The Wealthy Affiliate – Why It’s My #1 Recommendation For Helping You Make Money Online

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website URL:
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: $0 starter program or optional premium program for $49 per month.
Great For: Complete Newbies to Advanced
My Rating: 9 out of 10

So What Is The Wealthy Affiliate?

In a nutshell the wealthy affiliate is a online training community that will teach anyone regardless of your experience online how to build your own thriving online buisness around any interest, hobby or passion using affiliate marketing as the business model.

This is an all inclusive experience that provides you everything thing you need, from state of the art hosting, websites, expert help, step by step training, live video classes, and even access to the founders, Kyle & Carson. Currently the wealthy affiliate boosts over 840,000 members and it’s growing everyday.

So Why Is The Wealthy Affiliate My #1 Recommendation?

I’ve been online for a long time, in fact I started online way back in 2000. And in that time I’ve gone from being a complete newbie being scammed more times than I care to remember to earning a full time income online since 2005.

And for years now I’ve been buying, trying and reviewing products and programs that claim to create wealth online.

And most if not all of these programs and products that I’ve checked out have been complete garbage and don’t even come close to showing you how to really make money online.

Plus many other programs are flat out scams designed to do nothing more than take your money.

And then in 2012 I came across the Wealthy Affiliate.

And to this very day the wealthy affiliate is the one program that stands out from all the other programs online because it consistently helps people achieve REAL results each and everyday. The wealthy affiliate is the real deal!!

That’s why it’s my #1 recommendation to anyone who wants to make money online. Plus….

Here’s 5 Other Reasons Why I Recommend The Wealthy Affiliate

1) It’s Free

It’s absolutely free to join the wealthy affiliate. No credit card information or other personal information is asked of you.

support2) The Support

Having support is crucial to your online success, plus it makes things a lot easier.

Personally, lousy support is a deal breaker for me. I’ve been part of other programs and services and I’ve left because of the lousy support.

Well that’s definitely NOT the case with the wealthy affiliate. The support that’s available in the wealthy affiliate is beyond amazing. So anytime you have a questions or need a hand the wealthy affiliate has got you covered.

Not only will you have personal one-on-one support from me. 

You’ll also receive support from the creators and co-owners of the wealthy affiliate Kyle and Carson. As well as support from the entire wealthy affiliate community.

So go ahead ask/post your question and you’ll find that in a matter minutes (sometimes even faster) you’ll get the answers you’ll looking for.

And for instant support the wealthy affiliate also has Live Chat Support 24/7. I love this feature!!

No matter what time of day or night – no matter where you live in the world you can get support. There’s always members in live chat helping other members, including myself.


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3) The Training

The training is separated into 4 parts. Each part is designed to walk you through every single step of creating and scaling up your online business.

Here’s how the training breaks down:

1) You’re Going To Choose An Interest.

This is also known as a niche. Now this can be anything you want. But it’s best to start with a topic you have a personal interest in. For example one of my interests is finance, so that’s a niche I’m in.

So if you love gardening start with that. Maybe you love parrots or maybe you’re into remote controlled cars. It could be bikes, kites, self improvement, flowers … I could go on and on.

The reality is it makes no difference what your hobby or passion is there are millions of interests to choose from that you can turn into a full time income online.

2) You’re Going To Build A Website.

Don’t worry with the wealthy affiliate you don’t need any experience building a website.

The wealthy affiliate has the their Site Rubix website builder. With 4 easy steps and in less than 30 seconds you’ll have a beautiful website up and running.

In fact you can build 2 free websites within the wealthy affiliate. Each includes free hosting for life.

3) Get Visitors To Your Website.

To make money online every website needs visitors. And the more visitors you have the more money you can make.

And the wealthy affiliate has you covered. You’ll be shown exactly how to attract as many visitors as you want in alignment with your chosen interest.

4) Making Money (the best part)

You’ll be making money by promoting affiliate products and or services related to your chosen niche. And with affiliate marketing all you have to do is promote the product and make money. It’s completely hands off.

This is why I LOVE affiliate marketing:

  • It cost nothing absolutely become an affiliate
  • You don’t have to have your own product or service
  • You don’t have to deal with any customers
  • You don’t need to carry any inventory or ship anything
  • You don’t need a payment processor
  • You can build your business from anywhere in the world
  • And because it’s an online buisness you can make money 24/7

Keep reading. In a moment I’m going to prove to you these 4 simple steps work. And they’ll work for you too.

Remember this: It makes NO difference if you have NO prior experience. The training provided by the wealthy affiliate will walk you through everything step by step. You just have to be willing to take action.

Now maybe you’re like some people and have no idea what to build an online business out of, that’s ok. The wealthy affiliate also has a dedicated program where you can learn to make money in a specific niche.

4) I’m A Member

I can personally vouch for the wealthy affiliate’s legitimacy because I’m a member and have been since 2012.

And since then I’ve had the privilege of helping a lot of people build and grow their online businesses through the wealthy affiliate.

And I’m really excited to help even more people in the years to come. And I hope that includes you.

Here’s why I do what I do:


5) Legitimacy – It Flat Out Works!!

One thing I have come to learn about succeeding is you need to surround yourself with like minded people and I was told the wealthy affiliate was the place to be.

But not only are you surrounded by like minded, ambitious, forward thinking people but a place where  you (I) can keep learning and growing. Remember some of the most successful online marketers are members of the wealthy affiliate. And I learn from these people everyday and so will you.

The internet is not a stagnet thing it’s always changing and evolving. And keeping up with these changes allows you to stay up to date with what’s going on which in turn allows you to keep building and growing your online business.

Now if I was going to be part of this community and also in good conscious recommend what it has to offer to other people it only made sense to see if what the wealthy affiliate was teaching was working – right?

So I got to work and built a brand new website in a niche I ahve never been in and implemented the training offered by the wealthy affiliate.

I got off to a slow start (I had other online commitments) but in November of 2012 I launched my new site.

Well to say the least the training works BIG time!!

You can see the traffic results from applying the wealthy affiliate training. And traffic means money!!

traffic chart

At the end of the first year (2013) I earned over $35,000 in this niche.

UPDATE: As of year end 2016 this one site alone is now generating an additional $65,000 per year to my overall income. And 2017 is on track to be the same. And this is a direct result of the training, tools and support offered within Wealthy Affiliate.

Ok, here’s another snapshot of my Google analytics from Jan 1, 2017 to March 14th, 2017 of a new site I started on November 2nd, 2016. Again using the training provided inside the wealthy affiliate.2017 google analytics

As you can see the traffic plodded along for a while as the site was gaining traction.

Then on February 26th, 2017 boom, my traffic jumped up big time from 50 to 75 visitors per day to over 400 plus per day. And as you can see I’m now consistently breaking the 500 visitors per day mark and I’m also making money every day with this new site. Yeah baby!!

You’re probably wondering why my traffic jumped pretty much overnight. Well that’s because I had many of my second page rankings in the search engines go to the first page and many to the first spot in the rankings for the keywords I was targeting. Hey I’ll take it, I rather have big jumps in traffic – then little ones – LOL.

And don’t forget – the more and more visitors your site gets, the more and more opportunity there is to make more money.

Other Niches I Make Money In

  • Make money online
  • Cooking
  • Drones
  • Dogs
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So How Long Does It Actually Take To See Results?

I get asked this question all the time and there is no hard and fast rule. But with that said I have seen people put what the wealthy affiliate teaches into action and have seen results in as little as 30 days.

Now these are not life altering quit your day job results but they are results all the same. You have to start somewhere.

And by consistently working on your business everyday these results start to grow. Now if you end up in a more competitive niche typically people see results within 3 to 6 months.

Remember you’re building a business and it takes time. And if someone or some program is telling you that you can start earning HUGE money with a click of a button and do it overnight – I guarantee you it’s a scam.

The wealthy affiliate is NOT a get rich quick program. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then the wealthy affiliate is definitely not for you.

There are plenty of people making make 6, 7 and even 8 figure incomes. And it’s all because they focused more on building a business and less on making money.  I know it sounds crazy but once you focus on building a long term business.

And I mean a business that you could pass down to your children – that’s when you start making the level of income that you want to make.

And members of the wealthy affiliate have created the incomes that they want simply by following through on the training.

But remember this: All the training in the world does you no good if you don’t put what you’re being taught into action. And it’s no different with the training in the wealthy affiliate.

The Memberships Available (Free vs Premium)

Free Membership:

What I really like about the free starter membership, not only does it give you access to the best internet marketing program absolutely free.

It also gives you the opportunity to evaluate the training, tools, community, and support of the wealthy affiliate.

Here’s what’s included with the free membership:

  • The getting started course
  • Live chat and community support (first 7 days)
  • 2 free websites
  • Free hosting
  • Affiliate program
Premium Membership:

If you want to want to go further and have access to everything the wealthy affiliate provides then you can move up to a premium membership for $49 per month or $359 per year.

But this is totally optional and is not required. No one is pushed into becoming a premium member.

My advice is begin with the free starter membership see everything the wealthy affiliate has to offer and get a feel for the community. And if you decide the wealthy affiliate community is right for you and you want to move forward then yes get a premium membership.

Again it’s optional to become a premium member. You’re more than welcome to stay a free member for as long as you like.

Here’s what’s included with the premium membership:

  • Unlimited 24/7 – 365 live chat
  • Private messaging to myself & other industry experts
  • Private messaging to Kyle & Carson (owners)
  • Personal blog
  • Website security package
  • Website backup
  • Weekly live video webinars
  • 1000’s of video trainings
  • Link tracking software
  • Free hosting for up to 25 domains you own
  • Free hosting for up to 25 free websites
  • 13 additional marketing classrooms (and growing)
  • Advanced certification courses 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Affiliate program (2x higher payout)
  • Affiliate bootcamp training all 7 phases
  • Unlimited keyword search tool access
  • Site comments (real comments, from real people)
  • Site content (the ultimate writing platform)
  • Site feedback (get helpful feedback on your websites)
  • Membership updates
  • Domain registration platform (includes, email, WHOis privacy protection, Domain security and DNS Automation)
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • And so much more is being added all the time!

The Pro’s And Con’s Of The Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s The Pro’s:
  • It’s Absolutely Free To Join
  • Simple to follow step-by-step video and tutorial training
  • A constantly evolving and improving platform
  • Provides excellent support – including live chat 24/7
  • Anytime access to top level internet marketers
  • Everything you need to build a thriving online buisness in one place
  • The most ethical and legitimate program I’ve ever come across
  • Very newbie friendly
  • Totally spam free community
Here’s The Con’s:
  • So much information, resources and tools. It can be a little overwhelming when you first get into the members area with the amount of GREAT information that is available to you. But that goes away after a while.
  • You can get caught up in the live chat socializing instead of building your business.
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www.netwiseprofits.comMy Final Thoughts

Look, I can talk about the wealthy affiliate all day long but only you can decide if it’s the place you need to be.

If you’re wanting to earn some extra money or like many people say goodbye to their boss by creating a full time online income. There is no better place than the wealthy affiliate.

You’ll have a clear step by step map for creating a very profitable online business. Plus all the tools, resources and ongoing support you’ll ever need.

The simple key to success is following the proper guidance, and the wealthy affiliate will provide that. And then taking action. If you do these two things I promise you – you will see results.

There is zero risk on your part because it’s absolutely free to join and if you decide it’s not for you, you can leave at anytime. Simply walk away.

However if you do decide to join today. I’ll personally help you.

I will help you every single step of the way. I’ve been making full time income online as an affiliate marketer since 2005 and I’ve been member of the wealthy affiliate since 2012 helping people build their own thriving online businesses. And I would love the opportunity to help you too.

And as soon as you join I’ll be in touch with you so we can get started building your buisness right away. I also have a few bonuses I’ll send your way after I see you upgrade.

Ok, that’s it – I think you can see why the wealthy affiliate is my #1 recommendation and why I will be a member for life.

I also hope I provided you with the information you need to make a clear decision on whether or not the wealthy affiliate is for you.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Or you can email me. I will reply within 24 hours.

I look forward to meeting you. And I’ll See You On The Inside!!

I believe in you!

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