It's Time To Uninstall Adobe Flash Player -

It’s Time To Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

flash logo If you’re like a lot of people you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer.

But did you know that this program is a HUGE security risk and is possible putting your system and your personal information at risk?

There are other reasons which I’ll be talking about in this post. But the security reason alone is why you should remove flash from your computer.

I’m also going to share with you how to remove flash from your computer.

Ok, First – What Is Adobe Flash?

In a nutshell it’s a program that runs video, animation and web games inside web pages. It was launched in 1996 and very quickly became the standard for running web video.

But now almost 20 years later this program is pretty much obsolete. Simply because newer technologies and apps do the same thing.

Well Don’t I Still Need It On My Computer?

Nope. Most websites now use what is called HTML 5.

In fact YouTube which used flash to start and used it as their default for the longest time has switched to the default program of HTML 5.

I have lots of videos on YouTube and I also have my private video player from Vimeo, and Vimeo has switch to HTML 5 as well.

Flash for the future is going the way of the dodo bird. Which is a good thing. This program gets so many security issues it’s ridiculous. If fact new issues occur with this program almost daily.

Now you know why there are so many updates to the program. Their constantly fixes issues.

Why Is Flash Such A Security Risk?

Flash has the ability to run very complex scripts from the websites you’re visiting. And because of this, it can also be used for very malicious things.

You see the problem is that flash can access the memory of your computer and by doing so create an exploit in your system. And because of this exploit you’re pretty much laying out the welcome mat for attacks.

In fact it’s the number one method use by cybercrooks to exploit systems.

Dr. Chase Cunningham an expert on cyber security and who is also the threat intelligence lead for FireHost says:

“Anytime a site is able to access your computer’s memory, it’s able to make changes on the local machine itself [your PC]. That’s when you run into exploits.”

Even Alex Stamos who recently has been appointed chief security officer at Facebook tweeted on July 12th 2015:

“It is time for Adobe to announce the end-of-life date for Flash and to ask the browsers to set killbits on the same day”

In fact two days after Alex Stamos of Facebook made his tweet Google and Mozilla have both announced they have blocked old versions of Adobe
because of reports that hackers use the flaws in Adobe to take over people’s computers.

Google chrome comes with adobe but it is not activated, it’s disabled by default. And you can still use Adobe in Firefox.

Along with the potential security dangers of Flash. Flash uses a lot of computer resources and can really bog down your system.

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Do I Have Flash On My Smart Phone?

If you’ve bought a phone in the last few years you DON’T have flash on it.

In fact back in April of 2010 Steve Jobs posted 6 very detailed reasons why they do not allow Flash on their on iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Ok, So How Do You Get Rid Of Flash?

If you’re using Google Chrome you’ll finds the uninstall instructions here on Google’s website.

If you’re using a Mac (Safari) you’ll find how to install adobe right from adobe itself.

And if you’re using Firefox simple start by clicking the menu icon found at the top right of the browser, and when the menu opens up click on Add Ons.

flash 1

When the new window opens up click on Plugins in the left sidebar.

flash 2

Now look for Shockwave Flash. To the right you want to click the dropdown menu and change the setting from Always Active to Never Activate.


Once you’ve made the change you’ll see the flash has been disabled.


What If I Really Need Flash?

There may be times that you need to use flash to watch older videos. If this is the case you’ll find most web browsers allow you to temporarily install and use flash.

You’ll also find that flash based sites will give you an alert letting you know you’ll need to have flash in order to watch the videos. If this is the case there is no way around it you will need to install flash.

If you absolutely need to see the video make sure you install flash directly from

There are plenty of fake versions and if you install one of those who knows what kind of problems you’ll have. More than likely you’ll end up with some sort of spyware.

Ok that’s it.

I recommend you go flash free because chances are you’ll never miss it. And on those rare occasions you can activate/install it and then remove it.

But most importantly there’s no need to expose yourself to more security risks then you have too.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you found this information helpful. If so, please feel free to share it with your audience.

And of course if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

I Believe In You!

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