Toys "R" Us Files For Bankruptcy -

Toys “R” Us Files For Bankruptcy Protection In Canada & U.S.

bankrupt signIt’s was just recently announced that Toy’s r Us has filed for bankruptcy protection both here in Canada and in the United States, this is just on the heels of another Canadian retail chain Tip Top Tailors who filed for bankrupt protection in January of this year.

Tip Top Tailors have kept 140 stores open while in bankruptcy protection but they closed 12 stores as well – putting hundreds of people out of a job.

Now Toy r Us has already secured $3-billion in financing to stay open while it restructures its outstanding debt but if history dictates chances are stores are going to be closed and that’s going to affect a lot of people.

Look at Sears an icon in the retail world – bankrupt. I remember going to Sears with my dad – Sears was my dads go to place. Now it’s going to be gone. And at the same time putting over 11,000 people out of work many without a pension.

And the list goes on and on – this is just some of the other retail stores that have gone out of business or have closed stores in Canada.

  • Hudson’s Bay Outlet Stores – out of business
  • Danier – out of business
  • H20 plus – out of business
  • Ben moss jewellers – out of business
  • Guess – closed 50 stores
  • Chapters/indigo – closed stores
  • Target – closed every store in Canada
  • Grand and Toy – closed every store
  • Staples – closed 244 north American locations

The scary thing is I could go on and on. And this is just not happening here in Canada it’s happening every day in the United States too.

Your Job Is Not Safe

Some of the retailers I mentioned were in business for over 100 years and they still went out of business. Now a lot of it is due to poor management but it’s also due to the fact that the retail environment is changing.

More and more people are turning to the internet. Why leave your house when you can shop online and have things delievered right to your door step and for cheaper.

But it’s not just retail; plenty of other companies not in the retail space are also going out of business. And that’s putting a lot of people in financial hardship.

There’s a lot of 2 income families and if one of those incomes goes away, many families are not prepared for it.

I Live In Oil Country

Many people in my neck of the woods work in the oil patch. Now a lot of these companies have not gone out of business but because of the economic climate in the oil industry for the past few years a lot of people lost their jobs because companies were laying people off.

And of course this puts a lot of strain on families.

And I’m sure you’ve seen this where you live. We have a few places in town that are open space and in these open spaces people put their trucks, trailers and other big ticket items for sale.

It may not sound nice but I could buy some nice big boy toys for a song simply because these people were (are) at the mercy of both the economy and because they are (were) employees and have NO control over their income (job).

take controlIt’s Time To Take Control

There are not many jobs that are completely secure. Every day people who thought they had a lifetime job are now out of a job.

The ONLY way of truly securing your financial future is by working for yourself. And thanks to the internet that’s become a lot easier to do.

Look At Me

Since 2005 I’ve been working for myself as an online affiliate marketer. I simply recommend products and or services and I get a commission when someone buys one of the products or services that I’m affiliated with.

My income is secure, my “job” is secure – I’m financially self-sufficient thanks to affiliate marketing.

Look I don’t know where you are right now, meaning maybe you have a secure job and even if you do maybe you’re tired of working for someone else. Maybe you can see the writing on the wall and you’re job or company may not be around in a few years.

Of maybe you’ve already lost your job – like I said I don’t know where you’re at. But what I do know unless you’re in total control of your financial future you’re at risk. I’m not saying that to scare you, that’s just the reality of things.

Anyone Can Be A Successful Affiliate Marketer

When I say anyone can be a successful affiliate marketer I mean anyone.

Here let’s say just for an example you’re one of the people that may end up losing their job with Toy r Us.

You can take your knowledge of toys and turn that into fulltime income as an affiliate marketer. There are plenty of companies that have affiliate programs just for toys.

And yes even Toys r Us has an affiliate program. But being an affiliate for Toys r Us is way different then actually working for them. As they are restructuring their company some people’s jobs may be at risk but as an affiliate you’re not affected at all. You can still be making money because you can’t lose your job.

Ok maybe you’re not into toys. Then you can start like many other affiliate marketers started and that’s by turning your hobby or passion into a thriving online business.

That’s exactly how I started. I took my passion of motivation and self-improvement and turned that into a full time online income. And since then I’ve made money in these niches:

  • Make Money Online
  • Drones
  • Cooking
  • Financial

The other great thing about affiliate marketing is that I’m not dependent on just one income stream. I have 5 income streams, because I’m in 5 different niches.

And because I have several income streams my income is not one dimensional. So unlike just having one income like a “job” my income does not stop if my job goes away.

checkmarkBut Here’s The Thing

It only takes ONE affiliate program to become totally financially independent.

And the best affiliate programs are what are called recurring affiliate programs. These are affiliate programs that pay you every month. So you do the work once and get paid over and over again.

You know how you pay for a gym membership, or your mortgage, rent or even your car insurance each month. A recurring affiliate program is like that and you would get a recurring commission every month as along as the person that bought the product or service pays for it each month.

Remember I said anyone can be a successful affiliate marketer? I meant it. But like anything it all starts with the proper training, support and resources.

Look affiliate marketing may not be for you I don’t know. I did another post on other online self-employment opportunities and you can read that here.

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Every single day more and more people are using the internet to buy products and services, and you can be making money as an affiliate marketer each time someone does.

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I believe in you!
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