The 5 WORST Automation Techniques

Before I get into The 5 WORST Automation Techniques I want to clarify what I mean by automation.

I’m not talking about tools that help you scale your business up, such as Auto Responders and anything else that makes your business more efficient.

I’m talking about automation tools that are sold as so called time savers and can do that work better than human could.

The truth is these automation tools will KILL your online business guaranteed.

1) Automated Back Links

To this day there are still people and companies selling back link services. You know the ones – they say they can get you hundreds if not thousands of back links. If you want to get RED flagged by Google use a service like this.

You should NEVER build back links with these services.

Back in 2012 Google updated their search algorithm to put a squeeze on back links – actually back links of this kind (automated) will do you more harm then good.

You see Google’s algorithm is very good at determining the quality of your back link – in other words is it good or not.

Plus it will also determine if the number of back links you have are in the proper proportion with the amount of content on your site and the amount of traffic coming to your site.

If your site all of a sudden has all kinds of back links Google will red flag it and kill your SEO for your site.

I have never been affected by any Google updates.

But I sure hear a ton of people bitching and complaining that use these outdated tools and short cuts that their site has been sand boxed (de-indexed) by Google after each update – well now you know why.

1) Automated Traffic

Just the term alone makes you giggle – first off there is NO such thing. But people buy into these push button programs all day long.

The ONLY automated traffic for a lack of a better term – is paid traffic such as PPC (pay per click) or media/ad buys.

Any company that is selling this crap is one big con – I don’t care what they tell you. There is NO WAY any program can go out and get you traffic – end of story.

3) Automated Article Submitters 

This was a very big thing many years ago – write an article and then submit it to a ton of article directories so you would get all kinds of back links to your site.

Have you heard of duplicate content? Google and every other search engine do not like duplicate content.

So all that’s happening is your submitting the same content over and over again – so that’s not a good thing at all – plus NONE of it will get ranked because it’s duplicated content.

And as I mentioned earlier regarding back links – these back links will kill your site.

What amazes me is that people think that the people at Google are idiots and don’t think they know what’s going on. Who’s the real idiots?

And if you’re doing this remember this term SAND BOXED – get use to it because you site is going to get blown to oblivion and never see any rankings what so ever.

4) Automated SEO

To me when I hear this term it is code for “Gaming The System” which in turn means it is going to come back and bite you in the ass big time.

Here’s how these programs work – they find some little hole or loop hole in Google’s algorithm and they exploit it.

Sure it may work for a few weeks heck it might even work for a few months – but when Google catches up with what this program is doing (and they always do) guess what happens to your site?

Yep SAND BOXED – de-indexed to no where – let the bitching and whining begin for everyone that uses these programs.

Sure you can out source the creation of content, keyword research, website development and such. But SEO is a human thing not an automated thing.

5) Automated Content/Articles

This is better know as Spun Content.

Have you read an article and it just did not seem to read properly – well chances are the content (article) was spun using an article spinning program.

The real funny thing is with these useless spinners it can take more time to spin a crap article then it would have taken to write an half decent original article.

One thing I know for sure anyone that uses these types of automated programs for content creation is not building a solid foundation for a long term business online.

You must be in charge of your own content creation – and this can mean doing it yourself or finding a quality writer to do it for you. Remember you are creating content for people first not search engines.

People are what build your business, people buy your products and people build an ongoing long term business – not the search engines.

If you’re being mentored by anyone that is endorsing any of these 5 automated methods don’t quit your day job because your online business is right on track to FAIL!!

Why Make Things Hard For Yourself? 

Look building a business online is not that complicated – if a product or service can add TRUE value and quality to the growth of your business then yes consider it.

But if it even hints at LOWERING the value and quality of your business and especially to your visitor – don’t even think about using it.

You’re never going to game or trick Google so why bother – all you’re doing is setting yourself and your business up for failure.

The people that come to your website are your bread and butter – think of them first ALWAYS. Keep this as your online business mantra – “What can I do to make my visitors experience at my site the best it can be?

Do that and you have nothing to worry about. Your business will grow and grow for days, months and years to come.

So burn this into your brain…


  • Automated Back Links
  • Automated Traffic
  • Automated Article Submitters 
  • Automated SEO
  • Automated Content/Articles
Remember True Knowledge Is Power 

Hopefully you have not gotten caught up with any of these automated techniques and if you have please stop using them right away.

The real secret to growing a successful online business is making sure you are getting the proper information and training to build and scale your business . You can find that here.

And as always, if you need any help or you have any questions, comments or feedback please use the forum below. And of course you can chat live one-on-one with me at anytime right here.

I believe in you!

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