The Neucopia Scam – Don't Fall For It -

The Neucopia Scam – Don’t Fall For It

Name: Neucopia

Price: $49.95/mth Basic, $169.95/mth Premium
Training: PLR Content
Support: Limited
Owner: Rich Cook
Star Rating: Zero Rating

Neucopia The Product

The name Neucopia stems from the Latin word “copia” meaning abundance. Don’t let that term fool you. Neucopia is the latest cash giving MLM program which has been around as of June 2012.

This like many other MLM cash giving schemes you ONLY get paid for recruiting people. They have no product of any kind to promote. And you don’t get paid commission on your first 2 or 3 recruits (depending on your membership level).

You know I’m getting pretty pissed off with these borderline illegal pyramids schemes. They play right at the edge and they don’t offer anything of real value, and they use the same hot buttons to suck people into there trap.

But with that said I recommend you keep reading so you can understand how they are doing this and how things really work with Neucopia, and I’m going to go one step further and show you how you can improve your current financial situation.

The Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • They have some decent interviews with some premium members.

The Cons

  • Way over priced.
  • You have to be a premium member to earn commissions for premium membership.
  • The support is very weak.
  • You’re forced to sell Neucopia if you want to earn any money – no products to sell just memberships.
  • Borderline illegal pyramid scheme – you’re joining to support the program.
  • Their products are all PLR- Neucopia bought the PLR rights to re-sell everything as their own products.
  • The whole program is unethical in nature.

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Who Is Neucopia For?

Honestly Neucopia is ONLY for people who don’t care about building a real online business that they would own that offers a real product or service that has true value, and like constantly recruiting people to make money.

The Neucopia Compensation Plan – How it Works

Neucopia has a 2 and 3 level Multi Level Marketing commission payout.

So if you are a basic member you would pass your first 3 commissions up to the person that recruited you. And if you are a Premium member you only pass up your first 2 commissions.

Which also means that your referrals also pass up their first 2 or 3 commissions as well.

What they are getting you to do is actually have you pay to become an affiliate for them as apposed to receiving any current quality training.

So How Much Do You Earn For Signing People Up To Neucopia?

If you qualify to earn commissions and like I said this is done by passing up 3 Basic or 2 Premier membership sales to your upline. Neucopia pay’s out $100 per new member you recruit (at either the Basic of Premier membership level).

With the premium membership you can also earn monthly residual commissions for every Premium membership you have in your downline. This does not include passed up members. You’ll earn a monthly commission of $100 of their monthly membership.

Basic members CANNOT earn this $100 commission.

So the system is set up to really force people to become premium members to earn residual income.

The Neucopia Matching Bonus

If you’re a premium member of the Neucopia program they’ll give you a $10 bonus for every $100 commission from the people you sponsored generate.

Not much of a bonus when you look at the statistics that 95% of people that join any MLM program whether legitimate or a sad program like Neucopia will only sponsor 2 people within their whole MLM career!!

If you step back you can see this whole company relies on ‘New” people being recruited into this program in order for it to survive.

What’s Included In The Memberships Tools and Training?

Yeah this is where you’ll find what a crap program Neucopia really is. If you TRULY want quality training and tools to build a strong long term online business then absolutely stay clear of Neucopia.

Its clear from the get go that their focus is not on quality up to date training – their focus is on the pyramid set-up of their product.

How can I say that?

Here’s why.

All of their products are PLR – Private Label Rights that they have bought from somewhere else and re-sold them as their own. I’ll show you were you can buy the same products that Neucopia over charges for.

They bought a bunch of rights for some very crappy cheap out dated products and tools and bundled them together into different membership levels.

TIP: Using outdated tools and training can negatively impact your online business BIG TIME!!

Did you know that YOU can go out and find these products that’s found in their members areas for free or buy them for a one time payment.

Remember these are NOT Neucopia’s products they bought a PLR package.

Need proof?

Ok, here’s a sample of some of there PLR products included in their Basic Membership.

I did a simple search in Google for List Building Mojo and for Blogging Profits Unleashed and you can download both of these PLR products for FREE!!

Or if you prefer you can pay $169 for these outdated PLR products with your Premium membership with Neucopia. Yep I’m being sarcastic – hard not to when you’re talking about such a crappy opportunity.

Oh it gets even better!!

I did another search and I found several places where to get all of Neucopia’s membership material ranging in price from $99 to $49.95.

However Neucopia is charging you $49.95 every single month for this material when you can go and buy yourself and only pay ONCE!!

Need more proof? Do a search in Google for PLR Products. Here’s just some of the results you’ll find.

If you’re considering getting involved with Neucopia I would seriously think twice about it.

Does Neucopia Offer Support?

The owner of Neucopia is Rich Cook who comes from network marketing background. You’ll find videos from Rich but you will not get any direct help/support from him.

They do have conference calls but these are more of rah, rah sessions to get you to recruit more people.

Your support is mainly going to come from your upline who you hope knows what they’re doing and has answers to your questions when you need them.

If they don’t or they don’t care it means you’re all alone and the person that is suppose to help you is just there to turn and burn recruits so he/she can make money.

Not something you want to be a part of if your goal is to build a REAL online business and you’re looking for ongoing up to date training and support.

The Memberships – A Break Down

Basic Level Membership – $49.95 per month

With this membership you get 34 PLR products. Remember Neucopia did not create one single product they bought the rights to put their name on it and even allowed to say they were the creators.

And since these are PLR products they start out as low grade products and with every passing day they become more and more out dated. And add to that you have little to no support – you’re not positioning yourself for ANY level of long term success.

Premier Level Membership – $169.95 per month

All Rich has done is added more crappy PLR content to this membership level. The only other difference is now you can earn more money from you bringing people into the Neucopia program, which is the sole purpose of this entire program to begin with.

Oh you do get some interviews with other people in the business world but you can see their motives are only to sell more programs.

You see there is no way to earn outside of the Neucopia program other than promoting the Neucopia program to other people. So really with the Premium level membership, you are paying for MORE compensation.

My Final Thoughts On Neucopia

I have to say this is up there with some of the absolute worst programs I have seen. It’s just a bunch of penny purchased PLR products slapped together and promoted as great training, resources and support.

The revenue model is set up as such that the only way you can make money is by constantly recruiting other people. In reality you’re selling nothing from one person to the next.

Wow, is that what you want to do for the rest of your online business life? Constantly be recruiting people to build your business? Honestly how long do you think you can keep doing that?

When you’re looking for an opportunity have to first look at what your goals are.

Do you want to just make money at any cost?

Or do you want to build a long term profitable business that you can be proud of and maybe one day pass down to your children?

If you want to earn an honest income online, then Neucopia is definitely NOT the way you’re going to do it. This is a SCAM program!!

Companies like this don’t last – they never do. But if you do decide to join, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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