Targeted Traffic

Here is a great targeted traffic tip I was taught a while back (can’t remember who though) and you can use it too.

You have probably heard of the website called Not only is this a great site to sell and buy websites it is also a great way to get targeted traffic to your web site for cheap.

When you go to filppa you will see the tabs that say Featured Listing, Latest’s Listing, Ending Soon and Just Sold.

Click on the Just Sold link, this takes you to the sites that of course have just been sold. On this page you will see the listing of all the sites that have been sold.

Here’s what you do:

1) You will see the site info, ok let’s say I have a product or service related to gaming, I first want to search for any sites that are gaming related.

Ok after searching I found one, and the link in the info box reads like this – Established 5 Year Old Arcade Site with Unique Games PR3 plus it also has this info: Est Aug 2007, Rev $85 Visits 6,918 and it sold for $3000.

This tells me the site is ONLY making $85 per month, but it is getting over 6000 visitors. This is a good thing.

Low revenue and good traffic. Now click on the description link, – Established 5 Year Old Arcade Site with Unique Games it will take you to a detailed page about the site.

2) On this page look to the right and you will see a category called Monetization Methods and under this category you will see Advertising Sales, it will say Yes or No.

If it says yes you have a winner this means they accept advertising. Now go check out the site, the direct link to the site will be at the top of the detailed description page.

3) Here is how you get targeted visitors for CHEAP!!!

This site is getting 6000 plus visitors, it is ONLY making $85 per month, I know from the info this person paid $3,000 for the site. And by the information it says it is not making any money through affiliate links.

4) Contact the owner and say, I would like to put a test banner on your site for a week and I will pay you $25 for the week. If it works out I would be happy to sign a long term advertising deal with you.

If this person is ONLY making $85 per month they would be crazy not to have some immediate cash and the chance at long term advertiser. They just spent $3,000 for a site, trust me cash flow is foremost on their mind.

If they yes, you now access to over 6000 visitors (and growing) for as little as $25 per week. If it works out you can then approach them with a long term advertising deal you offered when you first approached them, 3, 6 or 12 months, whatever you are comfortable with.

Compare that to other advertising and the cost for such targeted visitors.

Give it a try, works like a charm.

Have a great weekend and I see you on the other side.

I believe in you

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