replies to a post – so this way I can reply right away.

In most forums you can also subscribe to individual threads. This way you can see the activity that is happening in a thread discussion you are a part of. And again you can reply in a timely manor to your thread.

Your Signature

In every forum you are allowed a signature.

And this is how people will get to your website or to your affiliate offer is through your signature link.

So let’s stick with the dog theme – your signature could read:

Click Here To Learn How To House Train Your Dog In 20 Minutes!

Your signature is a form of advertising. And like any form of advertising, so you want your signature to make people take action.

Every Forum Is Set Up Differently

Some forums allow affiliate links and others don’t allow affiliate links within your posts. You will need to check the forums rules and regulations on this.

I make a point of telling people that a link is an affiliate link – I like to be as transparent as possible – it’s a truth and trust thing.

You will find many forums have a READ THIS FIRST sticky post which goes over the rules and regulations – as well as having an FAQ section.

And if you’re not sure about something you can post the question to the forum or post it to the forum moderators.

When it comes to topics sections some forums may have only have a few, while others can have over 20.

Find the topic area you have knowledge about and make it your goal to be the authority in that area of the forum. This does not mean you won’t be a part of other discussions within the forum – but you want to play to your strengths and be that authority voice.

All forums provide you controls to personalize your profile, here’s a snap shot of one of the forums I’m in and you can see you can do a lot.

Like I mentioned earlier forums are not a overnight traffic source – it’s a long term strategy – but one that can give you great targeted traffic.

And because you’ve built up a relationship within the forum – people going to your site are far less resistant to purchasing the products or services you’re offering.

So think forums – remember you’re going to be building your business online for a long time, so using long a term sustainable traffic method lines up perfectly with your businesses growth and success.

Need Help?

I hope you found this information helpful.

If you need help with anything I have talked about here please leave your question or comment below. Or you can contact me inside the Wealthy Affiliate and we can chat live one-on-one.

I believe in you!

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