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Traffic Brokers Review – Scam Or Real Traffic?

traffic brokersProduct name: Traffic Brokers
Price: $49.95 Per Month
Owner: Jeff Walker
Ranking: 1 Out Of 10

If you have seen the Traffic Brokers sales page, then you’ve already seen the exorbitant claim of being able to make over $136,000 a month. Pretty impressive numbers, right?

The important question is, does the Traffic Brokers system really teach you how to create these types of earnings, or is it simply just another shiny object to add on to the ever-growing list of scammy products on the internet?

Below, I’ll answer this question, and provide a little bit more information as to exactly what the Traffic Brokers system is all about.

So What Is Traffic Brokers?

Traffic Brokers was created back in 2010 by Jeff Walker. If you take just a few moments to look over any of the training modules that exist on the members forum area, you can tell very quickly that Jeff originally put quite a bit of time and effort into the training.

Unfortunately, this is where the impressiveness with Traffic Brokers ends. Why do I say this? Well, let’s take a look at the actual buying process for starters.

The very first thing that I noticed when I went to sign up for the course is that you must submit your contact information including your name and email address prior to even knowing how much the course is going to cost you.

I really hate this method of marketing as so many people don’t realize that once you have given your email address away, you’ll be receiving numerous sales letters for other products as well as being constantly contacted after making the purchase for the Traffic Brokers system.

Once you’ve given away your email address, you’re then taken to a page to sign up for the full system at the price point of $49.95 a month. Again, back when this product was first created, this was actually a pretty reasonable price for the amount of training that was present at the time.

Now, the majority of the training is extremely outdated with the most recent stuff being from 2013 and some of it as old as 2010. There’s been a lot that’s changed since 2010 when it comes to making money on the internet.

And if you follow much of the content that is offered by the Traffic Brokers system, you’ll see very little, if any, results.

Who Is Traffic Brokers For?

Traffic Brokers was originally designed for marketers who wanted to get started in a CPA style of marketing. CPA (cost per action) pays out commissions to marketers when someone completes a basic offer.

Typically, the system works so that when someone enters in their email address and signs up for a free trial, the marketer who sent that person or lead to the business will receive a commission for that action, hence the name Cost Per Action.

Now, the information that is provided within the Traffic Brokers members’ area is so out of date that not only is it ineffective, but following some of it can actually harm your online business efforts.

How Does Traffic Brokers Work?

Traffic Brokers works by teaching members how to promote CPA marketing offers through a forum based education system.

Once again, there’s nothing wrong with learning within a forum, but there are a lot of other opportunities out there that provide much higher quality and up to date training to their members.

www.netwiseprofits.comWhat’s The Price?

The price for Traffic Brokers is $49.95 a month. Honestly, once again, back when this product was created.

This would’ve been a pretty reasonable investment. If the product would have stayed up to date, it may still would be a reasonable price.

Are There Any Upsells?

This is where I really ran into a problem. Once you have signed up for a $49.95 per month membership, you would think that you would not have to pay for any additional products or services whatsoever.

Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to the Traffic Brokers system. After you’ve made your original purchase, you’ll be asked to pay an additional fee of $4.95 a month in order to have your own website.

While owning your own website is very important when creating an online business. There are a lot of better options out there such as Namecheap for website registration and much better companies to host with such as Hostgator who I happen to host with.

What Training And Tools Can You Expect?

This product actually offers quite a bit of training, unfortunately, all of it is very out of date. Now, if you follow a lot of the training inside of the Traffic Brokers members’ area, you can expect to see very few results, if any.

How’s The Support?

The support within the members’ area is actually pretty good. The only downside is that you’ll be waiting quite a bit of time in order to receive a response to your questions.

The good news is that the majority of questions are answered by support staff members. It just takes a little while for them to get back to you.

And for a new online marketer this can be very frustrating. Who wants to wait around while you’re waiting for answers? I know I don’t.

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check markWhat I Liked About Traffic Brokers

Truthfully, the only thing I really liked about this product was the amount of support that was available within the members’ area.

Aside from that, there were a lot of things that I did not particularly care for.

What I Didn’t Like About Traffic Brokers

There were several things that I did not like about Traffic Brokers including:

  • Outdated Training – much of the training within the members’ area is more than two or three years old. There has been a lot of changes when it comes to making money online and following the majority of the material offered at Traffic Brokers will result in very little success.
  • Requiring Your Contact Information Prior To Purchase – This marketing tactic is designed so that regardless of whether or not you make a purchase, you can be contacted in the future for more attempts at selling this product as well as others.
  • Members’ Area With An Immediate Upsell – If you’re paying for a membership style training opportunity, then everything should be included with your membership. You should not have to pay additional money in order to have the tools necessary to succeed with your efforts.

Let’s Compare Traffic Brokers To The Most Up To Date Training Program Available Online Today

my opinion
My Final Opinion

Traffic Brokers is not a scam and yes it may have been a great training opportunity back when it was first created way back in 2010.

But now, this is simply not the case, due to its lack of being kept up-to-date, this product is now almost completely useless.

If you’re looking for a true opportunity to learn how to make money on the Internet, there are a lot of better options out there for you.

I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I answered any questions you may have had about it.

So do you have a personal experience that you would like to share about Traffic Brokers?

If you do, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others avoid this very out dated program.

And if you found this review helpful and enjoyed it please feel free to share it with your audience.

I Believe In You!

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