The Wealthy Affiliate Review – A Look Inside

Wealthy Affiliate

Rating:  (5/5)
Price: $0 (starter membership)
Founders: Kyle and Carson


I get asked all the time what the Wealthy Affiliate is all about and why am I part of this community.

So to answer those and many other question I thought the best thing I could do is give you a complete overview of the wealthy affiliate community.

I have also created a video of the wealthy affiliate community so you can see inside our community members area. You’ll find that video at the bottom of this page – but read the review first then take the video tour.

Now, before I get into the “what is” part of the wealthy affiliate let me share with you the good and the bad the pro’s and con’s if you will.

Here’s the good (pro’s):

It’s free! There is no cost for a membership.

– Live Instant Chat Support 24/7 – 365

– 13 (and counting) Interactive Classrooms

– Keyword Research Tool

– Free Hosting

– 2 Free Websites

– Over 1400 Free WordPress Templates

– Link Tracking Software

– Totally Spam Free Community

– Video Training, Courses and Tutorial Training

– Access To Industry Experts

– 10,000’s Of Community Members

– Certification Courses

Here’s the bad (con):

So much information, so many resources and tools. It can be a bit overwhelming when you first get into the community area.

But I have to give kudos to Kyle and Carson – they have made it so much easier for new community members – they have a new navigational bar on the left hand side which groups everything together nicely – plus there is a search bar at the top of the members area – type in what you’re looking and you’re good to go.

Who Is The Wealthy Affiliate For?

The wealthy affiliate is for everyone who is serious about making money online, let me re-phrase that – serious about building a long term profitable business online.

And this means EVERYONE – from the newbie just fresh out of the gate to the experienced marketer looking to take their business to the next level.

Once you access the members area you’re going to be networking with people from all walks of life and all levels of experience and from all over the world.

The people that don’t survive in the wealthy affiliate are the pinheads that come in here and try to spam or promote their crap.

These people are tossed out very fast – in a mater of minutes in most cases, it’s great. Spamming or promoting is NOT tolerated inside the members area. This is a safe learning environment.

Training In The Wealthy Affiliate: 

The training in the wealthy affiliate is suited for any level of marketer and is very well organized and comprehensive.

The training is up to the minute, not stagnant like other training resources.

You’ll find that all the training comes in many different formats:

– Live Weekly Training Webinars – they are recorded so you can refer back to them when you need to.

– Classrooms Are Organized Into Specific Topics

– Video Courses

– Topic Specific Video Training

– Tutorials

– Interactive Discussions

– Task Based Courses (bootcamp)

This probably seems a little overwhelming – well it can be – there is over 1000 training modules inside the wealthy affiliate.

For example – each classroom alone is a separate business model into itself, and you could easily use anyone of those classrooms and the training offered in it to generate a full-time income.

Tools In The Wealthy Affiliate:

You can’t build a business online without tools, and the wealthy affiliate has everything you need to do just that – it’s all inclusive. Call it your batman utility belt.

– State Of The Art Cloud Hosting

– WordPress Express – 3 clicks and you have a website up and running.

– Keyword Research Tool

– Rapid Writer – your content buddy

– Over 1400 Website Templates

– Link Tracking Program

Wealthy Affiliate Support:

Everyone needs support, no one can build a business online with out it.

How many times have you been stuck and you needed answers? How long did it take to get the answer or even get it at all.

The wealthy affiliate has Live Instant Chat Support 24/7 – 365

No matter what time of day or night if you need help you have it.

But there is even more support.

– Live Interactive Discussions

– One On One Support From Kyle And Carson (the founders)

– Private Support From Industry Experts

– Live Question And Answer Periods

– Support From Me

The Price:

The wealthy affiliate has 2 price points:

Starter membership: $0 – Free (Join Here)
Premium Membership: $47 per month / $359 per  year (Join Here)

Now I know when you here the word free you think that it’s to good to be true. Well you couldn’t be more wrong.

Use all the tools and resources that come with the starter membership – live chat – free hosting – 2 free websites – link tracker – rapid writer – keyword research tool – 3 classrooms – 500 training modules – plus more – you can easily build a very successful long term online business with a starter membership.

And you can stay with a starter membership for as long as you want – there is no time limit.

Hands down there is no other paid membership that can even come close to the free starter membership at the wealthy affiliate.

Other than a…

Premium Membership

With a premium membership you’ll never buy another so called gurus book or waste your money on some new over priced and under delivered internet course, or loose money to another internet scam.

As a premium member everything inside the wealthy affiliate opens up to you (not there isn’t a ton already as a free member)

– Private PM service – here you can be personally coached by real experts who are making a full time living online, including me.

– Unlimited Hosting

– Unlimited Domains

– Access To Every Live Recorded Webinars

– 10 More Classrooms

– The Expert Forum

– Advanced Certification Course

– Cherry Picked Keyword Lists – and so much more!

The wealthy affiliate is all that you will ever need – I mean it!

My Final Thoughts:

I wish this community was a round when I first started online, it would have saved me a ton of time.

Sure you can call me bias – but it’s because I have experienced the wealthy affiliate community first hand and I do so every day.

And I don’t say community lightly when I talk about the wealthy affiliate. Each person within the wealthy affiliate is here to learn (I learn things everyday) we’re here to teach, and we’re here to support each other.

I became a member for a few reasons – but the most important reason is it allows me a opportunity to give back – to help you and anyone else who wants to learn how to really earn money online and not worry about getting scammed or lied too.

But I have gotten so much more;

Like networking with liked minded proactive and positive people. People that are there to support you when you need it.

And learning from experienced, ethical people and knowing you’re not alone – hey you know, working online can be very lonely sometimes.

I’m going to say a very bold statement – but it’s absolutely true. The people who are inside the wealthy affiliate community WILL succeed online faster than the people who are not. End of story!!

Here’s some tough love – if you want to keep getting scammed and pissing your time and money away on all the BS make money online crap and not be any further ahead online a week, a month or a year from now – but just more frustrated and have less in your bank account, then that’s up to you.

But if your tired of that …

Then give the Wealthy Affiliate a try – it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE to join. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – if you don’t like it then don’t come back – it’s as simple as that. Pssst – I know you’ll like it.

Click Here To Join The Wealthy Affiliate $0 Starter Membership

No payment information will be asked of you – just your name, email address and then pick a user name and you’re in – it’s that simple. And when you get inside the community members area make sure to give me a buzz.

You may think I’m trying to convince you or sell you on the wealthy affiliate – well I’m not – I’m just very passionate about our community.

If you’ve experienced the wealthy affiliate or have any questions or comments please leave them below. I would love to hear from you.

Just below is the video of the community members area I mentioned.

And just a heads up at the end of the video I have my own free offer for you. There is a link below the video to find out more about that – but no peeking watch the video first.

I believe in you

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