This Weeks Q&A’s, Tips And More From The Members Of The Wealthy Affiliate

Q&AHey hey, welcome to this weeks Q&A’s, tips and success stories from the members of the wealthy affiliate.

This week I want to bring your attention to one of our Wealthy Affiliate members, his name is Neil.

Why do I want you to read his success story?

Because he shows by setting goals you’ll get to where you want to go.

And not only did Neil achieve his goals, he did it in less time then he set for himself to attain these goals.

So, what goals have you set for building your online business?

Have you even set any goals? And if you haven’t, then how do you know what you want to achieve?

Oh and saying I want to make money online is NOT a goal. That’s just a statement being put out there it has no substance.

All your goals need to be specific, measurable and have a time frame. So instead of saying “I want to make money online”

This goal should be stated like this:

“By December 31st of 2015 I want to be earning $3500.00 per month from my online business”

Now your goal is specific, measurable and has a set date to be accomplished.

Ok, let’s see what the members have for you today.

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This Week’s Questions & Answers

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This question was asked in our Everything WordPress classroom.

Why do I get the error message, could not remove old plugin?

The Answer:

Did you update the version of WordPress first? If so, this plugin may not have been updated to work with the latest version of WordPress. You might want to also try….

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This question was asked in our Social Engagement & Marketing classroom.

Affiliates are banned from pinterest?


Yes, it happened in February 2015. Read about it here…

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How do I reduce bounce rate or should I?


You can start by publishing detailed and helpful (quality) content. Here are a few things that helped me with my bounce rate….

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This Weeks Tips From Our Members

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Combining Keywords – Save Time, Rank More 

How I Keep Rankings in Google Without Creating New Posts

How to Take Screenshots on Apple Devices 

Wealthy Affiliate Member Success Stories 

WOW! My first commission

30 Day Goal Achieved In 25 Days – BOOM! (This is Neil’s success story)

Made My First $8 When Almost Lost Hope

Post Six All Done

Well that’s week six for my ongoing weekly post sharing Q&A’s, tips and the latest success stories from our members of the Wealthy Affiliate. Gotta say I’m digging this weekly post. And I hope you are as well.

And remember if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

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Alright, I’ll see you next week with more Q&A’s, tips, updates and success stories from the members of the Wealthy Affiliate.

I believe in you!

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