Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par (3.0) – An Inside Look

Tube Mastery And Monetization

Hey thanks for dropping by, today we’re going to take a look at the Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par, version 3.0.

Now this is not your typical review of this course. Meaning I’m not here to stand on the mountaintop a scream You Have To Buy This Course If You Want To Make Money Online!!

First off that’s so not true, YouTube is just one opportunity for making money online, there are hundreds of other ways of making money online.

Do you want to know the best way to make money online?

The best way to make money online is the way that resonates with you.

However, the unfortunate thing is with all the different opportunities available a LOT of people get sucked into thinking that a certain way of making money online is the only or best way.

When in fact, it’s the presentation of the opportunity that sucks people in. Usually with how easy you’re told it is to make money with a given opportunity.

Why am I saying all this? Just get to the review already!!

Well, I’m mentioning this because it’s obvious you’ve been exposed to Matt’s course. It sounds like a great way to make money online. And it is.

But, is it the right way for you?

So what I want to do is first show you everything that Matt has to offer. And we will do that from inside his course. Yep, I bought his course (May 2023) and went through Matt’s entire course.

order complete tube mastery and monetization

Then after you see everything that he has to offer. We’ll then both step back and take a real critical look at what it’s going to take to make this method of making money online work.

And then with all this information you can make an informed decision as to whether or not this is something you want to pursue.

And if you do that’s great. And if you don’t that’s fine too.

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Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par (Version 3.0)

Let me start by showing you what Matt’s course has for you. Now he does call this version 3.0. But don’t expect an entirely new updated course.

The 3.0 part is simply updates regarding some of the training. Such as alternative programs to be used because the ones that were in 2.0 are not recommended or available anymore.

So what you’ll find when there is an update to a training video Matt has added a recording to the beginning of that video training letting you know of the update.

I found all the training videos were recorded in 2020. But don’t let that be a deciding factor because what Matt teaches still holds true to this day.

Everything he references in the training is up to date with the YouTube interface and everything else.

Ok, Matt’s course is focused on niche channels where you don’t have to show your face. The training is focused on beginners. However, experienced people will find value in this as well.

Having a brand channel, and that’s a channel where you have to be in front of the camera is something a lot of people are not comfortable with.

So not having to show your face and still be able to make money through YouTube. I can see why his course appeals to a lot of people.

Just a heads up I’m just going to cover what’s in each group of lessons I am not going to get into the details of each lesson or reveal any of Matt’s training.

But First A Little Bit About Matt Par

I’m not going into his complete life history because if you’re here you probably know about him and his journey.

However, to boil it down Matt started on YouTube when he was 14 years old, at the time of this review he is now 22.

He currently has 12 different YouTube channels which earn him over $30,000 per month and has made him a multi-millionaire. He has also earned several Silver Play Button Awards and a Gold Award Play button from YouTube.

matt par youtube gold button

Silver play buttons are given when you have over 100,000 subscribers and the gold button is given when you have over 1,000,000.

He is definitely more than qualified to teach you how to make money on YouTube.

You can learn more about his story on his website or his YouTube channel Make Money Matt.

Alright, let’s dig into the member’s area.

Welcome To Tube Mastery and Monetization

In the 3.0 version, there is a total of 75 lessons with 8 different course modules. And then there is a bonus section. So you could say there are 9 modules.

Now the first 3 videos which I did not count as lessons are informational.

1) Welcome video from Matt

2) How to join the private mastermind Facebook group

3) An overview of how to use the course

Overview Of This Method

overview of blueprint Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par

There are 3 video lessons in this module.

1) Overview Of The Blueprint – This is a 60,000-foot overview of the YouTube business model.

2) Case Studies – Matt shows you channels that are using this method.

3) Step-By-Step Checklist – This is what to do in the first 60 days of being on YouTube. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy this checklist to your own Google Docs account)

Choosing A Niche

overview choosing a niche Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par

There are 7 video lessons in this module.

1) Overview Of Choosing A Niche

2) Ways To Go About YouTube – Niche channel, Personal channel, Hybrid channels.

3) Best High CPM Niches – CPM is the money you make per 1000 views on your channel.

4) My Favorite Niches – Matt covers his criteria for a great niche and shares his favorite niches.

5) List Of Profitable YouTube Niches – Matt provides a list of over 100 profitable niches and over 160 example niche channels. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy these lists to your own Google Docs account)

6) Niches To Avoid – this is pretty self-explanatory.

7) Doing Market Research – Come up with 10 potential ideas that you can do long-term.

Setting Your Channel Up For Success

overview setting your channel up for success Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par

There are 11 video lessons in this module.

1) Overview Of Setting Your Channel Up For Success

2) Creating a Google Account And Making A Channel – There is also a link to a YouTube video showing you how to come up with a name for your channel.

3) Essential Optimization Settings – This covers the must-have channel setting for your channel.

4) Making a Logo and Channel Art – Matt shows you how to create your logo and channel art using Snappa, Paint.NET, Canva, and Google Drawings. He also provides outsourcing resources as well.

5) Security Measures – Matt shows you how to prevent your channel from getting hacked.

6) The 33 Rule – This is Matt’s theory that at least 1 of your videos will take off. And if not you’ll have enough data to improve your next batch of 33 videos.

7) The Best YouTube Tool Ever Made – This tool is VidIQ.

8) My Secret Keyword Process – Matt shares his keyword research strategy. (You’ll also find a pre-video regarding updates to the VidIQ interface when it comes to using VidIQ for keyword research)

9) Fixing Problems With The Secret Keyword Process – This is an updated video showing how to resolve pasting your keywords from VidIQ into your Google Sheets document.

10) Implementing The Strategy – Matt shows you how to implement the keyword strategy for your own channel.

11) Planning Your Content Strategy – Matt covers how to make a list of video ideas and how to use your keywords for video ideas.

Generating Videos

overview generating videos Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par

There are 15 video lessons in this module.

1) Overview of Generating Videos

2) Anatomy of a Viral Video – Why videos go viral on YouTube and the aspects of those videos.

3) How to Systematize Your Videos – Matt shares the way he has set up his video production line, the tools he uses as well as scripts for list channels and brand channels.

4) Writing Scripts – A walkthrough of writing scripts and where to find sources and inspiration for writing your scripts.

5) Recording Voice Overs – You’ll learn how to record and edit your voiceovers using free computer software. As well as the recommended mics you can use.

6) Where to Find Content For Niche Channels – Here are resources where you can find videos, stock footage, music, and more that you can put in your videos.

7) Free Video Editors – Matt shows different free video editors that you can use for your computer as well as for your phone.

8) My Favorite Video Editor – This is a walkthrough of Matt’s favorite video editor.

9) Making High CTR Thumbnails – Matt shows you how to create video thumbnails that get the best CTR (click-through rate) and the 3 different tools you can use. Snappa, Canva, Paint.NET.

10) Generating a Video – This is a 2 1/2 hour video of Matt creating a video from start to finish.

11) Fair Use On YouTube – This is where you can use copyright-protected material under certain circumstances and how you can use it for your videos. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy a fair use checklist to your own Google Docs account)

12) How to Be More Productive With Batching – This refers to creating each part of your videos all at once instead of creating each video individually. Matt shares his tips and tricks for his batching process.

13) Recommended Gear – Matt shares all the gear he uses for his YouTube channels. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy his gear list to your own Google Docs account)

14) Generating Videos Using Automated Software – Matt does a walk-through using Pictory for creating videos.

15) How to Make Whiteboard Animation Videos – This is a walk-through using VideoScribe.

Uploading and Optimizing Videos

overview optimizing videos Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par

There are 5 video lessons in this module.

1) Uploading and Optimizing Videos – A 30,000-foot view of uploading and optimizing your videos.

2) Uploading Videos and Initial Optimization – Matt walks you through uploading your videos as well as key optimization settings you should be doing on your videos.

3) Optimizing Videos Properly – Here you’ll learn how to optimize your video tags, and video title, and write an optimized description. As well as adding cards and an end screen. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy the video optimization checklist to your own Google Docs account)

4) Scheduling and Publishing Videos – A walkthrough of how to schedule your videos.

5) Making a Content Calendar – You’ll learn when and how often to upload your videos using a content calendar.

Growth Module

overview growth of your channel Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par

There are 9 video lessons in this module.

1) Growing Your YouTube Channel – This is an overview of growing your YouTube channel.

2) YouTube Analytics And The Algorithm – Matt talks about what YouTube really cares about and the most important analytics to look at and how to know if your channel is doing good.

3) How To Truly Go Viral on YouTube – Matt talks about the science of going viral on YouTube.

4) Best Time of Day to Upload – I think the title is self-explanatory.

5) Another Great Tool to Optimize Your Channel – Matt walks you through the TubeBuddy tool.

6) Thumbnail Split Tests – How to split test thumbnails to maximize your CTR.

7) Mistakes To Avoid – The title says it all.

8) Google Cloud Vision – Matt talks about using Google Cloud Vision for your thumbnails and why it’s important to use.

9) Advanced Card Strategy – Matt covers the best way to use cards and end screens for your videos.

Monetization Module

overview of ways of making money on youtube Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par

There are 7 video lessons in this module.

1) Ways of Making Money on YouTube – This is a 30,000-foot view of making money on YouTube.

2) Making Money With YouTube Ads – This is Matt’s primary recommendation for making money on YouTube.

Before you can activate monetization on your channel and start making money through YouTube Ads you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time

3) How to Increase Your CPM – Ways of increasing your cost per 1000 views.

4) Affiliate Marketing – How to do affiliate marketing on YouTube. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy the list of affiliate networks to your own Google Docs account)

5) Selling Digital Products – How to make a digital product and the tools for selling digital products.

6) Selling Merch – How to sell things like T-shirts, hats, etc.

7) Managing YouTube Channels and Selling Content Creation – Sell the skills you’ll learn in Matt’s course.

Scaling and Outsourcing

overview scaling and outsourcing Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par

There are 7 video lessons in this module.

1) Overview Of Outsourcing

2) Where To Hire People From – Matt gives you his favorite place to hire people from as well as other freelancing resources. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy the list of hiring resources to your own Google Docs account)

3) Hiring One Person To Do All The Content Creation – Matt talks about the benefits of hiring one person and where the best place to find that one person is.

4) Making a Video Creation Assembly Line – Matt shares all the parts to put your content creation assembly line together. (you are giving multiple links to Google Docs so you can copy all the resources for creating a content assembly line to your own Google Docs account)

5) How To Outsource Thumbnail Creation – Matt shares his go-to resource for outsourcing your video thumbnails.

6) How Much Should You Pay – Matt gives you the amounts you should pay for content creation, outsourcing, scaling, and everything else. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy the pay cheat sheet to your own Google Docs account)

7) How to Manage Your Team – Matt shares tools and resources for managing your video creation team.

8) Outsourcing Considerations – What to expect when outsourcing.

9) Multiplying Revenue With Translation – Matt shares how you can increase your revenue by translating your channel into different languages. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy a translation channel spreadsheet to your own Google Docs account)


access to bonuses Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par

Matt has included some bonuses for you. These are 6 videos.

1) How to Access All Your Bonuses – Matt covers how to access your bonuses. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy a spreadsheet of all the bonuses to your own Google Docs account)

2) List of All Software and Tools – This is a list of the recommended software and tools used in the course. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy a spreadsheet of all the software and tools to your own Google Docs account)

3) Personal Brand Secrets – Matt talks about growing a personal brand channel. (you are giving a link to Google Docs so you can copy a YuoTube gear spreadsheet of all the software and tools to your own Google Docs account as well as a script template for personal brand channels)

4) Doing This From a Phone – Matt covers generating videos from your phone uploading videos from your phone and some of the limitations of using your phone.

5) Business and Taxes – Matt covers how taxes on YouTube income work as well as how he structures things. (Matt is not a lawyer or tax professional. This is by no means tax or legal advice and is simply for entertainment purposes only and just what he personally does)

6) Get Your Certificate of Completion – You can fill out an assessment confirming completion of the course and receive a custom certificate with your name on it.

The 60,00 Foot Overview

When it comes to this training this is how it’s going to break down.

Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par

Additional Resources In The Course

These are the current bonuses within the course. Matt does mention that others will be added over time.

1) Tube FAQ – This is a collection of frequently asked questions.

2) Tube Secrets – This is a simplified version of Matt’s method. It contains 33 training videos.

4) Tube Channel Case Studies – This is a collection of case studies of different channels in different niches. You’ll find channels in:

  • Animal
  • Affirmation
  • Luxury
  • List
  • Tech
  • Psychology
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Car
  • Business

5) VidIQ Mastery – Matt does a complete walk-through of how to use VidIQ.

Ok, How Much Is Matt’s Course?

When it comes to the price you’ve more than likely seen his course advertised for $997.00. If you end up at his website it’s advertised for $997.00.

Now you are given the option to break up your payments into 3 equal payments of $366.00. Which is nice if spending $997.00 all at once is too much for your budget.

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.

Want to save $500.00?

Who wouldn’t want to save $500? To do that all you have to do is watch Matt’s free training webinar.

Now this is an auto webinar, not a live webinar as advertised. But who cares? All you have to do is sit through the webinar, which is a good idea because you get an in-depth look at how this all works.

And at the end of the webinar, you’re given a link so you can purchase Matt’s course for only $497.00. You’re also given the same option to break up the payments into 3 payments of $182.45.

If you’re ready to check out Matt’s course you can watch his training video here.

I also want to say something about the price. Some people think this is too expensive. And I say not at all, even at $997.00 I don’t think it is.

Step back and take a look at what it takes to make a course like this and what you’re getting. This is 75 plus training videos along with supplemental resources and training.

Matt certainly didn’t knock this out in a weekend. It took a lot of time and effort to create this course. So to me, the price is justified.

What if you made a training course like this, would you give it away? Of course, you wouldn’t.

You Are Protected

If you do decide to take Matt’s course, there is no doubt you are spending a reasonable amount of money to do so.

And Matt is fully aware of that. So to put your mind at ease Matt gives you a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee Tube Mastery And Monetization Course By Matt Par

Do you know what this guarantee tells me? It tells me Matt has total confidence in his course and he’s willing to back it up with this guarantee.

Now there will be people who will take the course. Not do a thing and ask for their money back.

And then there will be others that will give his training a half-assed try, bitch that what Matt teaches does not work, and ask for a refund.

Heaven forbid these people take any responsibility and own the fact that it’s not the course it’s them. Sorry, when off on a tangent.

But it just pisses me off when a person is genuinely helping people and there are still those who always want to blame others for their failures. Sorry, this little rant is over.

You Have Support

As a member, you’ll have access to the private member’s Facebook group. This is where you can ask questions.

tube mastery and monetization private facebook group

Now Matt says on his website that he is in the Facebook group every day answering every single question.

private facebook group tube mastery and monetization

Now while this may have been the case early on. It’s not the case from what I can see. I’ve monitored the private group and yes Matt does answer questions but it’s not every day.

Now with that said Matt has hired a Coach (group expert) to answer daily questions on Matt’s behalf. And this coach is in the group every day answering questions.

I have asked several and the longest I have waited for an answer was 2 hours. But more often than not I have had an answer from him or other members in less than 15 minutes.

So Where Are We?

Well we can say for sure Matt’s course is not a scam, it’s legit training that Matt has put his heart and soul into.

Yes, it comes at a price, but it’s worth it and you can get a discount if you watch his free webinar.

After going through the course this is the training I’m going to follow because it certainly resonates with me.

And it resonates with me because I have a background in creating videos. I’ve made videos for myself and I’ve been hired to make videos for other people. So this is definitely in my wheelhouse.

I also know that over the years videos have become more and more popular as the way people digest information.

You probably already know that Google owns YouTube and Google is the #1 search engine with YouTube being the second most popular form of search.

When you need to find information where do you go? It’s Google and probably YouTube right?

Also, something you may not be aware of. Compared to written content, videos tend to rank in Google faster and higher.

So you can get organic search traffic from Google. Which gives you more opportunity to make more money by having more people come to your channel.

Now if this type of method does not get you excited or resonate with you. Then Matt’s course is definitely not for you. And that’s ok.

As I mentioned at the start of this review Matt’s way is not the only way of making money online.

For instance, the primary method I use to make a full-time online income is affiliate marketing. Which I will be incorporating along with YouTube ads on my new faceless channel.

Now if you want to learn more about using affiliate marketing to make money online this resource is my #1 recommendation.

However, if you’re intrigued and can see yourself doing this. Then I recommend Matt’s Tube Mastery and Monetization course.

Here Are A Couple Of Things To Remember


If you’re going to invest in Matt’s training this is not a get-rich thing. It’s going to take time and consistent effort to make this into a profitable business.

If you’re coming into this thinking you’re going to start making money right away, and I’m talking like a few weeks or less. Don’t waste your time or money.

This or any other legitimate method for making money online is not for you if you’re still looking for some get-rich-quick thing.

Until you accept that it takes time and hard work to build a successful business online. You’re never going to be ready to build a business online, plus you’re going to have the added bonus of constantly throwing your money away too.

However, if you’re aware that it is going to take time and hard work, then your chances of building a successful business just jumped 10 fold.


If you’re new to creating videos give yourself time to learn how to use the tools and resources Matt recommends. We all have to start somewhere, even Matt.

So please don’t get frustrated if things don’t come as easily or as quickly as you would like. Just keep working at it.

The reality is the more you get familiar with the tools and resources you have to use the easier it will become.

My Final Thoughts

One thing that stood out to me when going through Matt’s course is you can see he genuinely wants you to succeed. And he believes if you follow his training and put in the work required to make things work – you will see success.

And what I like is he expresses the potential but he does not overhype this method, he keeps it very real.

Now you may think this is just one cheerleading review of Matt’s course. And it’s not. When I find something that I know can genuinely help you build a successful online business, then it’s my obligation to share it with you.

And when it’s something that I have personally invested in and will be doing myself. Then for me, it’s a no-brainer to share it with you.

I hope my review gave you a better understanding of what you’re getting with Matt’s course.

Of course, if I missed something don’t hesitate to ask any questions below and I’ll get back to you right away. Also, feel free to share my review with your audience.

I believe in you

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