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Time For A Break

www.netwiseprofits.com So it’s Friday and maybe it’s been a hard week for you.

But even so you still have things you want to get done but you just don’t have the energy to do it or do it well. But you’re going to do it anyway.

That’s a really bad idea.

Because you really should…

“Take A Break!!”

The #1 thing that I come across from people building their online business and offline ones as well, is they think if they take time off everything is going to fall apart.

This is so not true.

Unless you have an appointment with someone – you know a Skype call or something like that. Taking a break is not going to hurt your business one little bit.

In fact the BEST thing you can do is walk away and recharge your batteries.

When you’re not on top of your game or you’re feeling overwhelmed you’re not doing yourself any good, so just walk away. Either for the day, for a few hours or even a few minutes.

In an article in entrepreneur.com Allison Gabriel, an assistant professor of management at Virginia Commonwealth University, and just so happens to study job demands and employee motivation says:

“When you are constantly draining your resources, you are not being as productive as you can be. If you get depleted, we see performance decline. You’re able to persist less and have trouble solving tasks.”

You may think powering through is the entrepreneurial thing to do. But it’s not. Why do you think companies have you take a mid morning break, lunch and afternoon break.

Yeah, yeah it’s mandatory by law, but it’s there so you can get a quick recharge and come back more energized. And more productive.

It’s been proven that you can get more done and more done quicker if you take breaks and recharge your batteries. And these breaks can be full blown vacations or as little as 30 second micro breaks.

On the blog Clear Concept which is a site dedicated to productivity and management Ann Gomez a productivity consultant and the president of Clear Concept listed 10 benefits of taking a breaks.

Some of which are:

  • Creativity is often fostered during downtime
  • You will make better decisions
  • You will be healthier
  • You will have better relationships and work-life balance

I think a lot of people think it’s counterintuitive to take a break or even take time off for a vacation. But in fact that’s exactly what most people need.

In reality if you don’t you’re just going to burn yourself completely out. And now what good are you, to yourself, your business and to everyone else if your brain is a bowl of mush?

grumpyAre You Grumpy?

Do you find when you’re getting over worked you get a little grumpy? That’s your brain telling you.

“Hey I’m tired I need a break”

It’s that drive to keep working and killing yourself to get things done that is actually holding you back and making things take longer than they should.

Dan Sullivan, co-founder of Toronto-based Strategic Coach and in his co-authored book The Laws of Lifetime Growth says:

‘It’s this mentality that keeps entrepreneurs exhausted, stuck and reaping a fraction of potential profits.

Entrepreneurs get paid through problem-solving and creativity. You can create a solution in a shorter period of time if you are rested and rejuvenated.”

So you’re not only reducing your own productivity you’re actually affecting the bottomline of your business.

There Is A Trick To Taking A Break

Walking away from your work to take a break is the most important strategy you can do.

But if you’re still obsessing about what you need to do (work) then there is no recovery possible for you.

Let’s say you’ve called it a day and you’re going to have some down time. Then make sure you do that and have some real down time. And I don’t mean dumping yourself in front of the TV. That’s not down time.

Other than the fact that most TV shows are completely useless, it’s not letting your brain truly rest and recharge.

One of the best ways to recharge your brain is by trying new things, and I mean hobbies. Another great re-energizer is exercise.

You don’t have to go crazy, something as simple as going for a nice walk gives you the benefit of exercise and lets your brain relax and recharge.

As Dan Sullivan says:

“By getting away from work and letting the mind get involved in thinking, hobbies and rejuvenation, you come back to the job and produce results faster,”

Set A Schedule

If you’re like me I have a to do list of the things I want to get done on any given day. And within the to do list is a schedule of the things I want to get done in order of importance.

But I also have a schedule for taking breaks. I have a little program set up on my computer that will display a message on my screen.

And it says “Time For A Break, Drop What You’re Doing”.

And that’s exactly what I do. I take a break. I try to take a fifteen to thirty minute break every 90 minutes. At first it was weird plus I thought it would eat into my time for getting things done.

But just the opposite has happened since I’ve been diligent with taking breaks. I find I’m not as exhausted (mentally wise) and I feel more sharp and on target.

Another thing I have make a habit of is to make sure I get a good nights sleep. I was terrible for the longest time. I would go to bed late and get up early to get a start on the day.

But for the longest time now, I make sure I always get 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I average 8 hours most nights.

thumbs upThis Will Do You Good

As you head deeper into 2015 and beyond make sure to take time for yourself and give yourself the breaks you need and deserve.

You’ll be better off and your business will be too.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you found this information helpful. If so, please feel free to share it with your audience.

And of course if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

I Believe In You!


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