The 3rd Way Of Increasing Your Affiliate Income

Affiliate MarketingFirst off I hope you had a great Christmas and I also want to wish you a very happy new year and wish you every success in 2013.

I’ll have one more post prior to the end of the year so look for it in your inbox – I’m going to share with you the steps to achieve everything you want to achieve in 2013 and beyond.

Ok so here is the third way of increasing your affiliate income.

Join Two-Tier Affiliate Programs and Recruit Others

With a typical one-tier affiliate program, you get paid a commission for every product you sell.

With a two-tier affiliate program, you get paid a commission for every product you sell PLUS you get paid a smaller commission for every product someone in your down-line sells!

Here’s how it works…

You promote your affiliate links as usual to make money selling the product. But you also go out and recruit other affiliates into the program (and they become part of your down-line).

It’s a nifty way for you to make a passive income – and you’re essentially making money on the back of your competing affiliates!

Tip: To find two-tier affiliate programs, run a search in Google for your niche keywords alongside terms like “two tier affiliate program” or “multi-tier affiliate program.”

Ideally you’ll want to look for affiliate programs that give a generous commission to the top tier and a significantly smaller commission on the second tier. For example, the second tier may only have a commission rate of 5% or 10%.

The reason you’re looking for a smaller second-tier commission is so that you’re not recruiting affiliates who have a primary goal of recruiting other affiliates. No one makes any money if everyone focuses on recruiting people and no one is actually selling the product!

Instead, you want people to focus on selling the product – and the way to do that is choose programs that pay 40%, 50% or more on first-tier sales.

Or, you can join a two-tier affiliate program that is “closed” and only available to customers / members. That way, those you refer to the program MUST join through your affiliate link and get others to likewise BUY (getting you a second tier commission) when THEIR referrals join.

Either way, you’re getting paid on work others are doing!

I will see you in the new year and remember to watch for my last post of this year.

I believe in you!

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